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Unity In ONEness

Living against the Law
Is our self-made flaw;
Thinking against the All
Brought about our fall.

Suffering was born
Of oneness torn;
When I fathered pride, 109 more words

Prosperity Is Not How Expensive My Car Is

My son has always been a prosperous thinker, from when he precipitated his first game console at age five, till when he left me an anonymous note that said: “God called you and said he would call you back later. 529 more words

Grace De Rond

"God Has A Calling For You But You're Not Asking Him"

WOW…Last year in October, I was told these words at a prophetic conference.  It was my first experience at such an event and a lady told me that… 1,733 more words


The Realization

Nothing more prophetic than realizing when people label you pathetic and then you really start to get it, you gotta develop your own mission, nurture your own ambition to your inner voice listen because not everybody cares like you’d like to think, turn their back on you in a blink find yourself seeing a shrink every week wonderin how the world went black or is it that way because I am – skin color providing the foundation of judgement instead of an avenue to let the mind peer deeper into the makeup of a person and why so many of us feel cursed with… 440 more words

Discipline Your Mind

Have you ever felt like your thoughts are all over the place?? One minute you are thinking about something positive and the next minute you are stressed about a bill. 224 more words


The Path of Thinking

The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. The same rain that fell on the sugarcane, fell on the bitterleaf, it is not about the circumstance but rather what you are made of. 139 more words


Off The Reel

In the loop and on the reel,
Slowly dying on the ferris wheel.

Fast-paced stagnation is what you choose,
Cease internal growth, and–in life–you lose. 151 more words