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February 9: A Prayer for Our Mature Adults

Gracious Father, we thank You for our mature adults.  Thank You for the wisdom and knowledge that they share with us.  Thank You for providing for their spiritual, emotional, financial and physical need.  677 more words

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Pray With Me: February 8

For missing children-reunite them with their parents.

Find a quiet place
Make today’s theme the focus of your prayers today.


February 6: A Prayer for Our College Students

Heavenly Father, we thank You for our college students. Thank You for providing the ability for them to learn and process information. Thank You for helping them with their studies and blessing them in the classroom.  639 more words

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February 5: A Prayer of Protection for Our Children and Youth

Righteous Father, we are so grateful that You are all-seeing and all-knowing. You have Your eye on each and every person on this earth, including our children and youth. 699 more words

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Excel Guest Blog -Spreadsheet Passwords (Facts about Protection) by Tom Urtis

Spreadsheet password protection is a topic of major concern for Excel users, rightly so. Information in worksheets can be confidential, needing to remain undisturbed with formulas that must be protected from deletion. 702 more words


February 2: A Prayer for Victory Preparatory Academy

Majestic Father, we praise and thank You for our educators and students of Victory Preparatory Academy.  Thank You for Rev. Lisa Berry Dockery and staff.  Thank You for surrounding the educators and students with favor like a shield.  647 more words

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February 1: A Prayer of Healing During Cold and Flu Season

Righteous Father, we thank You for being the Lord God who heals.  Thank You for keeping our bodies healthy.  Thank You for strengthening our immune systems and helping us to ward off infections and viruses.  517 more words

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