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New Cancer Drug Target in Dual-Function Protein

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have identified a protein that launches cancer growth and appears to contribute to higher mortality in breast cancer patients. 396 more words


B Day Classes for 4/22

Today we took the quiz on DNA Structure and Replication.

Afterward, we review the structure of DNA compared to RNA. See here: RNA

We then worked on protein_synthesis_simulation_lab

B Day

How To Increase Protein Synthesis

The answer of question How to increase protein synthesis is through exercise and nutrition. This is one term that should always be highlighted in your mind as it forms the very crux of your bodybuilding objectives. 74 more words

Protein Synthesis

Increase protein synthesis

Resistance exercise helps you to Increase protein synthesis for muscle mass.The more strength and resistance training you do the more your muscles are worked out and will grow bigger. 38 more words

Protein Synthesis

RNA, Cinderella of the cell

DNA is the recipe for life but it is just letters, it doesn’t do anything on its own other than sit in the nucleus of our cells; it is protein, what DNA is translated into, that directly determines our characteristics.   618 more words

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The Human Genome

In 1953, it was discovered that DNA was arranged in a double helix.  Only 50 years later, the entire human genome was sequenced, all 3 billion base pairs.   1,227 more words

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