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Thoughts of you

Thoughts of you
fill my head
all the time
doesn’t matter the time
you’re in my head
all the time

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Silvered hair

Silver on the pine boughs
Where the moon surrenders
And silver hairs
To mark the turn of years
While they eclipse.
I buy them and I sell them back… 55 more words

To a Dear Friend;

I yearn for the days we’d sworn we’d sail to.
On battered ships with breaking hearts we’d travel so far away
we’d always be headed home. 692 more words

The Mirror of Youth

Aaaah, how doth death taunt the lady to look into the mirror of youth only to fly away towards her death…. into the realm where Hades would lie….

Prose Poetry

Nature’s muse

She used to dance with flowers. Now she plays tunes on her violin with butterfly wings disguised as the devil. She sullenly plays to a cornucopia of flowers. 57 more words

Prose Poetry

[how to] walk away from everything

the will to walk away is something earned
never granted, yet always wanted…
i have to say, im quite concerned
that for whatever the reason…
68 more words


Hobo's Dream, prose poem by @EvryManJac

Hobo’s Dream
© 2018 by Jack A. Urquhart

In a hometown dream,
I tramp familiar streets,
gnarly stick thrown o’er my shoulder
wags a hobo’s satchel banner, 69 more words