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Paradise was never meant for me. So, I try to fabricate the way it might feel if I were actually allowed to be. Speaking to my absent father with whispers only my sore ego can hear. 137 more words


Don't You Dare

There I am. With my skin and my sneakers and my furrowed brow. Waiting for someone to direct me, for someone to impress me. They never do. 52 more words


Nothing's Worse

Nothing’s worse than a pain you can’t touch. One that you can’t soothe with a massage. Like a stomach knot. Like a burning chest. Like a lost love. 48 more words


The Pardon's Wife

Triste  — Photographer Mukti Echwantono

The Pardon’s Wife
100 Words Only

When days are long, nights longer, there thrives a predictable chaos to everything that walks silently behind her. 111 more words


When you are married to LAZINESS.

Lazy is my wife’s name
She doesn’t leave me alone for a second
She fears I’m going to decide to do my important duties
She treats every goal in my life as a scandalous mistress… 158 more words



Dare to dream, and dream big.

Dare to trust, and make a leap of faith.

Dare to be bold, and break out of the mold.



These are the days where I belong.

Never the sunny days, nor the warm ones. I belong to the grey, cloudy days; the ones which are cold but not too cold, the ones where the silence is the default soundtrack. 162 more words