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Extra Curricular

*** Dunno why I forgot about this one – also seminar work.

This is an attempt at multi-genre, hopefully incorporating elements of sci-fi, low-fantasy, anti-hero.. and some other things I forget. 645 more words

Creative Writing


to it that hawks the mirror’s television, eating is the oldest trick in the book.

the ghost of my clone

/ does death
get the message

This is About Us.

If I am an expression of sunshine,
then you are my early morning sky
plucked with rays of love from
the night before our new year’s eve. 124 more words


I dwell in Possibility --

Do you remember They shut me up in Prose – ? Here Emily proclaims the superiority of her fairer House. That would be Poetry, of course! 466 more words

Spiritual Formation

A Poem about the Pain of a Narcissistic Relationship by Deborah Allin

Kiss the ghost by Mon-artifice

You pull me in
I am erased
Filled with feelings
That have nothing to do with me
You use me as a mirror… 265 more words


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Been here, done this... Currently a work in progress in the process of healing the pain from loving a narcissist...

Go Away

She couldn’t sleep, no matter how much she tried. Tormented, but composed. There’s no terror, just an inability to rest. Her eyes were open, bleary and wide; a feat made far more impressive by the weight of her sleep deprivation. 534 more words


First Practice

The September day clung to the vestiges of Summer, luring her into the feeling of June more than the second week of school.

Her chest heaved, lungs soaked in the dry heat. 70 more words