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You're Such A Lady(boy)

In the Sultan’s Service is my shout-out to Ian Flemming, hey, how’s it going Double-O-Seven.  Brock Bishop is the spy who shagged you.  He’s clever, he’s efficient, he’s diabolical and he has learned twenty languages just so that he can say, “as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit,” around the globe. 844 more words


About Prostate Cures

If you think you have been suffering from prostate conditions, rest assured there are prostate cures for all of them. But how do you know whether you’re suffering from a prostate condition? 657 more words

Prostate Health

Goodbye Glen, Again

Glen and I parted ways again. For good this time. To be specific, Glen was acting distant and weird, I asked him to step back and think about what he wanted and he decided that it was best to stop seeing each other. 944 more words

Love And Relationships

Sissy Sluts and the Men Who Love Them

Sissies are my favorite kind of gurls and there is something especially hot when a sexy Alpha male is forced to bend to a REAL man’s will.   127 more words

Alpha Male

There's Something About Carrie - Part 1

Corey knew that it was a bad idea to go to the strip club with his buddies – especially after promising his girlfriend that he would behave himself.   250 more words

New Series

Coming Soon: In the Sultan's Service

I’m very excited about a new series that is coming out this week and will be available to purchase on Amazon as well as Smashwords and other distributors. 414 more words

New Series