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Crop Over again, but Faux locs this time!

Dear readers,

It’s Crop Over, Barbados’ Carnival time and so as a journalist by profession, I have been buried under work.

I apologise.

So let me catch you up on my hair this year for the season. 412 more words

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Foe (faux) vs Fox …and we’re talking locs

Dear readers,

A very popular protective style these days is faux locs.

And this style has caused much controversy.

Faux is a French word, and let’s face it, we all have not studied French, so can people stop crucifying those who do not pronounce ‘faux’ as ‘foe’? 281 more words

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Faux Locs - Variety

@Et Cetera

Faux Locs tutorial EtCetera

Find more instagram looks on: http://blackgirllonghair.com/2015/05/20-stunning-photos-of-black-women-rocking-faux-locs/ 291 more words

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Protective Style Challenge - 2nd Installment

Sooooooo…this happened today! lol

I am always catching a vaps. But in my defense, I am trying not to keep any protective style for longer than four weeks. 397 more words

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Over-protective, I apologise

Hey readers,

You know I haphazardly and adhoc decided to embark upon a 3-month protective style challenge to one end – healthier, longer hair.

And you’d be happy to know I have been keeping my hands out of my hair. 163 more words

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6 Natural Hair Style you can rock this winter

Trends and fashion. Keeping up with the trends and trying new hairstyles are one of my favorite things about being natural. Our hair is so versatile, and so I wanted to share with you today 6 styles that you can rock this winter. 381 more words

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