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Poetry is a game

for the young at heart
that still possess
ragged cliffs of emotions
and passions
not yet dulled
by the years of tides
of sorrow beating against them, 38 more words


d e d r a u G

threadbare shoulders kept concealed
empty spaces where patches were once stitched
forever keep a jacket on
hug your arms to your chest.
With you, 9 more words

Underwood - City Stained Rouge

City Stained Rouge

Underwood is the flagship magazine for Underwood Press LLC. 

It’s about the craft.

It always has been.  Compelling stories that are well told.

90 more words
Published Works

Apperception. (tanka)

Any given world,
self-aware super structures
claim God’s sweetened breath;
hubris, just zeros and ones
programmed for simulations.

© Nancy Botta, 2018


Subversive Clowns (Internal Conversations, #4)

Out of the blue a twisted face stares into the space behind her, its gaze beseeching. The face has no identity, only an amalgamation of shapes and colours – you often find them at circuses. 548 more words


Big city, bigger ego

Her biggest fear is being faceless in this city.

She changed her name to Jakarta a few months ago, after graduating cum laude and being offered a paycheck that promises middle-managerial position after 3 years.  344 more words


TUNES // Shocking Blue - Venus

Post by Misha

She found comfort in thinking about herself as a thing in cocoon. You know, transforming. She had given up long ago any expectation that it might actually happen – in fact, she was finding more and more that where the aspirational butterfly used to be a more grown up version of herself, the creature now seemed to have veered away from the world of possible outcomes and rather existed in a parallel, alternate reality. 134 more words