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Melania Trump: Saint or Slut?

Saint or Slut?  You decide.

Sarah Palin had the nerve to compare Michelle Obama,and her choice of clothes to Melania Trump.

While on… 213 more words

Contained Pleasure: Power Relations in the Red Light District

Amsterdam’s De Wallen red light district is iconic; it attracts vast numbers of tourists annually, many simply wanting to experience its immoral landscape (Symanski, 1981) from afar, whilst others wish to indulge actively with the services on offer. 1,826 more words

Two Women & Their Essential Oils

My apologies to the Young Living crowd, for you will soon discover this article to be not at all what you expected. But hopefully you’ll reach the end not rolling your eyes at my wacky antics, but instead, truly in awe of two women who poured out oils of the greatest price to show the world what was most essential. 334 more words


More than kisses, letters mingle the souls

Mili was seven years old when her father passed away. Her mother had to sacrifice her life to give her a chance to breathe for the first time in this so called beautiful world. 774 more words


Joshua 2:1-24 (Part 3) - Salvation, Salvation Changes Everything!

Joshua 2:1-24 (Part 3 of 3)

Rahab Protects the Spies

I guess I am getting all 80’s nostalgic this week. This will be the second blog in a row where my opening includes a reference to a hit song from the 1980s. 2,497 more words