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untitled memory

you visit me in sleep
hum you’re still here
and i trust you.

i talk to your memory in morning
watch the sunrise with you… 64 more words



I should
walk from home to here;
walk from here to home.

I should
hike the hills between;
follow the river.

I should… 48 more words

Prose & Poetry

Waka By Will: Chust Some Choka

Choka #1 – Summer Waned

In summer sunlight,
Autumn gestated/beckoned.

Ears out, nostrils flared:
a dog took in the café.

Upon its linked-leash,
it was held and led away. 235 more words

Prose & Poetry

Her Face Sang Me a Song

Her Face Sang Me a Song

She came to me. Like she knew that her pain and my guilt were forces meant to be joined together. 121 more words


Moving Out

It was college,
college decided to take me out
of the house, hometown;
the comfort zone.

Before leaving,
I did all the
Before I leave… 293 more words

Prose Poetry

Sophia Loren

I’m having dreams again, or rather I’m remembering them. Hold my breath, don’t dare tell anyone, in case they disappear. Up in a puff of smoke. 60 more words


The World's Dad (Sunhands)

Sometimes I think about wrapping my arms around everyone I see. Give the world a great big hug. Tell you all I’m sorry for not being there, for leaving you stranded, so all alone. 161 more words