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Aloofness and Intimacy

The reason why I stay alone, why I have never had a long term relationship with a woman, has less to do with my aloofness than it does with my intense craving for true, genuine closeness. 117 more words


U - Unseen

U – Unseen

Head up, shoulders back.

The water is a bitter drink, the air, like daggers tear at her heart.

She pushes back; those unseen dragons weigh heavily. 26 more words

Floral Chest.

When I was a child I was always losing things. And as that child with an eight year old mind, I had an enormous sense of wonder and a very sugary diet of my grandmother’s cookies. 150 more words


24/05/16 20:22 Untitled

Counter contradiction with hypocrisy; begin again, and make sure, you are right this time. You almost gave away yourself.


There’s much to

talk about.

And always everything and

anything to write about.

Like the detour taken to write

this as all others go about… 33 more words



My greatest pet peeve

is time.

Our value determined

by the length of

our shadows.

As they grow and shrink

then return to æther.

Then the only weight… 17 more words



A performance?

A show?

I read a few poems

written hours ago

Yet no word as each

second is more

valuable than another.

Each one equally… 8 more words