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Creating a Character Worth Reading About

A story is nothing without a perfectly crafted main character. The protagonist is who the reader will have to live with for the next 300 pages and experience life with. 615 more words


19 days, 19 years..

19 days have passed without me posting anything. To me, it feels just like the 19 years of my life that has passed without me realizing my full potential. 556 more words


In and out the day drags on.
On and loud-er these voices drone.

Save for few I can’t recall.
But light shines bright beyond this corridor.


(Firefly) Top 5 Reasons Mal is an Engaging Protagonist

(Spoilers for the pilot episode only)

#1: He ‘Protags’

The phrase ‘protags’ or ‘protagging’ was coined by Howard Taylor on the Writing Excuses Podcast. It means that a character… 646 more words


Characters, Themselves

“You’re doing it all wrong. Here is where you start the story.”

It took me one shocked moment to know who was yelling. It was Eleanor, an imperious old woman rapidly fading into dementia. 515 more words


The Asterisk War Season 2 Series Review


Some disaster struck and from this humans were able to develop powers of sorts and as you do in these fantasy stories you build schools to train teenagers to be homicidal nut-jobs that think only of ways to use their powers to beat other teens into submission all in the name of achieving some greater purpose or dream. 1,048 more words