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Fingers Everywhere

A different format of poetry here, still a writing201 activity. Prompt is Fingers, Form is Prose Poetry and Device is Assonance. Basically, my focus is on the many creative products of the fingers. 124 more words



Fingertips meet with electric sparks, jolting shivers across the spine, succeeding in reigniting fond memories of times we have forgotten, due to the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives.

For Writing 201:Poetry


An Answered Question

There was a question of whether life was more than the violent and romantic language I once loved and lived in.

Was it less? Did I believe it either way? 56 more words


part three: kai

And here is our last guardian. Did you guess right? Did you figure out this guardian’s love of constellations? Meet Kai. He also likes to dance. 462 more words



Crazy, I know, but, when I’m feeling anxious
I like to go into an office supply
store and browse and purchase office supplies. It
doesn’t matter what, really. 209 more words

Discussing Graphic Literature and Nightmares with Jim and Janice Leach

What do you get when you mix nightmares with prose poetry and then set it all to the sound of unique and unexpected typography?  You get something like… 1,376 more words


The Data Processor

She was my Siri.

I’d hoist her up and hug her tight against my ear, nestled close against the corner of my jaw. “Where should we go next?” I’d ask and she’d give me the options, calm and thoughtful, stacked one over another like a chain of open windows. 112 more words