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Seasons of the soul

I love autumn. It’s a season of mourning and celebration. The trees shed tears of leaves over the painful ending of summer, the rain washes away the traces of sunrays on the ground, and the cold wind clears the playground off children and their supervising parents. 208 more words

Personal Blues

What She Will Do

She will make you watch for allusions in shows, books, movies. She will cause you to chew a little slower, to un-hamfist your fork and get your elbows off the table. 524 more words

Flash Fiction

Leading from the Back

Number 1 wins, but only because they came first.

Number 2 believed in it; worked harder for it.

Number 3 knew exactly how to win, and one day they will. 14 more words


Fall In Love.

Fall in love. Fall in love with the right person. Fall in love with the person who lets you curl up in a blanket at two at noon eating pasta. 364 more words


Wandering Roots

Is it a blessing
Or a curse
To not have a home?

Perhaps it is both.
Perhaps it is neither.

Perhaps it is an adventure. 39 more words

That is

A presence, everlasting.

Love and wisdom. Knowledge in their eyes.

With each word, we change. Slightly, subtly.

Sometimes it is blood that binds us. Sometimes it is choice. 43 more words

Creative Writing

#9 us

concept: i make you tea and tarts while you’re at your table studying and i’m satisfied knowing exactly how you want them – filled with tastes… 160 more words