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These Penn State entrepreneurs' simple design is proving revolutionary in the world of prosthetics: BTN LiveBIG

MacDonald Heebner and Jeffrey Brandt have a long history together, which is helping them create technology for the future.

Heebner and Brandt started off as childhood friends, growing up together in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 488 more words


Biocircuitry: The Next Dominant Life Form?


Frank Miller’s 1983 comic series, “Ronin,” takes place in New York in the middle of the 21st century where America has fallen victim to complete economic and social despair. 1,308 more words

High fashion prosthetics on display Princes Quay

While you are doing your Christmas shopping you may happen upon a pop-up unit inside Princes Quay (ramp entrance) with an eye-catching, art nouveau sandal in the window. 760 more words

Art Blogs

Painting Cyclops Prosthetic


​Materials used: Alcohol paint, acrylic, Psycho Paint/NOVOCS silicon solvent.

An Indiana designer made a helping hand for this little girl: BTN LiveBIG

On these pages, we often tell of the breakthrough work being done in the fields of medicine and science that either have or have the possibility to change lives. 337 more words


Operation is NOT Needed: Future of Prosthetic Limbs

Archeologists have unearthed a curved wooden toe that was attached to a piece of leather. This is our oldest example of prosthesis – as far as we know – and we believe it was used 3,000 years ago in Egypt. 544 more words