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Story Outlines

Ah, the dreaded outline–aka plot synopsis. An invaluable aid in organizing a story before commencing the actual manuscript, and a requirement in marketing any manuscript to potential agents or publishers … yet how many inexperienced writers panic or hit dead ends in creating one? 765 more words

The Grand Drama of the Bible

Realizing the power of the narrative marked a monumental turning point in my thinking. Understanding the biblical narrative has since been fundamental to my own theology. 1,035 more words


Banter among the Banal

Who dare write a poem as round and perfect as a flower moon?

A clockwork so precise

it will taunt the protagonist…

make them think twice. 53 more words



let me tell you one thing, your story is only going to have one protagonist and that is going to be you. yes, there will be times when you’ll be forced to become a secondary character in your own story. 178 more words


V is for Vice and Villains

Every story must have an antagonist who makes the life of the main character, the protagonist, as miserable and dangerous as possible. You’d think this would be such an easy character to craft: just imagine the most odious monster or the sickest loser and write him or her into your story. 938 more words


Does the antagonist always have to be a villain?

Typically in fantasy there is no distinction between the idea of a villain and that of the antagonist. There are the good guys and the bad guys. 690 more words

So, you think you're tough?

A person hits someone not expecting it. He picks a fight with someone who does not want to fight and who is not a claimed fighter. 695 more words