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The Tragedie of Junius Brutus

I re-watched Mankiewicz’s 1953 Julius Caesar, last night – the one with James Mason, Marlon Brando and John Gielgud – all the more happily because I’d been very much afraid that Shakespeare would disappear from Italian television after the end of 2016. 380 more words


Heroes and Goals and Obstacles, oh my!

In well-written commercial fiction, the hero (protagonist) needs to have both a goal and obstacles. The goal needs to be unambiguous, meaning that all readers will know when he’s achieved that particular goal. 1,331 more words

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Florence Foster Jenkins

Per my aunt’s suggestion, I recently watched Florence Foster Jenkins starring Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, and Simon Helberg. I went in with the expectations of a hilariously funny movie, and there were some humorous moments, but overall I found it to be quite sad. 504 more words

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Creating Characters: Character Interview

Amaya Sullivan

As a writer or author, you’ve had this great idea for a project with the perfect protagonist, the evil antagonist, the snarky sidekick, and gorgeous love interest. 422 more words

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Don't Proceed with a Boring Lead 

Looking back at NaNoWriMo 2016, I can see a few mistakes I made.

The first was trging to do NaNo in the stressed out state I was in. 151 more words


You Should Be Watching: Tom Hardy's Taboo

Tom Hardy’s artfully realised anti-hero, James Delaney, is the centre of new BBC series Taboo and the perfect antidote to predictable protagonists. 350 more words