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Post #72 - Morning Symphony - A Poem

Sublime hues of eventide


 Darkness twinkles

Moisture lingers

Pattering raindrops

Dancing on my window pane

Gently awaken me

©Nancy J. Walker



When the Fire burns out...

Sometimes there are no happy endings, if ever…! No matter how strong you think you are, how much fire is in your belly or how often it is stoked; somehow an over-powering sense of nothingness leaves you gasping for air. 404 more words


How to be happy

Care. Let kindness clothe you.

Smile as though you will never have a chance to again.

Love. Even those who don’t deserve it.

Forgive. Even when they are not sorry. 162 more words


I found you...

There is something about your soul, it’s so gentle and familiar, an exciting mystery that I need to unravel.  There is something about your skin, so soft and delicate, with each art stroke upon my fingertips, I need to taste.  52 more words


Long Distance

In the beginning, everything was almost perfect.
We’d been two people lost in the dark,
Helping each other find the light.
I’d loved you and I couldn’t imagine loving someone else. 382 more words


My Mind is torn into Words...

Some memories fade, as we whisper lullabies to the night. I am lost in the confusion of dialogues that seamlessly run on repeat as we play out this grove and the needle pricks reminders to pick up and begin again. 681 more words


Post #71 - I Saw the Outside World - Thanks to a Doctor's Appointment - Prose

And I snapped this photo. I’m a water girl – a true Scorpio. The symphony of verdant lushness coupled with glimmers of sunshine dancing upon this stunning azure lake called out for me to plunge in. 340 more words