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Striking While the Iron’s Hot: Becoming an Advocate for Early Childhood Education

Election Day is just around the corner. One of the most crucial topics being brought to the forefront of voters’ minds this election year is that of investing in quality educational experiences for young children. 555 more words

Early Childhood

15/09/2016: Teaching our children to say "NO"

This may seem like a funny concept seeing as many children have absolutely no problem saying NO to broccoli, peas and bedtime. However, I am referring to the ability to say no in situations where their boundaries are overstepped, in both smalls ways and in big ways…like sexual or other even other forms of abuse. 1,077 more words

Living with a father who uses violence:  Young People's voices

Eight short digital stories were created by young people living with fathers who use violence.  As part of Katie Lamb’s PhD within the Fathering Challenges Research Project, these stories supported young people to be heard and to tell fathers how their violence affects their children. 53 more words

Violence Against Women

Indian School Kids’ Milk Is Awash with Water

Indian school kids awaiting midday meal, and watery milk.

A surprise, sunrise inspection of a food preparation facility servicing 11,000 school children in India’s Uttar Pradesh province found 292 liters (308.5 quarts) of water in just 192 liters (202.8 quarts) of milk. 130 more words


Teens Pay Attention To Sugary Drink Warnings

Amazingly, teens apparently not only read but also heed health warnings – at least where sugary drinks are concerned, according to a recent study at the University of Pennsylvania. 312 more words


Young Footballers’ Head Injury Risk Highest In Practice, Not Games

Not only are players of American football who are between six and 14 years of age at risk for head injuries, a recent study revealed they are… 643 more words

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