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Music...for a long weekend.

“Evening came to the corners of my mind again.”

Too much traffic

Too many fissures
In the road to
Fill today, and
One too many
Shovel loads
Already on my back.

Too much rain
Or too much heat… 109 more words


Remember the time

You fixed them

And they broke you
Remember the time

You healed them

And they hurt you
Remember the time

You were an open book… 55 more words

Prose Poetry

Apropros of something

I find convictions in the vacant space enclosed by curves of question marks, draw conclusions in the hollow underneath a semicolon where the independent clauses almost touch. 81 more words


Could use some rain, and I
don’t mean rain. I mean
hope and a chunk a’money.
Not Salvation Mountain, per se, but a
miracle nonetheless. 61 more words


She always believes all things are possible.

People said she was no good until she proved them wrong.

And people continued to do their nasty habit until she turned her back with tears in her eyes. 49 more words


Let Me Eat

Your hands are dirty, I say. You probably think I don’t like that much. It is the stains from work yesterday, you say. Like the stains in your eyes  – I think but do not say as under them, though I do not understand why, I shake. 325 more words

Being Human