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Momma Chalich

Momma Chalich

It would take me forever

to explain this to my real mom,

but to you it’s simple.

I love you! xxxx ooo


Dec. 24, 1978


cicada, chapter one



Mud rippled up the sides of the blue and white combi van as it pulled into the clearing. In the driver’s seat, a mop of oily brown hair and a pair of black aviators sucked the end of a Pall Mall, one arm out the window, the other on the steering wheel. 666 more words


cicada, about

Starting today, I will be releasing a chapter each Friday of an old short novella written by myself in 2014 for my degree, which I have recently revisited and edited. 298 more words



I love recognition. It is one of those personality shortcomings of mine that I wish I didn’t have. I love to be recognized for the work I do. 199 more words


Image Prompt: The Cat Warrior

Image by Slpis Z Zhang


“What are you doing, little Tommy?”

“Little Tommy? Pah! I am Lord Thomas the Third, ruler of the seven seas and master of the lands!” 393 more words


spring once again, absent our others

o’ fecund smell of
dew so ubiquitous,
when spring
happens beyond
our door frames,

and light shines thru
as at grandma’s
on sunday afternoons
years ago routinely, … 95 more words

night captured in yearning

You always seem to turn me into someone lovely, it’s your heart I recognize.  We sip on passion and savor each other in the depths of our shadows. 49 more words