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Curvy shaped, pin-up Paris fashion model
Ruby suckle on top of heavenly gods.
Signature scented multi hued pink orchid
Take off all your clothes
I want to ruin your makeup.


Old elf


I’m holding onto Santa,

all 13 inches

of his animatronic self,

and I realize

i have no connection

with him….


I implore,

did I stop believing? 36 more words


If you were my reflection

I’d break this mirror

My hunger I’d eat

Forever to keep you

Away if you

Empathy were all I

Needed to survive I’d… 8 more words


Look Up

They don’t understand you unless you get on their level. Should you refuse to stoop to that low of a level, they never understand you. But them not understanding you isn’t your issue. 6 more words

Not My False Hope

I cut them off years ago. They think they’re still cool with me, still talking to me though. They’ve nothing to do with me. Though their stupidity is kind of cute actually. 34 more words

an ode to thee...Eeyore

“It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it” …eeyore

an ode to thee…

Gloom, in search of love
So simple, yet hard to think of… 118 more words


We Go On--We All Do

Funny how things work out

How people show up

And make you proud of who you are

Or make you feel less than who you are… 37 more words

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