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May 16th and 17th: Protein Synthesis

Follow this link and complete the SGI “Transcription and Translation”¬†worksheet:

Transcription and Translation

Below is the PowerPoint we reviewed in class as well:

Gene Expression… 15 more words

Well Worth It!

You Have Worth…

Inside the human body we each have a organelle called the Golgi apparatus or Golgi Complex. It is responsible for protein synthesis among other things. 75 more words


What is Intermittent Fasting? Fasted Cardio?

Intermittent fasting is a pretty big buzzword in the fitness industry these days. So big, that I think this idea, and others that stem from it, are made to sound much more complicated than necessary. 781 more words



If You play sports, if You are involved in a physically active lifestyle, it is crucial to know and understand how alcohol affects Your athletic performance and overall health. 478 more words


Making Monsters

Thats right, today in class we will be making monsters based on their DNA code.

First make sure you get BOTH hand outs from the table up front. 219 more words

Honors Biology

Traduccion (Translation)

(Bio students: Sorry I can not be there with you today. But no worries, I’ve got an easy “Monday After a Long break” Lesson plan for you. 498 more words

Honors Biology

RNA & Transcription

Today in Biology we’ll start our last Unit of the semester… Protein Synthesis. Protein Synthesis is sometimes referred as the “Central Dogma” of Biology, meaning its the key idea. 374 more words

Honors Biology