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Words Don't Die

Words don’t die my friend,
They never die.
If you let it fall to the ground,
Another is going to pick it up.
If you make a mess of it, 11 more words


No. 3177

I Heard An Alien. By CpSingleton © 2016

I heard an alien speak today.

S/he said that we need compassion

In our hearts and minds. 130 more words


The Last Time

30 August 2016

Dear K,

When was the last time you admitted you were wrong? Was it at work, when your boss reprimanded you for failing to meet a deadline? 594 more words

Letters To Henri

Depression Cherry

As we observe the lights of town from far away, the world is contained within my beating chest, and as she rests her head against my open palms, she tells me how dearly she would like to become a star. 370 more words



Counting fairy lights, she slipped over her thoughts. The kettle whistles. Making porridge at one in the morning as her mother used to. She won’t eat it, but nothing is made for nothing. 170 more words


The Prayer

Armed with her favourite prayer mat, she was a mortal headed for an immortality that would only exist as long as she would. She spread the soft, black mat on the ground and reminded herself that she loved the golden and dark, dull red pattern on the mat embodying the turbulence of her heart. 1,052 more words


Atticus, Wolfgang, Casper, Wednesday, Max or Zero

I’ve already chosen names for the children I may or may not ever get the chance to have. I hope they’d get my blue eyes and vintage ideals. 587 more words