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ProShow + Murphy = 20% Off

It’s been a Murphy’s Law month–mostly mechanical disruptions and things of that nature–all of which distracted from ProShow. Enough! When feeling sour, it’s best to do something nice for others. 71 more words


Butterflies and Circles for ProShow Producer

The first day of autumn may have already passed, but summertime is still in our thoughts and doubtless our photographs, too. Butterfly Liftoff is the perfect style for the title slide of a show about the fun you had during the summer… 58 more words


Back from Vacation

I took off most of August even though I was here the whole time. Instead of working, I was playing with my new super-duper all-in-one Ninja processor/blender. 82 more words


Who Doesn't Love a Makeover?!

As time permits, I’ve been overhauling the oldest of The Frame Locker’s products, and after recently completing two, I looked back to see just how many do-overs there were. 114 more words


Barred! New Producer Slide Styles

It’s summer, and you’re busy in the garden, going on vacation, chatting over the fence with neighbors, and all the other warm-weather activities, but on a rainy day, it’s nice to spend a few hours building a slide show. 16 more words


Create a Crossword Title

Paging through a magazine, I saw a title that looked like a crossword puzzle, and I wondered how easy it would be to create the effect in Producer. 184 more words

ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer Knows Love

Mix and match styles & transitions, adding your own extras with the included graphics to create a HEARTS & FLOWERS theme for an entire show. Perfect for anniversaries, Valentines, memories, and weddings, of course! 33 more words