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Now You Are Seven

Happy Birthday, Cookie!

I am so very proud and privileged to be your auntie. You impress and amaze me every day with your bonkers stories, your boundless energy, your fearlessness, your infinite creativity, your inquisitivity, your talent for entertaining us all with your singing and dancing, and your limitless love for your little brother and friends and family, no matter how near or far they may be. 1,047 more words


What Should I Do?

Is this how it feels like
to be let go by someone
you needed to hold on
to you?
You watch as he looks at her… 77 more words


Wild Horses

​You mix my medication into a pot of strawberry yoghurt and instruct me on how to eat. Open. Come on. That’s it. No, don’t chew it, it’s yoghurt, just get it down ya. 435 more words


The Blue Bell

Yellow, orange, and brown leaves crunched under Luisa’s feet. They had fallen off the tall trees that decorated the sidewalk. Crunch, crunch. As with every autumn, it seemed to Luisa that all the leaves made their descent overnight. 249 more words


Warm Mornings

The sun peeping through her window wakes her up,  her lips then breaks into a smile as she opens her still dreamy eyes whilst her mind goes on to thinking about what is more beautiful than waking up in a comfortable bed, in a gorgeous cheery bright morning with the intoxicating smell of brewing coffee wafting in the air. 41 more words


Bad Friday

I am a bible carved out of stone, sitting quietly in the corner of the empty prison cell of your mind.

When you find yourself trapped in the cage that you have built for yourself, I will be there, smug, waiting for you to pick me up. 226 more words



I feel defeated. I have been slaughtered in a war I was unaware was coming. I can see myself being forced wide open by something much more powerful than me. 52 more words