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More than just a Bad Guy

Antagonists, and Antagonistic Forces

What is an antagonist? In grade school it was simple enough. The protagonist was the good guy, and therefore, by default, the antagonist was the bad guy. 1,549 more words


The Oddly Perfect Protagonist

I think today, I will write a short story that has a protagonist without flaws.  And away, we go:

Ramon (that’s a good name, right?) walked toward the restaurant and whistled.   296 more words


A Look into the Archetypes of Story

by Hartwing HKD

As I was considering what to write about this week I came across a great resource website for authors out there: helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com… 489 more words

Hero Syndrome

A friend of mine posed a question on Facebook about who are our favourite fictional heroes. The archetypal hero is tall, handsome, square-jawed, muscular, white and male. 779 more words


COVERSCRIPT TIPS - The First Ten Pages

In these early ten pages of the screenplay, which equals the first ten minutes of the movie, the audience must be introduced to, and made to empathize with, or connect to, or identify with, the protagonist in some way. 224 more words


A Writer's Journey

The writer is the invisible protagonist who weaves intricate stories and leaves an invisible presence in the plot. Drawing inspiration from various sources, such as- history, personal experience, life, modified perspectives, strong imagination, and the ability to visualize the unpredictable future. 339 more words