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I chose the name “Echo” because that’s how this all came about – a piece sent to a friend, a “What do you think of this?” and the response was a morsel of prose, the perfect echo. 2,248 more words



The barren branches crept through the peaks of the broken window, the moon hung low in the curtained sky and for once in many years, lighted the stars that revealed not so often in a land cursed with gloom.   196 more words


Silver Linings - Day 28.


My first silver lining reached me this morning. I felt the night’s sleep had been terrible, taking a long time to settle, restlessness and with frequent waking up. 267 more words


In Which Jared Teaches Me A Little Something About The Past (Prose)

I don’t usually write things like this, I usually put them into fanfics or something to that extent, but I felt like this one was perfect just the way it was.  672 more words


Coming Home

Wheels on tarmac
Finally returned
Far from the sun
Touchdown at twilight
Joy on the beach
Seems so distant
As wheels slowly halt
Disgorged in the night… 35 more words


Gate C09

The cloud filled sky lies behind us now. Bring on the cool climate of Iceland. I’ve heard its a tough language to learn – Icelandic. Well, I’ll give it a go anyway. 180 more words


I'm Partial

I sit in silence as you unload about him. We swing on this bench swing and watch our classmates walk to and fro. Really it’s the three of us underneath the old oak tree as you tell me about him. 620 more words