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Moments Frozen

Moments frozen
Lay in a box
Under my bed

Today, after a long time
I took that box out
And nestled it on my lap. 397 more words



Have you ever wondered, people we have sex with, spend some time, stays in memories, blaming our hormones. The bodily need behind it.
It isn’t that simple, or Maybe it is. 113 more words


A January Afternoon

She wonders about the sun. Coming in the front window in a blast of glory every cloudless afternoon. Whether 27 degrees or 97, it is there warming with it’s generative touch. 182 more words

Type 1 Diabetes

Musings: Death Either/ 3rd Puberty

The change is swift. Seventy years swift. Seventy years worth of never noticing you ever changed at all.

When the time has come. When the hour of realization and acceptance has arrived, you make an appeal for your sanity- if you have any left. 151 more words


Musings: Writing Romance

When someone tells you they love you, you are indebted to them.

They strip themselves of comfort, and reliability- familiarity, for the purpose of becoming vulnerable to you. 58 more words


#MeToo: Irish Twins (haibun) by Roberta Beary

attic rain
the backyard swing
off kilter

We share an attic room. In the corner is an old double bed that smells and sags on one side. 271 more words

Prose Poetry

A River Thames

An evening slowly set to laying blue across the city. I was walking all alone, and in the growing shade the sounds of traffic mingled with the bated hum that fell like vapor down from building’s tops where heaters swallowed air and belched exhaust. 330 more words