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Unprotected, Pt. 3

The effects of being in the world unprotected flare up in me even now as I grow in grace. The festering that was a part of me has gone down tremendously; I am no longer dying by my own hand of believing I have no worth, that I deserved to be treated like a piece of meat, or that my worth was only between my legs. 623 more words

God Winks

The Coil and other contraceptives

Having tried every contraceptive pill under the sun and a condom incident that led me to the emergency room, I recently decided it was time to get serious about contraception. 974 more words

Taboo Tuesdays


Today I went to the Balboa Peninsula to help build a fence that will hopefully protect the threatened bird known as the Western Snowy Plover. While I was there working, many of the locals came up and asked why we were doing it and complained that their view was being ruined by the fence. 290 more words



The body attacks

Unspecified threats

Over and over

Misguided attempts

At self-protection

This is my first attempt at “medical poetry”. I came across a few poems of this genre on… 27 more words


My Protector

You are falling asleep,

Whilst I am still awake.

Your manly figure taking charge of the bed,

Jolting as you drift off.

Not a peaceful sleep like some, 113 more words



He is with me, his care and protection.

I can feel his breath, his lips on me which held lots of promises.

I can see what his eyes were expressing. 72 more words

Myths around armored cars

Bulletproof cars: a saving lives business

Since the beginning of time men has found a way to defend themselves and protect their own. He has gone from spears, arrows, and shields to bullets, missiles, and armored cars. 276 more words

Ivan Hernández Dala