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Help On Hand

For the past year, I have been on a very light medication for depression. I started as an experiment to see whether changes – if any – would occur. 297 more words


Not Since You

Have I stopped to take in the spray of the surf or the scent of the salt air?

Have I relished the sound of rain on the roof, or a fireplace embers’ glow at night? 74 more words


Maze Doors Vision

Hey Bloggers,

I was sitting in bed at the crack of dawn this early morning. I was praying and asking God about His will for me, while at the same time becoming who I want to be personally. 704 more words


What if we all put our heads together and thought about possibilities, things that could happen but haven’t yet. In mapping out the future, let’s lump it into three more manageable categories: Near-Term (10-30 years), Medium-Term (30-100 years), and Long-Term (100-1000 years). 270 more words


And Still She Loved

The smile hid the turmoil inside.

She loved deeply; unaware of any other choice.  The void within was a constant thing.  She expected it.  Could find nothing to fill it. 97 more words


Spirit Crumbs

I ran away from home once. I was eleven years old, maybe twelve. I had everything I needed; my Labrador puppy and a fishing pole. A paper bag of dog food; Best Choice pepperonis for bait (the catfish—the big ones—they can smell it in the water). 1,839 more words


a commentary on makeup

It was sometime last year when I felt incomplete without eyeliner. Normally, I could pull off a look with almost no eye makeup; maybe a light sweep of eyeshadow and mascara could make me feel sexy. 379 more words