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Foolish or sad?

Intellect and Honesty
don’t quite mix well.
If you’re much of one,
too much of the other
try not to be,
if you ought to be
much of one.

Prose Poetry

Memorial Denim

My beloved denim vest, my ticket for a seat on the locomotive of all American aestheticism, was made in Vietnam. Which is funny, because my uncle who wore a nearly identical one died there. 1,673 more words



The house on Sycorax St. is as old as original sin. During the witching hour the wood pillars breathe and shriek like banshees. I lie awake in my bed and listen for familiar voices. 192 more words

Prose But Poetry

A Prose Poem for Wednesday

Please to read my short poem.

I am full of white, hot sand. Tiny, glimmering grains pushing through my veins, soaking in blood made of mica and miniscule, broken shells. 35 more words


Rush of Wind

Rush of Wind
When the wind comes sweeping down the vale

Russling leaf and limb

Swirling about the filed of flowers

And wheat tops tall and thin, 58 more words


construction team

I would like to say that everything in my life has led up to this moment but it hasn’t. Not even remotely. But I wish you could see how wonderful you look when light sparkles in your eyes. 110 more words