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Existential Crises and the Consequential Despair, A Rebuttal

This is raw and angry and weird. Don’t read if you’re emotionally fragile at the moment.

You wake up.

But not in the way you would expect, no. 1,672 more words


The view through the mirror

The view through the mirror is different for each one of us. You see you, and I see me. Beyond that, the view changes from day to day, and even second by second. 148 more words



when you left
the world dropped


if you ever feel that you are
losing yourself
lost in this strange and absurd world
filled with sound and
read my words.
strangely… 10 more words


Spreading your fingers out flat against the table. Friction stopping your soul from falling backwards out of your body and into the maw of hell. 256 more words


He Looked at Her

And then he looked at her.

After the talk had died away, he directed his gaze to her, exploring her face, her soul with his eyes, and she could feel him inside her, his words, his fingers, his mind. 241 more words


Long Story, Short #PayMoreThanExposure

Long Story, Short Journal exists to serve writers. We were established in 2012 in order to provide a home to longer short stories within the Irish and international publishing scene where word limits are often 3000 words or less. 148 more words

Short Stories