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Young Footballers’ Head Injury Risk Highest In Practice, Not Games

Not only are players of American football who are between six and 14 years of age at risk for head injuries, a recent study revealed they are… 643 more words

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Child Fund's Unique Approach to Protecting Children

Established in 1978, DV Medical Supply has consistently supplied the medical profession with cost-effective medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical equipment. Big on corporate social responsibility, DV Medical Supply supports… 224 more words

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Kids Die, But Shouldn’t, When Left Alone inside Cars That Overheat

Photo: KidsandCars.org

We’ve all heard the warnings/cautions: Don’t leave kids or pets in cars when temperatures are high. Safe Kids Worldwide, a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in  children, says that every eight days a child dies from heatstroke from being left in a car that got too hot. 625 more words

Making Sense of a Violent World

Welcome to our new Growing Children blogger, 4C Professional Development Specialist Merideth Burton. Below is her first post.

People enter the field of early childhood for different reasons. 787 more words

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Sexual Abuse: Defined

Some may wonder what exactly sexual abuse is and if what happened to them is abuse, or something else. According to Pandora’s Project, “Sexual abuse is any sort of non-consensual sexual contact. 539 more words

Sexual Abuse

"After School Satan" Is No Joke

This morning, I was watching a video by Matt Chandler on the theme of “Recovering Redemption” for a Bible study. My nine-year-old son heard part of it and asked a question that led to a short discussion about how God created all things good, but how we have a tendency to misuse or abuse those good things God created. 675 more words


What You Need To Know About Wireless Motion Sensors

Wireless Motion Sensors

Many homeowners concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones, prefer being alerted when someone enters their property. It is for this reason that driveway alarms have become popular cost-effective home security systems. 432 more words

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