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on the plane, the man in front of me puts his chair far back so i put my chair far back. i hope to god the person behind me is asleep so he doesn’t have to put his chair back too. 17 more words

Prose Poetry

misdeed and kindness

the daughter of misdeed and kindness
got lost in a field today. a local farmer
escorted her home and told her she
looked just like her mother. 8 more words

Prose Poetry

breakfast love

Warm as the toast that pops on your plate

Hot as the tea that is Earl Grey

Soft as the butter that melts on your knife… 88 more words

Prose & Poetry


But I’m still keeping these photographs even when keeping them under my possession would slowly kill me; even if it would mean several cuts on my flesh; even when the edges were already stained with blood, wiped from my cut openings; even if it would mean suicide. 84 more words


Acapulco nights

It is always the darkest in the beach of Acapulco after sunset. Resorts do not populate this strip of sand. Only the faint yellow light escaping from the bamboo walls of Nipa huts illuminate the shore. 270 more words


Jeffrey Zable - That Much I Can Say

That Much I Can Say

In terms of an overall number from 1 to 10 on the happiness scale
I’d say that if I went back as far as I can remember up to the present… 169 more words


Black Madness

(c) Photo/Agencies

Everyone is marching out of tune these days,
Spirals of armies heading for one’s sanity besiege the mind enemy at once.
New joy, I forbid you to disappear and leave no bread crumbs behind… 328 more words