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You say you notice the pain in my eyes,
but what you fail to see is the cause.

Time and time again, I watch you walk away like I mean nothing. 58 more words

Sarah Doughty

It's me

In the middle of my nightly bathing ritual, he comes in and we begin to talk about my poetry. I tug him by his black shirt and beg him to get in. 279 more words

Creative Writing

Turning Back

‚ÄčAre you crazy? You must have been! Sloped off, stole from home your mama’s expensive jewelry and perfumes; your father’s cash in the drawers; created enmity with your friends and shouted at every family members – extended and immediate – around your home just for trifle. 154 more words


crime scene

when a policeman tells you to stop, you do as you’re told. so when the policeman with the blue and the badge and the moustache stands there with his outstretched and tells me to stop, i do as i’m told. 800 more words


22.10.17 | #2

I dread growing old.
There will be nothing else left,
except memories.

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God, Atheism and the Problem of Evil - Part II

What is evil, and who is God in relation to evil, within these questions lies the fundamental disjunction this essay is concerned with.


What is… 890 more words


Halloween Horror 2017 - Christina (A Haunted Love Story & Love Poem to a Ghost)

Christina: A Haunted Love Story

The difference is, I lie for a reason. I must. So would you in my position. Anyone would. I’m different. I lie, but I’m honest about it. 726 more words