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5 Tips On Finding Your Protagonist

So, you have a premise laid out. Now comes the task of finding a hero or heroine that is interesting enough to develop sympathy with the readers and, for the most part, carry your book. 845 more words


Grand Theft Auto VI needs a female protagonist

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It’s been five years since Grand Theft Auto V came out, so naturally it’s time to start asking when the next game in the series is coming out. 1,054 more words


Crafting a Good Protagonist

Our first transcript of an edifying (we hope) conversation, in which MR. NORTH and MR. SOUTH spend the day on their phones, and MR. EAST, making a more responsible use of his time, shows up late to the party. 1,873 more words


Elements of Storytelling: The Antagonist

So far in this series, we’ve covered themes and protagonists. This post is to help our Triathletes get a little insight into crafting the perfect villain for their P.A.R.T.Y. 489 more words

For Coaches And Teachers

Yu Narukami/Protagonist

Yu Narukami (fox) shimeji From the game and anime Persona 4

Artist is  

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mirror download HERE


And thus, the Epic is Sung

The greatest of epics begins with a protagonist who is certain, or searching for certainty, or coming into the interest of certainty.

They are certain, or searching for certainty, or coming into the interest of certainty. 704 more words


I am Galaxies - a little bit of writing

This world sometimes break my heart. Some time in last year we were on our way from Malmesbury to Cape Town, there were big oil stations boiling smoke with air. 765 more words