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The Problem with Male Protagonists

Recently on Writer Unboxed, Jo Eberhardt wrote about “The Problem With Female Protagonists.” She cites some research in which both men and women perceive women to “dominate” conversations in which the women speak substantially less often and for less time than men, and also relates an anecdote in which her nine-year-old son asked, “Why do we only ever read books with girl main characters?” The question caused Eberhardt to count books in the family library featuring male vs female protagonists, and she found that the majority of books on both the children’s and adults’ shelves were headlined by males. 501 more words

Don't Bug Me

The sun was extremely high in the sky indicating it was noon and she was stuck in the death trap called Summer School. In fact, she heard some of the birds began complaining about the heat outside of her classroom window. 609 more words


Jessica is Dreaming About Daran

What started out as a snippet of an idea thirteen years ago grew into something bigger. I had a protagonist, Sarah, who needed two best friends for her story to work. 494 more words

The Dynamic Progression of Dual Protagonists (say what?)

Being normal and following the rules bores the pants off of you, so how do you shake up an otherwise blasé story? Why, you chuck in another protagonist, of course! 828 more words


Supernatural Sonder- Protagonist Disease and the Occult

I mentioned in the “Darwinism in Killing” article I wrote a few weeks back that I have a passing interest in the study of all things paranormal and the occult. 1,122 more words

Bulding One's Self

Audience is What Now?

I’ve been reading through The Writer’s Workout, by Christina Katz, and lately a lot of the advice that’s come up has to do with writing to your audience and understanding your audience and directing marketing to your audience. 478 more words


What Star Trek Beyond Taught Me About Raising Stakes

For anyone who doesn’t know, I love science fiction and fantasy, mostly because when I was little my family watched Star Trek. I’m not quite a Trekkie, I’m not an obsessive fan, and I can’t even say it’s my favorite, but it holds a special place in my heart, and I’ll always come back to it. 859 more words