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Follow-up Questions on Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Recently we published a post titled, Whether to Leave an Abusive Relationship, answering Jolanda’s questions about her relationship with her husband. After reading that post Jolanda had… 2,781 more words


Sunglass Style for Dogs

It may seem at first quite amusing, the thought of a dog in sunglasses! However, just as they can help humans there are ways in which they can help dogs….This can be to protect your dogs eyes from  wind, sand and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 457 more words

Getting to Know your Enemies Better

I was browsing the internet when I stumbled upon this very interesting video about Laminar Flow Cabinets on YouTube. Did you know that Laminar Flow Cabinets can also protect your research involving the PCR? 16 more words


How to Use Mindfulness to Help with Negative Emotions

Article by Mita Mistry 30.05.16

Life can be a rollercoaster of emotions, it’s not anyone’s fault it’s just the way life is. There are often moments that are overwhelming and difficult to endure which can feel scary. 602 more words


Kitchen Cutlery Imports

Wholesale Cutlery Imports and different cutlery are imperative implements in every kitchen. With them meals practice and serving will become extra handy; besides, you’ll definitely have a splendid dining enjoy. 328 more words

Today I saw a demon

I wrote a letter to the LORD this evening as I felt led to do, about part of my day and the experiences I had during and after an evening storm. 2,165 more words

Personal Journey

Astral Travelling

Where do you go when you’re astral travelling?

It’s not hard to astral travel, after all we do it naturally every night when we go to sleep. 213 more words