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Marriage - evidence that demands support

Public policy should be evidence based. The evidence backs marriage. As an institution it produces significantly better outcomes than other relationship forms. This is so across the board including lower rates of child abuse and neglect, less domestic violence, and increased family stability and financial progress. 339 more words

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The power of hindsight: it's always 20/20.

Everyone knows that THEY would be the Perfect Parent whose child would never ever ever have a problem ever: any child who ever has an accident is the child of a Bad Parent. 625 more words


Is tobacco your addiction?

I’ve never been a smoker.  Look, … I did give it a try at uni, I’m talking a few puffs, but thought it was a bit disgusting, or maybe it’s that I wasn’t good at it, I just never got the attraction.  516 more words


Where was Moko's dad?

The court has reached its verdict. The marchers have gone home. The politicians and media have done their usual hypocritical hand-wringing. But the question remains – where was Moko’s dad? 378 more words

Ewen McQueen

Benefits of Separate Share Trusts

In the past month and a half I have noticed an increase in prospective clients wanting to know more about protecting assets for a child/beneficiary who has one or combination of the following issues: financial, medical, addiction, or spousal. 611 more words


Guest Post - If You Make Your Child A Doormat

Guest Post: Maline at http://solifegoeson.com/

For the longest time, I was told to “be-have” in school and when I go to friend’s homes. I learned that behaving meant doing what the parents said and representing our family. 1,007 more words


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Such a great post, it definitely should make us all pause and really think about the message we're sending our children! Please read the original post, it's well worth the read!  You can leave comments there.

3 Bath Time Habits That Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse, by Ginger Kadlec

It’s never too early to begin practicing behavior that can help protect your young child from sexual abuse… and bath time is a wonderful time to teach those habits! 168 more words

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