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Let's Blitz Again - October 2016 #12

Today marked my first rejection for my submission blitz.  It’s a story I wrote for a specific call for submissions and while it got a “maybe” for that call, after making it through multiple rounds of readings, it ended up a “no” in the end.   119 more words


The Protagonist - Part Three: Naming Your Protagonist

Thanks to user Someone for the idea for this post!

Ah, naming your protagonist. I once spent days and days and days racking my brain for what I should name my protagonist. 620 more words

All About Me: My ENFJ Life Story.

(2012). Retrieved October 12, 2016, from http://www.personality-central.com/ENFJ-personality.html

I haven’t fully explained yet how I came up with the name for my blog and now is as good of time as ever I guess! 464 more words


Bubble, Boil & Trouble

Just the other day, I told my class that more amateur fiction fails from insufficient conflict than for any other reason.

Conflict, problems, adversity, bad luck, pressure, stress, worry, anguish–these are all part of a writer’s toolkit and should be at the center of stories. 938 more words

Let's Blitz Again - October 2016 #6

I skipped a post because I spent last night cleaning vegetables I had harvested from the garden, but I dd get submissions off for yesterday and today and organized my “What I have available for submission” list.   180 more words


Monologue: Think You're Right

(written as if the protagonist is facing their archenemy or rival who questions or taunts them about whether they really understand that there is no point to anything when all we do is dance to the tune of time and fate. 232 more words