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Thoughts consumed by glimpses of the future;

Presence is no where to be found.

I call out,

but I am lost in a world not yet in existence. 284 more words


Slow Shot...by Gurkski

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Two  glasses sit before me. One breathes brandy  and a friendly pond  of water rests in the other.  284 more words

In Memory

This Is Where It Starts

The first time I tried to explain my depression to family, I was sitting on my bed, hot tears streaming down my face. I wasn’t sad – I was angry. 304 more words


Wondering Through Time

“Time is not linear flow…Time is an indivisible whole.”
-Frank Waters

Almost everyone has been advised, at some point in their life to, “leave the past behind.” 397 more words

How Imperfect is Perfection? 

​We live in a world where everyone is trying to reach perfection. And perfection is so overrated, it’s like you have to be this perfect person, this ‘something’ which you don’t even know the actual meaning of. 91 more words



I recall, and therefore – am

nit-picking memories into a

bouquet of dainty blooms; as I

gather them into remembrance.