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Who Is My Audience?

Seems like an easy question. Seems like something that an author would know. Ha! Joke’s on me! And now I’m beating my head against my desk. 171 more words



The Hunger Games draws out the true meaning of a Protagonist. Showing the depth of Katniss character she is not to be seen as anything less than the hero of the film. 107 more words

BOOK REVIEW: My Sunshine Away

As mentioned in my first entry about the purpose of this blog, the current book I am obsessed with is M.O. Walsh’s Southern literary work My Sunshine Away. 743 more words

Tongue in Cheek Definitions...

What is an author? A writer? Instead of going down a serious path, I thought that today merits a few of the sillier definitions.

You know you are an author when: 186 more words

New Normal

Discussion: Character Stereotypes (part one) - Female Characters

From genre to genre, each book tends to highlight specific stereotypes regarding its characters.  For example, there may be a nerd or a jock or a fearless leader.   602 more words


Let’s Get Emotional

Let’s Get Emotional

by Adam Huddleston

After reading an excerpt from the novel I’m working on to my critique group, the other members encouraged me to deepen the protagonist’s emotional connection to the reader. 168 more words