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Growing old disgracefully

The Old Man at the End of the World may be full of zombies but the protagonist is an 87-year old man who finds himself unwittingly thrown into the apocalypse on a sunny Tuesday morning. 593 more words

A Man Called Ove


16 February 2017

Fifteen years is a long time to invest in a relationship.  It’s also a long time to accumulate memories and clutter.  I have another sticky note on my desk, where I spend a significant amount of time working on homework and writing my thesis, that says, “DUMP THE CLUTTER.”  That’s it.  468 more words

(My) Protagonist Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Tolerant – Protagonists are true team players, and they recognize that that means listening to other peoples’ opinions, even when they contradict their own.
  • 457 more words
Daily Life

Author Hour

Next week, I’m taking part in the Mystery Thriller Week Author Hour

Tuesday 10-11 USA (3-4 UK)


Ask away about holding my protagonist’s hand and the importance of a character profile. 30 more words


Latches and Attachments

11 February 2017

I keep trying to reach out, grasping, finding something to latch onto.  I discover what I am grabbing is me-catching myself before I fall from being off-balance.  418 more words

Watchers - Chapter 1-3: Drowning

Sarah Lee tucked her legs into her chest as she sat tucked in the corner of the classroom, which had been reserved as one of the party rooms for new graduates. 978 more words

Short Stories