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Things to Avoid in your Writing #1: Deus Ex Machina

Okay, so who here knows what Deus ex Machina means?  Literally from Latin it means “God in the Machine”.  In the literary sense it means something much worse. 601 more words


False Starts

This week was a collection of frustrations that kept driving me to cool down by working with Python for Kids, from No Starch Press. 282 more words


Catalysts and Character Arcs

Turns out, my main character is the catalyst at two critical points in my villain’s character arc.

At one point, my heroine witnesses the suicide of a man who turns out to be the elder son of the woman who saved her life thirty years ago. 501 more words

Gwendoogle CXLIV - Writing Distractions

Answers served with only one mention of the SuperBowl. That was it.

Kathryn searched: Have you ever taken a long break from writing?
Twice. Both breaks lasted about a year, and I can easily point to them as… 796 more words


Conflict From the Inside Out

I first heard about conflict lock from Bob Mayer–he does great workshops on this. I don’t know if he heard it from someone else, but it has spread, however, I’m still surprised to find folks who don’t really understand (or put in) strong conflict. 1,586 more words


Major Characters

Protagonist. The protagonist (good guy) is the hero / heroine — often an ordinary person placed in an extraordinary circumstance that makes him become larger than life. 725 more words

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