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Souls or Things

God wants you to have ________________ , fill in the blank. When did the great commission change from winning the lost souls to giving believers “things” in this world? 539 more words


Plans and Time Budgets

In reading a well written, lengthy article about “user interface” (UI) changes, I remembered a concept which we have been using internally, but is worth sharing in this era without hidden secrets: the limit of an organization is not how much revenue they make, but rather, how much time the decision implementers have to actually implement projects. 645 more words


Have you been paying attention?

One of the scariest things on Facebook is the abundance of quotes from Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. This is an open letter to my friends – and an appeal to please think about this very hard. 1,493 more words


Social Justice, Prosperity, and Precious Metals

Source: Sprott Money, by Jeff Nielson

A question may go through the minds of some readers as they read many of the articles written by this “precious metals commentator.” That question is one of relevance. 754 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Elections in the USA, and Jamaica and the Christian Season of Lent


Donald Trump has one message – he wants to make America great again. So does Bernie Sanders – Wall Street, which represents the super rich and the greedy, is responsible for most of the trials of the ordinary middle working class Americans. 1,029 more words

Institusi: Pranata Perubahan dan Kemajuan

15 tahun yang lalu, ketika ku berumur 5 tahun, aku dan ibu masih menumpang di rumah kakek dan nenek di suatu kota yang tidak terlalu besar tetapi menjadi ibu kota provinsi—Padang, Sumatera Barat. 1,695 more words


Smart goals are all you need. Learn about them here!

If you ask most people what is their one major objective in life, they would probably give you a vague answer, such as, “I want to be successful, be happy, make a good living,” and that is it. 327 more words