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Prosperity Gospel: A distorted View of Man's Greatest Need

What is Man’s biggest need? Is it food, shelter and clothing? Or is it good health, wealth and prosperity?

This is a tricky question to start with, but can I challenge you to think of people who have every access of these basic needs and yet they are unsatisfied? 533 more words

“A Christian is strong or weak depending upon how closely he has 
cultivated the knowledge of God.”    (Quote by A.W. Tozer)

Prosperity gospel is a false teaching and a dangerous heresy that has erroneous concepts that are found in its theology. 655 more words


Prosperity Gospel: A New and Strange Gospel

Churches in Africa have become a hub of a new gospel. Most of our churches are no longer preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ but a new gospel that has no cross in it but that which emphasizes health, wealth and happiness. 513 more words


The Tankards: Thicker Than Water is coming back!

We have not been Keeping up with the Tankards, mostly because Bravo hasn’t been pushing them at-all! After dedicating baby Micah, Ben takes the opportunity to dedicate his son, Marcus Tankard.

25 more words