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[Inspired by Border Wars]

“Beyond my grasp
Behind barbed wire
What a tease!
What a torture!
Hopes and Dreams
Falling short of forever
In your sight…
Dying at the border.”
– Jen


Absurd Stories from the Talking Diarrhea

President Diarrhea speaks:

My fellow ohhhmericans…

We the pimple
face the greatest threat of all –
enchiladas & victoria secret
If you want to cook lingerie… 314 more words

Nano X

Stoner, by John Edward Williams: Book

I bought this book a while back and after a pause in reading at about Chapter 4 a few weeks ago, I was determined to finish this on our holiday last week and in the evenings since being home. 287 more words



Soooo I’ve finally compiled my first chapbook…. I’m currently in the submission process so I can;t give you everything thing… but I want to, i neeeed to share just a little…. 89 more words



Not knowing what to say,

Not knowing what to write.

It has never been the issue.

Having too much to pour out,

That endless train of musing, … 48 more words


Flotsam & Jetsam

Flotsam and jetsam,

Debris influx, terra firma destination final

Curlicue waves thine volition

Calm post-storm wreckage; redemption from waves unruly

Remnants in sanctuary, steadfast in surviving brow-beating. 68 more words


Living through lines: of books

Up until now I have kept this blog focused on poems, but this week I have had a change of heart after finishing an incredible book which all I want to do is talk about. 98 more words

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