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Letter to a fictional character...!!!!

There is something about lead characters who, even with the responsibility of saving the day, are as broken, scared and fickle as any other character…they feel so real…you can’t trust a protagonist with no guilt or fear…

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Mirages and Parallel Realities

Ever created a story character with bits and pieces of your own life — recycled and rearranged in a way that makes it feel as though that character could be you in a parallel world? 392 more words

Blogging while angry

The last couple blog posts I wrote I kept in my draft folder for days.

I looked over both of them a couple times and held back from publishing them, because they just feel too angry. 1,162 more words

Protagonist of Arrow

As we have discussed, the protagonist of a story is the character that is driving the action forward throughout. This doesn’t necessarily have to be that main character or hero of the story, but anyone who drives the story forward. 201 more words

Antagonists: Protagonists from a Different View

Antagonists. They’re usually not likeable. In fact, in most novels they’re hated by both characters and readers. But antagonists play a central part in fiction. Without them, there’d be no story. 513 more words


Game of Thrones and Protagonists

Game of Thrones is a wonderful TV series. The series, now finishing its 5th season, involves the bloody political struggles of a medieval country during civil war. 128 more words