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Reading like a Writer

One of the dangers of crossing the line from reader to writer is that it changes the way you read. For me, it makes me impatient with bad style, slow starters, lack of tension and plot holes. 611 more words


Writing Prompt #47

Your protagonist wakes up, heart pounding. In their dream the words, _______, were written in the sand around a childhood home. – found on pinterest… 85 more words

Writing Prompts


He is sober, ordinary and average looking guy. He would be a friend with Naina during her management studies. He would be living challenging life being grown old in middle class family. 39 more words



She is daughter to Mr. Albert and would fall in love with Aakash at some point.



He is son of Mr. Sharma. He is tall, smart and handsome. He is intelligent enough to handle their well established family business in UK.  He would be a friend with Naina for couple of years during her graduation but leaves to help his dad in their business and grab enough success to be praise for.



Naina is only child to Mr. and Mrs Trivedi. Naina is bold, beautiful and extrovert by nature. Her love for flowers is beyond infinity. Everything she carries would be more or less flowery. 34 more words


Protagonists: The Antihero

What makes a good antihero you ask? The same things that make any protagonist worthy, he needs to be likeable and/or relatable. If even if your main character is a mean and nasty son-of-a-bitch, he can have some quality about him that makes an audience feel for him. 422 more words

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