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Everyone wants conflict. We love it.

Even in our blog posts.

So, um. You. Reader. I don’t like the color of your house.

There. Now we’re in conflict.  Go ahead. Respond in the comments, or this’ll be one-sided. 292 more words

How To Write A Book

Fiction Based on Reality

I’m writing quite different with this one. Adding journal entries at the beginning of each part. These are the real parts. The dark parts that were true enough of how I felt in those days that turned out to be the beginning of 6 years of lies. 166 more words


My Protagonist

Here’s the thing. Our story is one that will be written down. Love me or hate me for it, it’s bound to happen, but I promise to do it justice. 310 more words


Making Sure Your Protagonist Beats Out Others

The protagonist is one of the most important attributes of a story. If someone doesn’t like your protagonist, for whatever reason, it’s highly unlikely that person will finish your story. 708 more words


A Realist Review of Sleeping Beauty

Have you ever considered the role of Sleeping Beauty, is she a dormant character?

Source: A Realist Review of Sleeping Beauty


Critiquing The Magicians: M for Mature?

Hello, and welcome to the second round of critical paddling thoughtful critiquing into The Magicians and why it failed to work for me.

Last time, I talked about the concept of Build-Up and Pay-Off and the delicate balance it requires to get your audience invested and satisfied. 560 more words


Guerrilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn's main protagonist Aloy

Guerrilla Games have not revealed much about Horizon: Zero Dawn’s main character, Aloy, besides depicting her in their release cinematics and release trailers donning a bow that quickly makes mince-meat of the larger-than-life machines. 599 more words