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Annoying-Ass Female YA Protagonists

I have to give kudos to Sarah Dessen, since she’s like one of the only authors who doesn’t do this.  And by this, I mean make these cutesy little playful teenage protagonists who really have little to no original personality. 907 more words


Characters: Protagonist, Part One

What is a protagonist?

Simply saying, a protagonist is the main character of the story, usually the hero; however, the protagonist could also be the villain, depending on the story you are writing. 432 more words


Novel Writing Quotes

 Gene Wolfe said, “You never learn how to write a novel. You only learn to write the novel you’re on.”

“The protagonist is the character whose fate matters most to the story.” Stephen Koch


Characters: Flat and Dynamic

“Stories are events that happen to people.”

That is what Tom Tomlinson says when he starts talking about Characterization in The Portable MFA in Creative Writing, … 291 more words


Characters: Introduction

Have you ever read a book without characters?

Neither have I. Characters are an integral part of almost any story as they are often the focus of the story, and they move the plot forward. 120 more words


Silence is Golden: The Positives of Featureless Protagonists

After playing through the classic First-person shooter Half-Life, I started thinking about the featureless protagonist. For those of you scratching their heads and going ‘whuh?’ right now, a featureless protagonist is a protagonist with no discernible features, they are the ageless, faceless, gender-neutral, culturally-ambiguous adventure people. 673 more words


Likeable Characters

There are a lot of potential pitfalls when creating a character, things that could stop your audience from truly taking to them. If you’re not careful, you could accidentally create a character who readers see as irritating or boring or useless, or any number of negative things. 1,431 more words