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Something Higher

This morning I received a beautiful encouraging message. We do not need to do much to be a help to others. Sometimes we can just be ourselves. 70 more words


It is not eerie to be in a room, but it is somehow eerie to imagine a room in your mind with no inhabitants. On what plane does the room in your mind exist? 119 more words


Grace for Today

It is a lesson once again to be thankful and grateful for our lives, and the air we breathe. We are alive! We breathe! Yay for that. 159 more words


Yay for Weddings!

I went to a wedding yesterday, it was a beautiful day, and reminded me so much of my own wedding. We also had a garden wedding over lunch, and it was a bright sunny day. 145 more words


From your world, you came to me unexpectedly.

All the daffodils and butterflies swayed with glee.

Miraculously, all were majestic to my sight,

But only you glowed and stood bright. 71 more words