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Write for Me

Write for me in plain words.
I’m tired of reading the obtuse.
Make your thoughts clear and express them simply.
You think you’re being elegant with stylish prose riddled with superfluous adjectives, when in reality, your writing is forgotten faster than it was read. 36 more words


My Little Artist

I look at her smile, and I see strength. I hear her resolve in every disobedient “NO” shouted in my direction. And although I’d like her to listen to me and understand my discretion and knowledge of what is best for her, part of my soul dances in the realization that at age seven, my little girl is stronger than I am. 238 more words


emerald city is beyond

My lazy days (my sacred art) I attribute to my silent words I wear upon my skin.  Almost as if the claws of my grasp and between the teeth of my passion, I was looking for a different ending.  68 more words


I'll See You In The Stars

Begin faded recountings of the fallen

Recollect most recent, or far beyond, the truth in breasted pocket

Think like a spider web trapped in a forest… 81 more words


THICK Eyebrows

What’s sexier than a woman with thick eyebrows?
Apple bottom crisps. Maybe.
Perhaps turtles dressed in platform saddles
Or the half-moon making pretences above mountainous ranges run ragged by the scorching side of the road… 28 more words



“Ajike, do I need to ask if you still love me?” It was a dark, cold evening in December. Ajike stared helplessly at Stephen across his small room from the window overlooking the lagoon behind the University of Lagos campus. 838 more words



I have no idea how I did this.

I wrote nearly 20K in two days. TWO DAYS.

50K in November. 42K for one project, 8K for another, shorter, more personal project. 10 more words