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The stranger outside the coffeehouse

That stranger is very obviously lost.

His eyes sweep up and down the coffeehouse,
scanning the length of the small parking lot, and then
back at the road behind him. 216 more words

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The Pimps of Progress


The Pimps of Progress

met in conclave aboard the SS Australianus,

a hub-bub-bubbling, troubling

brew of bad haircuts and expensive suits. 667 more words

Notes Found On The Refrigerator: Autumn 2016

Don’t run away, unless you know where you are going.

Everyone should have an acceptance, and, an exit plan.


Bottom Of The Glass: 

…as long as I could see the bottom of the glass, 166 more words


Word of the Day Writings-Week of December 2nd, 2016

Hello! I hope that these writings have been enjoyable so far. I’ve created work in directions I’ve never originally thought of, so the process is exciting. 363 more words


I Never Killed Time

Angles. Vantage points. Optics. Optical illusions. Stories. Long and short. Novelistic. Masochistic pity party. Earnest idealism. Somebody know’s best and yet everybody lies. Everybody. Lies. Sooth sayers. 118 more words

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Daily Prompt: Panoply

Picked up a timeworn book at a sale;

Shredding binds, dry rose, remains of silverfish –

Ephemeral but, quintessential panoply.

Copyright © 2016, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar

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[Bharathi Vasana kavidhai] Sakthi – Happiness Part 7


Snake charmer is playing the flute.
Is the music born in the flute?
Is it born in the hole (Of the flute)?
Is it born in the breath of the snake charmer? 176 more words