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Audience is What Now?

I’ve been reading through The Writer’s Workout, by Christina Katz, and lately a lot of the advice that’s come up has to do with writing to your audience and understanding your audience and directing marketing to your audience. 478 more words


What Star Trek Beyond Taught Me About Raising Stakes

For anyone who doesn’t know, I love science fiction and fantasy, mostly because when I was little my family watched Star Trek. I’m not quite a Trekkie, I’m not an obsessive fan, and I can’t even say it’s my favorite, but it holds a special place in my heart, and I’ll always come back to it. 859 more words


Camera, Perspective, and Protagonists

When we talk about different types of shots in film, the effect they have on the audience is based on the position they put the audience into. 1,091 more words

Video Games & Narrative

5 Reasons Your Protagonist Deserves To Die

Protagonists are like beautiful people – we all want one, and want to be one. 😜

Unless, of course, the beautiful person is fatally flawed. Not in the traditional sense (flawed characters make for great fiction), but flawed in an “Now I hate you and hope your offspring flunk out of preschool” kind of way. 446 more words


Hitorinoshita Episode 4


My issues with Hitorinoshita continue to be the same: the protagonist is really, really annoying and other then the fact that there are different groups of people with powers who are doing various things there has been no explanation as to what is going on or why. 196 more words


Fiction Writing - Like Your Own Political Convention?

Fiction writing is like your own political convention. Pardon me? Really? Okay, hang with me on this. First, let’s look at what happens when you’re writing a short story. 848 more words


Coming Aug. 7th..."Perfect" Protagonists

Romance readers love powerful protagonists, heroes and heroines who can solve their own problems and overcome any obstacle. Yet, we want our characters human too, which means they have flaws. 55 more words