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The Bomb

The bomb ticks
The bomb explodes.
The shock wave flows.
Turning skies into liquid fire;
Above they watch and taught us.
They have the upper hand in this. 46 more words


The Girl with the Violet Eyes

Introduction: So if you haven’t heard of Sam ‘n Charlie’s Picture Prompts (what are you even doing with your life), here is the one my short story is based off of. 334 more words


PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals

I hate PETA. And I hate PETA because they’re fucking fascists—in fact a lot of animal rights groups are fascists. You see, it’s wrong to kick a puppy because there’s no reason to kick a puppy, it’s a useless action. 634 more words


On Eating

When I was back in school, I used to lash out against the world by not eating. I would skip meals one by one because I could. 514 more words


Acidic Thoughts

He stares at the typewriter, the blank page grows a mocking grin. Just the acid, shake it off, he thinks. He sets his hands on the keys, they tremble. 235 more words


For her daughter

I want to tell my daughter over and over that she is beautiful.

That society has never been accepting of all beauties but she shouldn’t pay society any mind. 427 more words


Pink and Strawberry Mint

There are those women who can immediately stand out in a crowd. You know the type who can easily get attention without blinking an eye. They do this without any ounce of effort needed. 333 more words