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hello!! I have a new blog – joceciliaq.tumblr.com – a home for all my creative writing. check it out if you’re looking for some short stories/poetry to read (:


Post #121 - PTSD Assaults - A Poem

Charcoal clouds veil sunshine

Blackened nights cloak shimmery stars

Pattering raindrops blown up by crackling thunderstorms

Delightful dandelions shrivel, wilted weeds

Boxed in a shallow foxhole, bullets flying over my head… 31 more words


Eternal Bond

     How I cherish the memory of that day, the day we made a promise to each other there in what was our favorite sanctuary – out in the open space and surrounded by the astounding beauty of our mother earth. 482 more words


Chapter 14: Galen

“Hi Galen, it’s me, Cadmus. I hear your voice but what the hell is this thing in my hand?”

“It’s an STU. I sent it to you through the q-foam. 559 more words



Blue light stares unfazed back at me. My eyes are bloodshot and twitchy, heavy with sleep but restless with indignation. They beg for the noisy blinking to continue, and I oblige. 465 more words


truth no. 20

Sometimes the only words you need

are the ones you carry

in your breath &


Creative Writing

Swallow The Sky

What are dreams,

But another pane,

Through which we look,

Where men are Gods,

And monsters stray from the dark,

Drowning in the stars,

Just a perverse fantasy.