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Day 4: Is That Hunger Pangs I Feel? 

So it’s been 4 days since I last ate food or as my people would saysay, ‘since I last ate pepper’. Does it feel weird? Not particularly. 209 more words


Protein Supplements Explained

If there is one supplement that should have a permanent space on every athlete’s kitchen counter, it should be a container of high quality protein powder.   819 more words


7 requirements in protein powders

My last post focused on 8 ingredients in protein powders to AVOID.  Today, I want to talk about what I look FOR in choosing protein powders. 830 more words


8 Protein Powder Ingredients to Avoid

Protein powders are awesome.  I swear by mine and suck down a green protein drink every day!

People use protein powders for a variety of reasons, including improved athletic performance, healthy meal replacement options, meet necessary daily protein intake levels, and even improved digestion based on what’s in the powder. 592 more words


Shake It Like a Supermodel

  • At 52, supermodel Elle Macpherson is a busy mother of five, business woman, and wellness role model. When she was 49, Elle had a health scare that prompted her to meet with a nutritionist who recommended a smoothie mix-in: a green powder that she says changed her life and made her found WelleCo.




Can Protein supplement be avoided ?

We already know that protein is a major building block for muscles in our body. But the real question is do we need protein supplements  or can we replace it with natural proteins like cottage cheese, milk , soy, etc. 154 more words

Protein Powders

Need to Know: Protein

Protein is a macronutrient that plays a crucial role in just about every single bodily function such as digestion, hormone regulation, immunity… Can vegetarians and vegans still get their fair share of protein? 21 more words