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you make my bones weak

you make my bones weak
the way you pull at me from places i can’t see

you make my tongue slip
with words i should not speak… 23 more words



When I run my tongue on itself, I feel cuts.
Cuts I got back from biting back all the words I should’ve said.
Good and bad. 92 more words

Prose Poetry


I truly hope
That falling for you
Is more like bungee jumping
Than skydiving,
Because I’ve already leapt
Despite that I’ve left
My parachute
At home. 7 more words


Don't Think

Who said I have to get my shit together?
Shouldn’t I accept that I am broken first before I try to piece out what made me break? 27 more words


Don't try to find me

There’s like a constant dark cloud hovering over me, no matter what. It’s always there, in my peripheral view, reflected in the puddle on the street, dimming the sunshine. 113 more words

Prose Poetry



With utter silence of midnight..our paths crossed
Then we stayed, and decided to take the same course.

Four days, we fell in love… 124 more words