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You know, people often keep private or hidden from people’s eyes the things that are special or matter the most to them. Like, let’s say, a pearl in an oyster. 130 more words

Prose & Poetry

New Air

All the worms light up in the mind.  All the things that could potentially keep a person awake rise in the night and start working rhythmically in uniform operation with each other.  246 more words


Strange Tales From A Singaporean's Bedroom


The monk told him to give his wife realgar wine to force the snake demoness to reveal her true form. When her last breath sputters in her lungs, she turns white but does not grow scales. 683 more words


Even Heaven Needs Colour

The cowherd prepares a picnic of the weaver girl’s favourite foods and takes them up the magpie bridge. As always, he gives her a crown of aster flowers he has woven himself, the violently coloured petals a shock against her dark head and pastel clothing. 216 more words


One Liner Wednesday -- Thought Toss

Keep tossing deep thoughts into the well. Eventually one will sink.

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday.


Damn baby, damn

A prayer on my lips; love me

Oh your painful kiss!

How could you impart all your heart

in a single kiss?

Yet, I closed my teeth… 39 more words


I was quiet

I almost spoke today, I almost made some sensinsible assertion but the words escaped and I could only trace the momentary scent of failing phrases as it trailed an exhalation pardoned from the participles it’d moored, parts of arguments unraveled so their antecedents had no introduction and the point of what I’d hoped to say became contingent on the whims of winds that simply lifted syllables and took them as their own. 70 more words