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Hold On

I longed for something that I used to have. I squeezed it
until all the blood drained and what I was left with was an empty shell of… 265 more words

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“5 years,” I chirped in reply, ” 5 years…,” I repeated to myself a little more slowly. I let it ring out, fill the room, and sink slowly into the eaves, spilling out over the edges. 183 more words


iv. mute.

your fingers tap soundlessly

on the table below them,

those little nails bitten down to the nubs

make no room for noise, after all.

but you do it to hide the bolts… 115 more words



Cecile sat in a coffeeshop in Paris, gazing at the winter sky. Everything she had built turned into rubble, all her papers turned into ash. She would come every day to this coffeeshop, scribble down her words and wounds then leave the paper unattended. 438 more words


The Story of the Goat (El Cuento del Castrao)

The following short story was inspired by an entry in The Folklore of Spain in the American Southwest: Traditional Spanish Folk Literature in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado… 2,492 more words

Creative Writing

A Dream Within A Dream

A Dream Within A Dream

by Edgar Allan Poe

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow — 126 more words


iii. i wonder.

i wonder if your devotion

runs as deeply as mine.

if you’d lie awake, fighting

the sleep threatening to seal your eyes shut

simply because i promised… 147 more words