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Protein + sugar = Not healthy Starbucks drink

Nice try, Starbucks. Considering that 2.3g sugar = 1 sugar cube, there are the equivalent of almost 9 sugar cubes in this damn can of coffee… 17 more words

Hypoglycemic Diet

Let’s talk about Hen's Egg!

Go to any place around the world, EGGS are as the most common breakfast. They are favorites of the most and healthy and rich in nutrients. 102 more words


Battle of Greek Yogurts

Recently, I was in Greece to check-out the sites and get in some much-needed relaxation.

Greek Yogurt is served over there, in some form, in breakfast (mostly in general yogurt format), lunch ( 564 more words

Hypoglycemic Diet

Hilarious video reminds you about the chemicals in protein powders

If you haven’t seen the video above yet, watch it. It’s hilarious!

And has a good message. I often wonder about the chemicals I’m ingesting with protein powder (says the person that just stocked-up on Gold Standard at Bodybuilding.com…$75 worth, ouch). 38 more words

Hypoglycemic Diet

Oh wait! I have a food scale

Me, “I need 4 oz of chicken in each salad to get my protein…how the hell am I going to ballpark 4 oz of cubed chicken? 46 more words


Five delicious lunches

Well, I only get to choose five, so balancing the nutrition should be a treat…not.

But I suppose I must begin with bananas (Nature’s Perfect Food, the ads used to say). 249 more words

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