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Those Souls for Whom the Bell Tolls: A Memorial Day Reflection


     It was originally called Decoration Day and was introduced on May 30,1868, just three years after the conclusion of the War Between the States, set aside for the honoring of those who had fallen while serving in the military forces, sacrificing their lives for the causes which they had dedicated themselves to in this grand land.  725 more words


On Worrying

One of the hardest yet most rewarding lessons I’ve learned is to only invest energy into things I can or have the potential to change. 314 more words


{Prose}: The Exquisite Art of Nostalgia

The Remembering Season

“If I had known to properly love an individual, you would have to watch them die, I would have never chosen to love after all.” 1,561 more words


July 10 2015

The first thing I noticed when I left the airport was the aroma of musk and the ocean that sits in the air. Humid cities have their own distinct scent, and when you come back after a while, every inhale stirs up a flurry of memories and images in your head. 485 more words


cicada, chapter five



The Knack’s My Sharona blasted out on to the front lawn of the small suburban home, barely muffled by the thin walls and pounding of youthful dancing. 2,711 more words


Chapter 9: Path to Recovery

Time, rather the illusion of it, lapped at the shores of higher order space, coming tantalizingly close but never quite crossing the threshold. There were no clocks on the walls of his room. 788 more words


a life of maybes

I always wish they wouldn’t have walked away, right before eventually realizing that in the end, who knows just how long I would’ve let them stay? 257 more words

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