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මොවුන් හොරුන්ය දේශනා කරනන්නම් නොව. අපි විසින් උපදෙසනයක් ඇති කොට මොවුන් සමාජයෙන් පහකළ යුතුවේ -කෙන්යා ජනාධිපතිතුමන්

Why some African governments are clamping down on churches-

මොවුන් හොරුන්ය දේශනා කරනන්නම් නොව.  අපි විසින් උපදෙසනයක් ඇති කොට මොවුන් සමාජයෙන් පහකළ යුතුවේ -කෙන්යා ජනාධිපතිතුමන් 945 more words

Pastor Maniac

XV. I Know Some Friendly Houses Off the Road


I know some friendly houses off the road
A Jehovah’s Witness ’d like the look of,—
Wooden barred,
And windows hanging low,
Inviting to… 156 more words

Emily Dickinson

#Infidel...? (#Religion) (#English)

Definition of the Day:

Infidelity (In Religion)

Definition (From the Kestioner): “Abandon his Faith”, an act of denying his religious beliefs (Jews, Christians, Muslims … mainly), often associated with the idea of a Divine punishment. 515 more words

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Vocation Campaigning and its (dis)Contents

With the prospect of facing a highly relativized crowd of millennials, what choice can one offer against a conglomerate of pleasurable options without sounding like a patronized madcap taking baby steps at advertising? 2,156 more words


Philosophical god-talk, Theology of Nature God-talk, Dialogical God-Talk & Polemical GOD-TALK

​There’s god-talk and then there’s God-talk.

Philosophical (or natural) theology, or god-talk, refers to the hypothetico-deductive propositions, which take philosophy as their starting point, then argue to establish the reasonableness of various a/theological presuppositions, more generally speaking. 557 more words

Week 153 - Five years later...

Five years ago, my ex-father-in-law sent me this letter:

It pissed me off. I wrote a response, but never sent it. It was rambling and made me do a lot of work, so I sat on it. 801 more words

Coming Out

Me and Jack Chick

Jack Chick, the controversial Christian tract cartoonist died this week at the ripe old age of 92.  And my feelings are complicated.

As a teen during the grunge era, hanging out in downtown Seattle before cell phones and riding public buses everywhere, you couldn’t help coming across a Chick tract at some point in your life. 805 more words

Christian Thought