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Blue-sky thinking (revised)

Sometimes, I think it has to be more than just coincidence that my building is practically indistinguishable from the county prison. The first time I saw it all those years ago, back when I was a lowly intern with a five year plan, I thought it must be one of those concrete monstrosities left over from the ‘60s, when Communist chic was all the rage and minimalism was in with miniskirts. 2,140 more words

Original Writing

Apocalypse B32 (revised)

Hoping that Janet won’t notice and offer him any of her ineffective and repellent herbal remedies, David sets down his pen and discreetly performs his desk calisthenics. 1,530 more words

Original Writing

who, me?

i ask myself this question…

have i truly change or did i simply free the me caged by lifelong expectation?

am i me now or was i me before? 119 more words



Assumptions and illusions, so realistic.


Prose Poem

Death Wish

There are times when I wanted to live to die, impulsively thinking and doing things because, what, you only live once.

But then again there are times that I’m too afraid to go outside, because outside is a reality that gives sharp pangs of the world’s ups and downs. 153 more words


Get out, get out, get out

If your body didn’t demand that you need sleep, would you still sleep?

I don’t think I would and that scares me.

It makes me realize the height of my discontent with the here and now. 189 more words

General - Day To Day Rambling

Nice to meet you

Grasping, lust blushed palms,

smoky, perfumed hair,

and lips that gleam and flash

in the pinot noir half light.

Sweat smeared eyes,

midnight still clinging to our fingertips, 21 more words