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4 Keys to Crafting an Excellent Setting pt. 1

The setting you create can either make or break the world you create through your story.  You see, I feel the setting gets over looked tremendously.   802 more words


Character Claptrap - Protagonists

Well, hi guys! Guess who kind of gave indication that there’d be one of these a day but then stopped making them for a few days… 2,020 more words


Bad Writing Advice: Changing the Protagonist

When you’re writing that great novel sometimes small details slip through the cracks and a correction or two becomes necessary. For instance, you might find yourself writing the closing chapter and realize the protagonist doesn’t work. 188 more words


Nhân vật chính của tôi trong hai từ (P.2)

Đây là phần 2 của My protagonists! Nếu chưa xem phần 1 thì hãy bấm vào đây. 1,352 more words


Nhân vật chính của tôi trong hai từ (P.1)

Dưới đây là danh sách tên các nhân vật chính của mình, trong bộ truyện nào sẽ có ghi ra hết. Có những bộ thậm chí còn chưa có cốt truyện. 1,066 more words


Idiosyncrasies, Proclivities and Flaws: The Three Vital Keys of Strong Character Creation

Doyle had Holmes. Poe had Dupin. Christie had Poirot and Marple. Famous detective stories from inside the folds of history are often overshadowed, quite rightfully, by the prominent investigators that feature within their pages. 1,308 more words


The Finest Hours Is Great Art

The movie The Finest Hours is great art.  There is character development, there is drama, there is excitement, there is action, there is everything good theatre should be.  337 more words