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Cath Palug

Who pierced the Cath Palug?
Nine score before dawn
Would fall for its food,
Nine score chieftains.’

– Arthur and the Porter

A purring cat sitting on my knee and a paw on my hand guiding these words: 233 more words


Lazy Sunday afternoons

I love lazy Sunday afternoons listening to sexy slow music. Just listening. Cuddles and kisses. A warm fuzzy blanket. Your warm leg snaking against mine. What we do under the covers…..I’m stupefied by you. 6 more words



I compose
much to the dismay
prose that expose
the shallowness of people
their stupid whims and fancies
teachings, doctrines
philosophies of man,
if you do not think for yourself… 30 more words



I’m sitting at the window
Of another world
Trying not stare too long
At a life I’m not living;
I’d like to believe in infinity, 88 more words



I wrote a poem for tomorrow
In the balance of today,
Hung it where the evening makes
An accident of gold and green,
But it just seems my words… 9 more words

All Anyone Can Do

All the days were the same, tinted with tentative happiness.

Until today when my comfortable, sheltered routine crashed and I had to say goodbye.  And I realised I had taken my time for granted. 528 more words


Lips on mine

Love came to me
oh it was so sweet!!
it’s been so long….,
years have dragged on
I can’t remember the last time
a pair of lips has been on mine….

{ Annahoj Sig }