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A Question Of Virtue...!

I’m not sad because

The unhealed wounds

Didn’t find their sunshine through

Or that the unsaid words within us

Didn’t set themselves free

I’m not sad because… 274 more words


If I Could Touch Your Heart

Those fleeting moments, forever frozen in time.

Your eyes held me prisoner.  I would have gladly surrendered.

Joyfully, longingly, to fall into those clear cool pools. 26 more words

Scrape Out The Hate

Scrape this hate

From the insides of my skull

It sticks there, it spreads

To hurt those you love

Don’t let it seep

This hate-diseased head… 34 more words



I see you
When I wake up
You are there in the mirror
Observing my play
I dress and your eyes
Scald my cold skin… 64 more words


Slapping blood suckers
Take a ticket
Seats are sticky
We wait in mortuary grey
Birds clack against glass
Air conditioning on high
Large, sweating bodies… 172 more words


…love is a defining emotion of a wicked spell placed upon our hearts



~ son in bathwater ~

nose to nose, my hands under his armpits and his hands soft and missing. his legs holding onto his feet and the river or the rug pulling away. 541 more words