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for those who have forgotten how to dream

isn’t it sad that as adults we have to learn how to dream again?

when do we lose our innocence and start abandoning hope?

when does it happen, exactly? 325 more words

Creative Writing

9 Words To God

Thank you for existing,
your being, made me be


Life As We Know It (Now)

Fortnightly overdoses and falling asleep in the bath

Ridiculous wine descriptions and tattooed knuckles

Antiseptic and anticipation

Disappearing acts and swapping house keys

Superglue and frozen teeth… 195 more words


Soft Regrets

I hate writing.

I hate the way I express myself through finger tips instead of tongue. The way I can only tell you how I feel when my face is to the screen and you only hear my voice echo off the virtual pages. 210 more words


Extra Curricular

*** Dunno why I forgot about this one – also seminar work.

This is an attempt at multi-genre, hopefully incorporating elements of sci-fi, low-fantasy, anti-hero.. and some other things I forget. 645 more words

Creative Writing

There are things we do/ways we act, that we know aren’t right AT ALL. But we do those things anyway, and even feel smug while doing them. 35 more words



I just want you back.

I know you will break my heart again, but I am familiar with that pain now. I have grown to love the curves of its form, and the weight of it in my chest. 135 more words