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Message in a Bottle

Nothing is more desperate, more poignant, more romantic than a message in a bottle. You visualize a beautiful young woman or a handsome young man on a lost island writing a letter, possibly with a description of the constellations he sees in the night sky, tracking them in their arcs from sunset to sunrise, possibly including an inventory of the few remaining supplies, and possibly mentioning the young family waiting at home, the love that was abandoned or passed up, or the wrong which was never admitted. 360 more words



Often, all independence did was reveal that the only force that united the self-acclaimed nationalists was their drive to get rid of the oppressors or colonial usurpers. 466 more words


what I've learned from these mountains

no matter how tired your legs, or

how heavy your heart

you just have to keep on keeping on,

carrying in one foot strength

and in the other


Creative Writing

Thoughts and Reflections

I have this problem where I write incredibly lengthy messages and responses to people.  It’s almost a gift to me, but in many ways continues to be a curse.  541 more words


first date

“Water is essential for hydration,” he said in between small sips.

I knew I liked him then.

I had never seen anyone talk about water for so long on a first date before. 35 more words

Creative Writing


i feel like a sometimes-poet. this day happens to to be one of those cloudy ones where all you want to do is roll up your sleeves and mindlessly scroll through your instagram, deleting photos of those moments where you were distinctly unhappy but posted smiles anyway. 991 more words


{Prose}: One Last Time

This scene is based on a prompt from a writing group I’m in called “Linefeed”, that gives a writing prompt a day. The prompt was “one last time”. 444 more words