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How Does an Asset Protection Trust Work?

An asset protection trust is a generic term used to describe different kinds of trusts that provide different protections for your personal wealth. An asset protection trust can keep your assets safe in lots of different ways, depending upon the kind of trust that you create. 33 more words

Divinely Guarded

Divinely guarded

Every day

Right beside us

Our angels stay


Thursday, Second Week of Advent, Immaculate Conception


Blessed Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception!

then was so excellently redeemed,
that though when the time came,
the torrent of original iniquity
rushed to pour its unhappy waves over her conception,

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The Gentle Way to Self-Defense

“The world is a dangerous place” is a phrase that has been said by teachers, police officers  and other figures throughout time.

College is an area of concern when it comes to aggravated and sexual assaults. 572 more words


Triple-kept by triune love

Shade, shelter, stronghold…buckler, shield, and bulwark. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are triple protected by triune love.

I think you will love the following sentences from a Celtic devotional that I have recently been pondering: 100 more words


Hong Kong Environmental-Friendly Buildings

Some of you might find the title confusing – how is a building supposed to be “environmental-friendly”? It’s not like they are built with papers or trees! 83 more words


Healing and Protection

I’ve never really delved into healing magick and practices that much. In hindsight, I definitely probably should have a long long time ago.

I’ve been relearning about what I need to do to take care of myself. 430 more words