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Recommended: Six Self-Defense Commands and Strategies for Families…

If you want to defend your family during worst-case events, you need to do more than be a “good shot.” I highly recommend you read the post, … 31 more words


Don't Open That Door

Tasha, a blogger about self-defense strategies, wrote a piece titled Don’t Open That Door that all people who are responsible for children in their homes should read and heed. 15 more words

Home Defense

Toddler Kills Himself with His Mother's Handgun (Hamilton, OH)

It breaks my heart to read news stories, such as THIS ONE, about a child dying, because a gun owner did not secure a loaded firearm in such a way that a child could not gain access to it. 198 more words

Pulled From The Headlines

Arm Your Kids for the Battle

Many times I have been contacted by parents who have discovered that their teen-age child has been viewing pornography. This happens in families of every faith, income level, or any other classification. 170 more words

Arden Compton

Book Review: Protecting The Gift by Gavin De Becker

Not the first book I read by Gavin, and not the last. He is outstanding. The first book of his that I read is titled, … 339 more words

Is Your Child Mature Enough for Firearms Training?

Most parents and guardians truly believe that they can honestly assess a child’s maturity level. Sadly, I read far too many news articles that apparently prove that far too many are overly optimistic about a child’s maturity…and that goes in either direction. 470 more words

Protecting Children

Facebook: Protecting children's right to privacy

This post is more directed to teachers, caregivers, nannies, and anyone who works directly with children. I think that this post will also give parents somethings to think about. 357 more words