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slack jaw righteous courtesies complicate feelings bubbling through brine flooding out through eyes, ears knows what to miss and it isn’t quite like this.

stun parade stars looping lights spinning coaxing the coat check jester to pester the next three festering from wallet wounds about the toxicity of faux fur & mole hair. 34 more words



The balance of the world
The grand design
Must never derail and always align.
So Life and Death
Were placed to avail
On opposing ends of the mighty scale. 431 more words


damp brushes set out to dry

a woman paints pots in a house not her home
save for the rats
and the cat
she does not own
and certain vases varnished… 21 more words



Tsundoku (Japanese): The act of leaving a book unread after buying it, typically piling it up together with other such unread books.

Mountains of worlds left asunder, collecting dust from their master’s departed skin, grazing their fur with the gentle caress of a child, barely opening their spines. 164 more words

dial 1-800-

the atonal shrine within my mind climbs the sky near false dawn of streetlamps’ ignited coils sheathed in faceted shells, casting shadows crossing the bloated billowed edges of the wet white shape of the world, its precipitate skin twinkles reflecting stars unseen to my eyes, these pits behold gray grime packed flat marked tracks of tread and leak downshifting hearing creaks sectioned and sampled beneath the street while horn section wails defeat as padded sidewalks crunch and release steam caught in mesh screens turned blue light the hydra path and venture over now ground groaning stale



I sit here absorbing my own vault tears, sobbing the dirt that was under my blanket. Moist blankets and roses crawl like an uncanny mist all over my face and crack me here on my nostrils, on my thighs that now lie like a drunk teenager amidst the forbidden land, a forest. 208 more words



Wabi (Japanese): A flawed detail that creates an elegant whole.

Snow, drifting on by until the world is covered in its blanket of white, finding within its embrace all those that seek to push away the cadence of the world. 279 more words