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E-NABLE is Lending a Helping Hand

E-NABLE, a foundation using modern technology and innovation provide children and adults with inexpensive prosthetic hands for those in need of upper limb assistance. This community of individuals use their 3D printing technology, they create an online form sharing multiple blueprints of prosthetics so anyone with a 3D printer can create these appendages for someone in need. 230 more words

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OpenBionics Fabs Prosthetics as Unique as Those Who Wear Them

Humans may all have the same overall form, but when we need to find a suitable replacement for a missing limb, it’s clear that between the variety of finger-lengths and hand-breadths, a one-size-fits-all prosthetic just wont cut it. 719 more words

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A Day at the Children's Musum in Upstate

Bob and I spent from 10 – 4 all day Saturday at the Children’t Museum of the Upstate for their big Innoscate (skate board) event.   They figure they had about 2500 people come. 171 more words

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Update on hands we are helping schools make for kids that need hands

I haven’t mentioned much lately about the prosthetic hand project we are working on but wanted to let you know there is still plenty going on. 489 more words

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Wounded Soldier Gets Robotic Hand Replacement

, a local member of the Cedar Valley Makers makerspace, just made news on Open Bionics for his robotic prosthetic hand called Dextrus v1.2 which he made for his friend, and wounded war veteran, . 267 more words

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WATCH: 3-year-old Kansas boy receives 3D printed prosthetic hand

Three-year-old Preston Bundy seemed over the moon with his choice of colours for his new left hand.

“I want to be orange,” he said.

Preston was born with a condition called Symbrachydactyly, which is an underdevelopment of the hand. 161 more words


Product Lifecycle Stories: Girl Gets New Pink & Teal Hand with 3D Printing

“When his high school in Hudson, Massachusetts got a new MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D printer, engineering instructor Ryan Dailey could hardly wait to use it. He’d worked on small 3D printing projects with his students in the past and wanted to move on to something more ambitious. 269 more words

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