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passages of clouds

I am giving up and giving in to sleep, and then awaken off melatonin with some fight in me for the full moon, stepping outdoors and looking up to her where she is reading clouds, passages of clouds, while I am slipping on my bare feet the black sneaks with the black soles and black laces, after lining them with powder. 96 more words

Creative Writing

Dreams and Maybes'...

You are the best thing that ‘s ever been mine

Maybe someday I’ll get to send this to someone and mean every word of it. Someone who’ll appreciate and reciprocate a similar feeling.

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Thinking back on my life… there is no wonder i am changed and yet remain quite the same at the core, rock steady somehow, trying to be an innovator, trying to express myself in meaningful waves, and hopefully many more years even twice as many years in store, which i could not even say three years ago today, when was my time of dying. 61 more words

Creative Writing

the battle

battered and bruise,

your heart’s always on the loose,

there’s a man dominating the castle,

this all feels like the devil.

yet his plans i’ll devour.


Lost for words

I’m sorry I always want to talk to you, but can’t always find the words to say it. Because you’re not always free when I actually have the words on the tip of my tongue. 151 more words


Autumn days

amongst maple leaves
slender stems
like dolls with palms open
deck the branches out
thousands of hundreds of
good intentions
and chic… 78 more words


Day 61 - King and Queen of the Moss - Writing Prompt

Mosses are single celled plants that can be found in damp or shaded locations. Producing spores rather than seeds or flowers and don’t have roots. They evolved with lichen and liverworts into some of the first plants that inhabited the earth. 498 more words