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Why South Africans should thank Centurion’s groundsman

Newlands was a memorable one-night stand. Centurion has blossomed into a torrid love affair.

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TELFORD VICE in Centurion

IF all goes well Bryan Bloy will be handed back his belt and shoelaces by sunset on Wednesday.

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Kohli dark as a storm after weather waylays play

You could see forever but you couldn’t see any cricket.

TELFORD VICE in Centurion

CAPETONIANS in Centurion at 3.19pm on Monday could have cried: a sky that had been heavy with heat and lumpen with clouds was leaking rain.

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Being Lungi Ngidi

Ngidi’s wide smile shone out of the giddiness that bathed the thicket of high fives.

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TELFORD VICE in Centurion

THE circumstances of Lungi Ngidi’s first appearance on a test scorecard won’t be remembered by many: faced four balls, scored one run, was not out.

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Leading Edge: Du Plessis and Kohli growing as captains and people 

They have become the most assured captains in the game, as comfortable with themselves as they are with their roles.

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TELFORD VICE in Centurion…

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Marion’s Cape Town Proteas

Marion Russek kindly sent some protea family photos from her visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town. Though the peak bloom season is from June to November there, she still got some sumptuous shots. 54 more words

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Not before time, Centurion’s in a spin

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TELFORD VICE in Centurion

CENTURION lives up to its reputation as a ground where fast bowlers expect to be greeted by St Peter at the gate. 569 more words

Color + Form Research

Spent a drizzly hour+ marching around the South African garden at UCSC Arboretum, taking reference photos of proteas for the upcoming kit, inspired by Keli’s free-style flowering. 178 more words

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