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Bad Friend

I think we should stop being friends for awhile. I know, it’s so sudden and I just saw you last week. So why now? Why after all the support and love you’ve given me, what more can you do for me keep you around? 187 more words


Quiet Activism

Little One,

In the past few days, there has been a lot going on in this country. Open acts of violence and racism. Since the election, there’s been a lot of insidious things that have come to light. 377 more words


The Woman in the Crowd

I saw her dancing in the crowd, with

some pretty beads

around her waist;

quite a sexy waist,

I must say.

She swayed this
way and that, moving… 31 more words


Define Wise

We once called them wise men, duffing our caps, giving them

all the respect we’ve got, only

for them to begin doing things

only foolish men would do, 9 more words


Lost Grandmothers

I think we have lost the art of grandmothers. Maybe the internet stole the need for wisdom, maybe religion stole the need for intuition, maybe the world stole the truth that there is divinity in our hips. 213 more words



Yesterday I bought an old favorite of mine, Estée Lauder Beautiful Sheer. Apparently it is being discontinued. I managed to purchase one of the last three bottles in the store. 87 more words


Be Inconvenient

It was all of eleven years ago when I sat in a Johannesburg office wanting to see the last screening of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. I had project commitments that needed to be completed, and so I decided not to go. 330 more words