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Look at Me! Your Attention-Seeking Protagonist

In my playwriting class, we discussed protagonists and how to select one. After class, the conversation continued as a classmate and I debated about which character in her play should be the protagonist and how soon in the story should the protagonist appear. 579 more words


Hero vs. Protagonist - Megamind

*PSA: This blog post has spoilers for the movie Megamind. Thank you.

What’s the difference between a hero and a protagonist? Often, writers limit their story because their protagonist has to be the good guy, the hero who swoops in to save the day. 942 more words


Your Protagonist Must Act

You can’t afford a passive protagonist.

Writing advice abounds out in the blogosphere—I’ve contributed some of it myself. You can find interesting and informative posts on characters, plot, dialogue, and even commas. 393 more words

Cathleen Townsend

Nearing The End

Kitty now has a full level to run through!

And shiny jewels to collect!

And hazards to avoid!

Also, the camera has been altered so there’s a space the cat can move in before the camera moves.  81 more words


You're a Monster

You’re a monster
said the protagonist to the antagonist
which made a lot of sense
and may have passed without comment
if the antagonist hadn’t paused for a moment… 132 more words

Still a FAN?

After the declaration of ‘the best Bollywood movie after 3 Idiots’ and a jaw dropping IMDB rating of 9.0, I had my expectations high.

The film started with a lot of promise. 295 more words