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Vox Popoli: You can't domesticate ferals

From Vox Popoli

It doesn’t work on an individual level and it doesn’t work any better on a societal level. This couple’s lethal experience is an apt metaphor for the cataclysmic error of Western societies: 251 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

The Signs

There were so many signs and I feel like I missed all of them. Some of them never sat right with me, but my partner is a unique, simple loving man who has a childlike disposition. 944 more words


How did we get here?

I am not sure where to begin. My life turned upside down when I discovered I was living with a non-offending “virtuous” pedophile…I know, the words virtuous and pedophile do not belong in the same sentence, but its what they call themselves. 775 more words



The Family Pledge is a trumpet call to gather together Christian parents and grandparents especially…but really all Christians…to be part of a remnant of one million… 939 more words

Protect Children

Another side of me a Visual ARTIST

I have been attending creative groups and projects. lately trying to find my inner self more through¬†learning and socializing. It has been quite busy but, nothing has really stepped in my way unless it’s another meeting. 166 more words

Brangelina,  what?

I’m really sorry for what the Brangelina family is going through, I’m really am!

Anyhow I can’t be more sorry than for anyone else in my neighborhood or people that I heard of, just because media brings up the subject daily! 143 more words


Averted Eyes

To fill with sand,

a child’s eyes,

you, their star,

a guide through life

to lure the moon

from innocence subject to

adult demands

that steals their sun

to eclipse their heart.