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Tips for Choosing the Right Prostate Cancer Treatment

When a doctor informs you or a loved one that the results are positive for prostate cancer, chances are the next sentences out of his or her mouth are going to blur into oblivion. 319 more words

Prostate Cancer

Treatment Procedure for Prostate Cancer

Once the prostate cancer has been diagnosed and staged, the patient has to choose a treatment plan. The patients may feel that they must settle on a choice rapidly, but it’s really important to take time and absorb the whole process information before they go for it. 251 more words


Maintaining Lifestyle During Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Treatment for cancer of any kind can put a damper on normal daily activities, especially if what you are undergoing has resulted in side-effects. For men with prostate cancer who are just beginning to work with their doctors regarding a treatment plan, they may worry about what treatment will mean to their lives and if treatment will require becoming accustomed to a “new normal”. 256 more words

Prostate Cancer

New Client Website Launched

With the help of my excellent web development partners at www.fillintheblank.co, we recently launched the updated and redesigned healthcare website: www.ProstateSeedInstitute.com.

The newly redeveloped site features many new and exciting additions including a treatment compare tool designed to help patients compare the many treatment options available to them when facing prostate cancer. 199 more words

Shortening Prostate Cancer Treatment

Having a cancer diagnosis is difficult enough to wrap your brain around without having to seemingly turn your life over to treatments. Cancer treatment can be long, arduous, and overpowering to a daily routine. 284 more words

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a disease that develops over many years in the prostate gland of men. Over time, prostate cancer information has shown that the… 485 more words


Prostate Cancer Treatment

This is my 10th and final blog of this term. In this blog I’m going to try and round up the previous blogs looking at a prostate cancer patients pathway by looking at what treatment is available, what is the most common treatment used and why. 731 more words

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