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Five-Ingredient Matcha Protein Shake

Good Morning, guys!  Happy Wednesday / Hump Day to those of you who work a normal schedule.  Wednesdays are my Mondays, so I’m always very focused on getting off on the right foot fitness and nutrition wise.   288 more words

My Adventures

7月29日ワークアウト 7/29 Workout

Mikaです❤️ Hello world! (The English version is at the bottom)


ランニング 2.5マイル(4km)と腕を鍛えてきました。に加えて、いつも通りの腹筋。で、家に6時に帰ってきたらプロテインシェイク!プロテインって、ムキムキになりたい人のためのものってイメージがあるけど、みんなに必要な栄養素なんだよね。プロテインを飲んだだけではムキムキにならないよ :) 実際かれこれ1年くらい飲んでるけど、私は筋トレもマイルドなのでムキムキになってないです(笑)





パソコンいじりながら食べる癖のある私。インターンシップの間に気持ち良いくらい太りに太り…いい加減自分を変えようと思い、生活改善を誓いました(笑)野菜&果物嫌いな上に炭水化物&甘いものLOVEな私にとって、チョコレートや白米を制限するのはとっても辛いけど、少しずつ慣れ初めてきたので、目標のフルマラソン完走目指して前進あるのみ!フルマラソン完走への道のりはまだ始まったばかり!一緒に(←勝手に巻き込む)頑張っていきましょう! 370 more words

Exercise エクササイズ

Adventures in protein shakes

One of the ways I wanted to train differently in 2015 was to eat better.  My in-race nutrition strategy was now OK, after 2014’s run-ins with the demon sweetener sucralose (don’t ask), and learning to rely on… 579 more words

Orangecicle Protein Shake

(low carb, high protein, FP)

Summertime brings back memories of my parents bringing us to the St. Louis zoo.  Like, almost every other weekend.  They brought my brother and I so often, we began complaining about always going to the zoo!  476 more words

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Green Smoothie

Sometimes green smoothies can taste so delicious you’d swear you are drinking a milkshake rather than fruits and vegetables! This chocolate peanut butter protein smoothie is like a rich and creamy dessert packed with vitamins and nutrients. 135 more words

Healthy Living

B&B Post Workout Protein Shake

Guysssss, this protein shake is life changing. SO YUM.

Saturday calls for protein shakes in cocktail cups. Feeling quite festive this morning in my NEW HOUSE. 109 more words


Coffee & Chocolate Protein Powerhouse

What do you get when you combine coffee and chocolate?


Throw in some protein powder and a frozen banana?

MADNESS, or pure genius. You decide. 116 more words