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Morning Muse

Select the song.
It sets the mood;
Creates the theme.
And play on repeat
Until you feel better.
And the hero of the song replaces your character–

Personality testing leads me to be a Protagonist

Amongst several wines and numerous tales of work struggles the other night a good recommended me the Myers Briggs personality test. I’ve heard about it before from numerous people, so when I found a free version at 16personalities.com I went with it. 243 more words


Main (lack of) character

Game protagonists are like vehicles. You could want one that get’s you from point A to point B, or you might want a vehicle that has Air conditioning and a cup holder, or maybe is allot smaller… or bigger, or had advanced controls, or had a stick and bubblegum interface and,- yada yada yada. 467 more words

Current Games

And post-op report...

Surgery was long but successful. I am truly a bionic woman now, with a 9-inch plate in my arm and a battle scar to match. Today was all about waiting for the nerve block to wear off, assessing movement, and pain management. 107 more words

Writer For 365

Life Is Strange - A Much Needed Change

Eh eh? See what I did with the title?? PURE GENIUS wouldn’t you agree?

Hehe… well horrifically bad jokes deserving of a hanging aside… I’ve been meaning to write a post about DontNod’s Life Is Strange. 1,754 more words

Life is Not a YA Novel

Life is not a YA novel, and you should thank your lucky stars for that. (For those of you currently living under a rock or are simply not up to date with all this literary lingo – YA stands for Young Adult. 1,315 more words