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The Problem with Peanut Butter

by Ella Kleinman

Staring didn’t accomplish much. The peanut butter would win that contest. It could have been anyone who left it out. Everyone had free range of the kitchen last night, I’m sure there were various cases of the munchies. 226 more words


A Plea to Reform Jews

The two subjects that should never be discussed in polite society are religion and politics; but society has not been polite for an awfully long time. 1,366 more words


Blue Pearls

A rough, rough copy of a chapter from the book I’m working on…

________ 2,096 more words


Honest mane

Sometimes my wedding ring

Tears a few strands of the hair

I grew out for you

Pulling it back for the hundredth time

Away from sticky little hands… 40 more words


DWI Revelations

by Michael Drone

Staring didn’t accomplish much when I was faced with the mountain I have been climbing for the past three months. I am going to get super vulnerable and honest, and tell you of failures of business, the arrest, and what happened next. 743 more words


Half symmetry

I am her decadent counterpart

She is the wiry, established one

No give in her hips

Staving off the inevitable cold bed

With emotion on stages… 144 more words


another lesson learned

I lowered my walls and he

trampled my garden &

broke the fence

and didn’t even bother

repairing the damage

guess I should’ve lowered

my expectations instead.

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