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Liquid Diet - Day 11

At the close of tonight, I will only have two more days of protein shakes!

I am to the point now that none of the protein shakes are the least bit appealing. 

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Liquid Diet- Day 10

Hooray for double digits!  Reaching day ten of my liquid diet really feels like a milestone!

Even though I am not noticing the sweet taste in my mouth as much, I have a lot of energy and have been in a great mood all day. 

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Liquid Diet - Day 9

I felt really good today.  I was in a great mood and I had a lot more energy.  I had my last chocolate Muscle Milk shake for breakfast and was hoping my Syntrax Nectar grape protein powder would be delivered before lunch. 483 more words

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Liquid Diet - Day 8

I had a Premier caramel shake (my favorite of the three flavors) for breakfast and really had a hard time getting it down.  Nope.  My taste buds, my brain, my stomach…all of them were done with the Premier shakes. 445 more words

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Liquid Diet - Day 7

I am halfway there!

I was glad to be going back to work today because I knew I would be busy and have many distractions.  Shortly after getting to work, I grabbed   vanilla Premier protein shake out of the fridge to have for breakfast (I hadn’t had a chance to buy any other brands yet).

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Liquid Diet - Day 6

Today was a good day!

Of course, going to church and being around people was a great distraction.  But even this afternoon when I was at home, I could tell that I felt much better.  131 more words

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Liquid Diet - Day 4

I haven’t been as hungry today, but I’ve noticed that I get tired really easily.  Fortunately I am off work on Fridays, so I spend most of the morning and afternoon just resting.  102 more words

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