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Ways of surviving

I want to offer my body
petals of seduction,
curved and surviving
into the madhouse of sickness
to the surviving lotus.
I may not scream as icicles of tears,
with hallow bites of you clinging my wrist,
Engines of ruffled sleeps,
constant pain and pool of madness,
I want to offer my naked eye
hanging blurred stiff body-
to the callous of falling bodies. 47 more words


He says, ‘Who is destroying your life?’

I sigh.

I say, ‘someone is slowly unthreading me but it’s over such a long period of time I can barely feel it. 159 more words

I carry spring & children

i have a tongue of colours
with rooms of spaces,
mapping you & me.
A Polaroid stitch of sinking,
like bubbles
erupting in my hollows
of womanhood,
i have an eye like the sky-
drugged, fuller lips
with ashtray of hopes,

I spin in my own body,
toes kissing head
heads going missing-
like a reality fading,
Is it a kind of operation taking place? 32 more words

love is never having to say when

eighth face turn inside
teeth ground gnash gnarled
rooted to plate, bolt length
wise asinine aesthetic crumbles
salt scabs worn to pores
crash shores spill in street… 36 more words


the thaw

a newly welcome guest
save for my soul my breath, my feet
not the blooms, but the retreat
winter is
the shade of white turn gray… 54 more words



A body without a soul is me.

To stop the drifts when I’m all alone, I sold the soul in me.

So hold me till I’m whole. 21 more words



I am sat on a bench in the sun. I have a melting ice cream in hand; I catch my reflection in the glass of a boarded-up shop. 94 more words