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Start of a Novel - The Man in the Gabardine Mac.

Start Sentence – man in the gabardine mac

The man in the gabardine mac rose to leave seconds after I had exited the room; pushing his way through the crowded apr├Ęs-theatre luvvies and onto London’s glistening streets – freshly cleansed with rain a la mode – to find that I had spirited myself into thin air; causing him to stop two paces beyond the entryway, where he glanced right, left, and right again. 72 more words


Pieces of advice from a selfish person.

Take a selfie when you feel you are at your ugliest. Because that’s when you know your worth to other people or to your closest friends. 176 more words



Can you hear me? This is the sound of my mind crying out to yours. And if I’ll ever be completely honest, these are the words you need to hear: 457 more words


The Lumpy Mattress Galaxy

-Loquacious Llama

This article is in no way meant to be taken seriously. All the characters and events represented are fictional and any resemblance to real life is merely coincidental. 3,178 more words


Another prose to keep you entertained

Cherry Smoke
Electric violet hair, cool ashen skin, the slim tree that exposes her bones in her most perfect areas. Her eyes as well, bold and dangerously green. 732 more words

Creative Writing


Only now, at the age of 23, have I fully understood the true meaning of feeling at home. Home may be a place for some, a feeling for others, a person for others. 92 more words


Like the rain.

My love is like the rain in a desert. It hardly ever pours. People expect drizzle, people expect a few light showers every now and again. 85 more words