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morning, noon and night

By Lawrence J. J. Leonard, 1977

It is so good to see you in class
the way you laugh makes me forget
that I come hear to speak Spanish… 114 more words

Prose Poetry

A Quarter of Happiness Please... (A Prose Poem.)

The shopkeeper looked like a Circus Strongman. I told him I needed a new set of emotions because I had lost mine two years ago in a boating accident. 110 more words


I love Toni Morrison – the way she writes is beautiful in its intricacies, and I wanted to share a passage that I’ve re-read recently to only find it more beautiful than when I read it last:

78 more words
Prose & Poetry

‘Stuck’ and ‘Caught’ Published in Unbroken Journal, and why I write Prose Poetry (sometimes).

Today my first prose poems to be accepted for publication, ‘Stuck’ and ‘Caught’, have been published in Unbroken Journal, in their Autumn / Halloween special for 2015. 501 more words


'Rise of the Planet of the Kids' -- (A Prose Poem)

After years of plotting, the children finally struck. Dismayed parents were rounded up and forced to surrender TV remotes and school uniforms. Teachers burned on bonfires while packs of smudgy-faced toddlers toppled statues and ransacked supermarkets. 154 more words

Creative Writing

Sabrina The Teenaged Mix

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard, 2003

(in Haiku below)

We went to the animal shelter,
and Sabrina looked off into the distance.
Her sister, a black and tanned spayed… 197 more words

Prose Poetry

Mechanistic Formalist (A Prose Poem).

I’d taken my car to Victor Shklovksy for a service, but when I went back the car was in parts on the grimy-garage floor. ‘What the hell have you done to my car,’ I said. 123 more words