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The bombardment intensified ... Book 12 the battle for chesed synopsis continued ...

They were still dancing three hours later when the dimensional shield was hit again only this time the flash of the shield was huge and this began to be normal by the end of the hour … the huge flashes actually had people flinching and crouching behind tables walls and doors and electro-magnetic pulses released static lightning out of the shields into the surrounding atmosphere and attracted the lightning of the time storm raging above … within two hours some of that lightning fried a hashmallim shopkeeper who was moving his vegetable boxes inside … and he wasn’t the only casualty of the emp pulses that the huge dimensional shield impacts were causing … two shuttles crash landed in the next hour and several of the staff of the Array got knocked off the ladders they were using to hook up protective material to protect the wiring of the array from the pulses … Raphael shook his head after checking the pulse of the Shopkeeper, “We’re going to have to call a curfew until this ends, for people’s safety … this could go on for hours!” … a massive flash occurred down at the harbour and suddenly a host of shouting and noise of crackling as several fires broke out on board the ships … Michael nodded to Raphael, “set up whatever medical facilities you need, Uriel organize the curfew, Gabriel inform the senate of the emergency Hope and Nin with me to the harbour!” … and the three of them half ran half flew down the streets …. 43 more words



We’ll be lost in heat together

The sweat escaping from our flames

Our souls rising to the roofs of our minds

Breaking through to the skies



I’ve been fighting so hard and there’s no one to blame

But you start to feel lame like it’s all the same

These days blending together feel totally insane… 278 more words

Weekend Coffee Share 5/28/17

If we were having coffee…

I’d offer you some cold brew out on the deck. We’re finally getting some sun and warmth and blue skies and flowers and singing birds. 636 more words


I Break A Little More Each Day Under The Pressures Of Your Secrets

I am the bookkeeper of the chronicles of your world. I do my best to keep them safe, I tend to them, I find ways to preserve them for longer. 306 more words

Of knowing the dance ... book 12 The battle for Chesed synopsis edition continued ...

Hope noticed it first as she served a large bowl of mixed salad to Raphael, not the noise of laughter from down below where Azazel had a full audience and was regaling them all with the story of his sword in the pleasure gardens of the fallohim … which Nintiel had to explain was supposed to be funny because it was sexual, it wasn’t something that had ever crossed Hope’s mind so she didn’t get the joke, and Nintiel learned that the main reason for this was that Hope had never seen a naked Male appendage before in all of her life not even in a painting or sculpture or text book, the conversation had gone along quietly until Gabriel placed a hand upon Nintiel’s arm bringing her attention round, “Your lover is blushing Nin, be gentle, it has just occurred to her that there at least two Eloi here and two Eleoi even though Raphael leans towards Eloi in his current yearly phase and she doesn’t know about those phases … despite her three billion years of superimposed memories … her ignorance of the subject shines through, take her out later and talk alone together hmm ?” … Hope whispered “Thankyou.” … Nintiel glanced across at Hope smiled warmly “Of course, you could have said Rac I’d have stopped.” … “Well you were enjoying yourself and …” … Michael interjected quietly, “Neither of you have had time to set boundaries yet, which is obvious, it is early days and knowing when one can speak is part of that boundary knowledge that you’ll both build.” … Nin glanced at him thoughtfully, “You and Imma ?” …. 185 more words


Running Out.

No time better than the present

-she used to say.

Let’s make the best of our time together

-while we have time

I was not adverse, to her suggestion… 49 more words