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Yes, I'm Kinky

Recently I had a client ask how I started giving prostate massages.  I used to work as a Dominatrix and I found that for the most part, a good deal of the people who came to see me were really all about the butt. 469 more words

You're Butt Curious

Like most hetero guys, you are probably more than a little curious about trying prostate massage.  I mean, come on, how could you not be?  You’ve heard that the sensation is amazing and your few, brief “brushes” with anal play have been incredible.   233 more words

A Massage Like No Other

As a distinguished pleasure seeker, I would like to invite you to escape to a place that is far away from your daily life.  From the moment that we meet, you will have confidence that you’re in the hands of a professional whose only concern is providing you with the ultimate pleasure. 636 more words

Working for the Domme Night and Day

Good job, sissy gurl, let me see.  Toilet, spotless.  Tub, my god, I could operate in there.  I can almost see myself in the tile. Yes, you’ve done an excellent job of cleaning this bathroom.   126 more words

Reader Pics

Schooled Like a Sissy Should Be

She might be your Mistress or she might be your wife, she might be an online fantasy or she might actually have you chained up to a radiator or bent over a spanking bench but whoever she is, whatever she’s doing, there’s one thing you know for certain.   357 more words


You're Such A Lady(boy)

In the Sultan’s Service is my shout-out to Ian Flemming, hey, how’s it going Double-O-Seven.  Brock Bishop is the spy who shagged you.  He’s clever, he’s efficient, he’s diabolical and he has learned twenty languages just so that he can say, “as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit,” around the globe. 844 more words


About Prostate Cures

If you think you have been suffering from prostate conditions, rest assured there are prostate cures for all of them. But how do you know whether you’re suffering from a prostate condition? 657 more words

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