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 AMAZiNG FACT'S........... Prostitutes were celebrities in 18th century in London

In 18th century there were, around 63,000 Prostitutes working in London- amazingly, this was around every five woman! They generated an annual turnover of £1.5 billion ( in today’s money), and the famous prostitutes were the celebrities of their time , one of the most well-known being lady Hamilton, Lord Nelson’s mistress. 8 more words

Hosea 4:12 Consulting Idols

My people consult a wooden idol, and a diviner’s rod speaks to them. A spirit of prostitution leads them astray; they are unfaithful to their God. 418 more words


Fighting prostitution in Kigali

What are the ways out of prostitution? How to help someone quit the streets, and more importantly how to keep them from having to return? 346 more words

Cyntoia Brown

Have you ever been so overcome with emotion you just didn’t know what to do? This time my feelings were that of anger.

Recently the story or Cyntoia Brown has been surfacing on social media. 450 more words