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My solitude

My solitude will always stay with me: threatening, imposing like a slave master with a whip when I sit, huddled in the corner of my room; lulling my mind to sleep when I sit among friends; interspersing my fragmented sentences with silent despair; encompassing me when I seek solace in literature like a dark halo; quenching my soul of all sorrow when I need to weep; robbing my spirit of merriment when I must laugh; trailing me like a shadow, reminding me of my weakness when I’m strong; nourishing itself on my pallid complexion when I’m weak; smiting me with a sword of actuality when I glow with false hope; holding me by the collar and dragging me back to darkness when I decide to confront reality; always triumphant; never letting go.


poem: nightmare, walking

they told me

“write what you’re afraid of”

as if it’s that easy. i smell fear on my fingertips in the mornings
the words mock me. 46 more words


For, From and On Dostoevsky

“Between 1860 and 1881, he suffered at least one hundred and two seizures, most likely more.

Built into the workings of his nervous system, that strange radiance inseparable from devastation, that joy and calm that vanish into shame and damage. 39 more words


Something Good

One hand over the other, I pull open the curtains

and the stage lights splash onto the performer.

He sings, and I remember him from a year ago, two, 293 more words



We are so much our parents. They expand beyond our skin, and hair color. They are the tongues that form our words. They are the eyes that see our world. 128 more words

Tales Of Development


The beautiful melody of the thrush harmonized with the tender tune of the faint breeze, and it was as if the tree tops had broken out into soft song. 119 more words


Palinode (platelets, sign, color)

Palinode (platelets, sign, color)

Cloistered, it circulates and combats, feeds, heals
and defends, destroying, at times, its host, and thereby
itself. Extracted, it congeals into a dark symbol, 157 more words