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At work (140 characters)

On his desk at work was a note”John you are ruthless, cunning,aloof & selfish”
On the flip side he wrote”Yes, because I love someone at home”


#Writing about Writing

This is a long comment in response to Vincent Mars’ essay about the writing life.

“It took me a while to understand that writing without experience is like soup without salt. 445 more words


Confession Series : Of Beauty

Yesterday I found a treasure trove. I found a bunch of my old sketch books from college, but unlike the usual scribbles or doodles, These particular sketch books were from a time when I aspired to be a writer. 85 more words


A million ‘YOU’s,

A million minds,

Every eye

a different sight,

A piece of cake for

the arrogant few,

A sordid tale for

the sinful lives, 42 more words


What I Call Flaws

N.B. All events in this story are entirely fictional, any allusions to the ‘real world’ are merely coincidental.

Once, when I was old enough to know better but young enough not to care, a boy told me – betwixt tangled limbs and pale blue sheets – that I reminded him of a child. 1,017 more words


A Common Misconception

I read something the other day, I can’t quote it exactly, but the idea was that a depressed person is a weak person. ¬†When I am in the depths of a depressive episode, my monster (a name I’ve given my depression) wants me to believe that I am weak, and often¬† 181 more words



A Traveler, is who you are, your identity.
The Destination, is where you are headed, your purpose.
But how, how do you get there?
Will you ride a bus? 66 more words