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Half-Empty Rooms

I know that I should have told you. But at this point, I also know that it’s too late. Half empty glasses stuck to vinyl countertops, my cheek against faux wood tables in dim diners, hot Michigan summers in no-where land. 324 more words


The Triptych of Dan


Dan was riding on his moped, delivering pizzas. It was 8:00 PM at night. The night was humid; there was no moon.

He dipped and dodged between traffic, skirting minivans, Volkswagen beetles. 386 more words


The Daily Prompt – Loophole!

There are always loopholes in policies, rules and regulations. And there are people who enjoy using these lapses to maximise their earnings by cheating.

Sometimes, it takes only a brilliant lawyer to notice the loopholes in the law. 61 more words


mind gap

Excuse me Sir, you got the time?

He looks up – perturbed, zealous – from his phone;
Iridescent screen beams, like petrol in sun,
conceal the true colour of his iris. 792 more words


Old Man and An Apple

Old man, the bite has taken away so much.
Your deformity makes me laugh.
Out on the ledge I left you –
I left you without a hole to hide in, red face shriveling… 168 more words


The missile alert

The missile alert wasn’t a mistake. The island had been targeted. It was real. A missile had been launched. And then it was gone, instantly. 740 more words

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