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no matter how much we try
hiding the feeling of resentment
suspicious of being dethroned
fearful to be left behind
by others


those who love are often jealous… 57 more words

Protect Birds from Deadly Collisions with Glass Stadium

Dozens have birds have been killed by collisions with the clear glass panes of the U.S. Bank Stadium. Adding a less reflective coating to the glass could potentially spare thousands more birds from meeting the same fate in coming years. 26 more words


Appearances May Be Deceiving

Monday thru Friday, I travel the expressways during rush hour to and from work. And most usually, rush hour can be chaotic at best. But even with all the chaos going on around me, I tend to get into a comfort zone and easily quit focusing what I need to focus on in order to stay safe. 370 more words


"Janice's Attic: Protection" (Episode 11)

Hello boys and girls!

In this episode Janice will show you things that can protect you from getting hurt. She will also teach you about God’s protection and read part 5 of “The Secret Of The Cave.” Come and visit her wonderful attic again and see how much God loves you!


God's Protection

Psalm 91 talks about the safety of abiding in the Presence of God. It says the person who abides in the secret place of the most High, who expresses trust in God will be protected. 1,049 more words

Introduction to Copyrights!

Copyrights are one of the forms of Intellectual Property we’ve discussed in my last post.

Copyrights in India are governed by INDIAN COPYRIGHT ACT, 1957. 259 more words

Intellectual Property Rights

What’s Going On?

It amazes me what God does for me and for others. I’ve seen so many answers to prayer.

Yet, sometimes it’s the little things that capture my attention and appreciation. 795 more words

Jesus Christ