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Grey Matter

Every day she celebrated

Her life, as if her birthday;

Day, the birth of a new idea

Filtered through her grey matter

And spelled imagery. 22 more words


Shelley's Literary Monster

I am writing a letter because my silence has been grated and i am tiring of the absence. I am a page left curling against the heat of pigeon-winged coal, guided only by typographic strings that bar the way to speaking out.  212 more words


Flowers/empty aurora

I do not hear voices in the distance. I do not smell earth or burning charcoal. It is summer the way it never was — empty aurora, the universe being anatomically off. 34 more words



But only when the whirring mass finally halted did I hear your voice, and by then it was too late. If only I’d have traveled more quietly instead of wailing with the rest of them, instead of counting every revolution by these words that now are useless.

#melbourne #australia


A conduit of creativity shot straight through my heart, surged down my arm, electrified my fingers as I penned each word. I knew I was in touch with my deepest creative self, as if my muse was writing through me… encouraging me to blossom. 190 more words


TALES FOR CHILDREN; Mr Frogs Heavy Scene! {PG}

Fresh from Sunday School, the Reverend shares

this heart-warming, family-friendly fable from the vaults.

Parental Guidance recommended.


Mr Frogs Heavy Scene

* 700 more words

Threads of smoke

Only in a thread of smoke,
The fleeting signal of a wick
Snuffed out and crying.

Only in the raindrop
Passing through a light… 153 more words