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Tell Me About It | Antagonist Vs. Protagonist

The thing here is, when you leave outside your area, people don’t know you and when they don’t know you, they make stories of you. The things you do good will be misinterpreted and the things you do bad will worsen.

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Tell Me About It

Ask a No-Mincing-Words Script Consultant!

The latest in a series of interviews with script readers and consultants who would be worth your while to work with if you want to get your script in shape. 402 more words


Broken Emma Is Part Of Me

Broken Emma is a story I am writing and as I continued to write this story, I’m starting to find out that maybe I see myself as Emma who is a character trying to find out her identity and life purpose. 191 more words

part of a story about a dream of a lion in the mountain

She told him of the lion with vigor and detail as they made their way up the mountain. Despite the bleak darkness, they could both tell you where each and every waterfall spilled their majesty beside the dense forest roadway. 119 more words

That Critical First Page: Grabbing Readers Attention in Seconds

The first page, whether it’s a novel, short story, research paper, proposal, etc., is extremely important, if not the most important page in a piece of writing. 498 more words


Creating A Protagonist With Depth: Part Four

If you haven’t read the first three part in the series, you can find Part One HERE, Part Two HERE, and Part Three… 407 more words


Quick follow-up

So, I asked you if I looked like my protagonists. The results are in.

So: I win! That is, those answering “No, none of them, not even a bit,” are 42.6% of the total, as much as the next two largest sets combined… 49 more words