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Opening draft.. 

I look at your face and see your brows furrow. A sharp line of worry creases above them, a clear indication that something is not right. 254 more words



Poetry is a road
for the lost to follow,

a song for lovers speech,
for greetings and partings,

a language to express
our wonder and awe… 28 more words



My head is never where I expect it to be
I let it do its own thing and hang on for the ride
a white water rafting adventure, picture it now… 129 more words


I remember just who I was

Watching the road bounce up and down before me with the glazed morning sky unfolding, I let everything be what it wants. From the side I see everybody in their back to school rush. 174 more words

Word Dump

The Inconsequential Debate

-Cheeky Chipmunk

The icy wind blew across his face as he trudged along the sidewalk, snow crunching beneath his feet, moving to the next house and hoping for a different reaction than he had received so far. 1,182 more words



I like drinking coffee alone, and reading alone.

I like riding the bus alone, and walking home alone.

It gives me time to think, and set my mind free. 47 more words


To The Women Whose Lives Are Not Love Stories

Here’s to the women whose lives are not love stories. To those who never expected to find happily-ever-after on their wedding day or the moment their eyes locked with somebody else’s across a crowded café. 663 more words