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Birthday Cake Protein Shake

Overton Park this morning was magical. We’re so lucky to have a beautiful outdoor space and basically forest less than a mile from our house. We went on an early morning run before it got too stifling hot. 305 more words




With added guarana and ginseng for natural energy and recovery. Available in resealable and recyclable bottles in three deliciously creamy flavours to choose from. 20 more words

Protein Shake

DOUBLE Breakfast shake!

The end of the summer break is around the corner and what better way to get your life back on track than with healthy nutritious smoothies that are both sweet and high in protein. 152 more words

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Protein Smoothie|VEGAN| No Protein Powder

In the world of vegan fitness, protein powders are hailed as a vital part of your morning smoothie.  If you don’t use a supplement in your smoothies, it can kind of feel like you’re failing the whole workout regimen. 173 more words


Enrage Protein Shake

Protein is especially important to eat after a workout as throughout the workout you’re effectively breaking down your muscles Enrage Protein Shakes are high protein, low carb, low fat and packed with vitamins and minerals designed to serve your body mechanics.

Protein Shake

5 Simple Protein Shake Recipes

I have a protein shake every morning for breakfast.  I can quickly make one right before heading out the door for work, and I know I am getting the nutrients I need.   417 more words


5 Ingredient Strawberry-Vanilla Protein Shake

One of my biggest food flaws is that my diet never has enough protein. As hard as I try, I tend to always fall into the carb habits (they’re just so good, you know!) But something I’ve been working on is incorporating more protein in my diets—lean meats, nuts, protein shakes. 181 more words

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