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The Supplement Industry: The Dangers of Unregulated Businesses

I wrote this ethics term paper for my Honors Capstone class. While very extensive, I believe it highlights some important truths regarding supplements in the fitness industry. 2,373 more words


Friday Five: Nutrition and Fueling Finds

Lately,  I have been more focused on nutrition and fueling to keep my body healthy and energized.  As my mileage increases and race season heats up, I find that I need to add in more foods and other products to aid in… 441 more words

Protein Powders: Which one is for you?

I am going through some articles I wrote and posted on one of my other blogs back in 2011 and I came across this one about protein powders. 928 more words


Give Peas a Chance

Even if you are the furthest thing from a vegetable-lover — like, your idea of eating your veggies amounts to the lettuce and tomato on your beloved BLT — you still ought to give pea protein a chance, and here’s why….



The Protein Powder Guide

Face it; it’s extremely tough, if not impossible to eat 5-7 timely, “square” meals a day. That’s where supplements come into the picture. Whether as a mid-day snack or as an aid to enhance our training, they offer a convenient way to receive high quality nutrition in precise, calculable amounts. 190 more words


Multilevel Marketing or You Don’t Find Nirvana in a Plastic Bottle

In the past few months; I’ve been hit up by friends, co-workers and acquaintances to try “The Answer!!” “The Answer” is multileveled and all have the same purpose; to milk my wallet. 426 more words


Thought 9 - Fake Food

Everyday there is some new product on the market with the hands attempting to dig deep into your pockets with claims of being “healthy” and “nutritious”. 255 more words

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