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Accipiter gentilis II

This is a juvenile. Goshawk adults, who settle into their plumage by their third year, have blue-grey backs and gray fronts. They’re unmistakable; I’ve never seen one. 168 more words



Looks like a crown feather of an American Woodcock to me. Just under an inch long. On the snow in Prospect; it was devilishly difficult to get the warm gold of the edging accurately into digital form! 12 more words



Black-capped Chickadees (Poecile atricapillus) will come to your hand if you hold out birdfeed. Looks like they will also probably come to your hand if you’re dead in the snow. 36 more words


Cardinalis cardinalis

You know how modern, big-money campaigns work, right? Known partisan voters are bombarded with fliers, TV and internet ads, and robocalls. A few people and corporations make a pile of money. 36 more words


The Prospect Park Cannon

Weighing in at 10 tons with a 10″ barrel, this cannon sits at the edge of Prospect Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  A great place for photo opps, I often see children climbing on the cannon and playing on the nearby playground as I drive by. 226 more words