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Scene in Europe,
Scene 1,
Prague; Crumbled, Cracked and Magnificent.

A married couple are standing in line outside Prague’s Neo-Gothic St. Vitus’ Cathedral. It’s an old, cracked, crumbled, reinvented, restored and altogether magnificent building standing in the very heart of what was once Bohemia. 779 more words


Crow's Feet

When I was young I watched my grandmother look into a mirror.  She dabbed cream on her face.  She told me the special names of her wrinkles. 82 more words


Never fall in love with a writer

Never fall in love with a writer because he will only break your heart. He has his own way with words that you might not be immune to. 804 more words


You’ve let him linger too long

a bowl of Fruit Loops that’s been sitting.

And now the cereal is drowning,

Deflated lifebuoys falling apart.

So at least you hope you find the milk… 23 more words

My Writing

The Signs

The Signs
Nov 2013 | c. jonathan brogdon
Form: Short Story | Genre: Fantasy
Stage: Copy Edit | Post: Complete Work
Word Count: 1660

The small village of Sarcie was founded several generations ago in a freshly discovered wild. 1,654 more words

Creative Writing

"Discussing Philosophy"

‘You get your backside down here right now, young lady!’

‘No! I won’t!’

‘You do as you’re told, or I’ll come up there and make you!’ 1,444 more words


The Man on the Street

You may not have seen him at first.

He was fast asleep against the wall, sitting up with his head fallen forward, like his consciousness had abandoned him in the middle of an intense conversation. 86 more words