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A Gene By Any Other Name...

An acquaintance of mine, on a message board, recently played the Frankenstein gambit in a discussion about the politicization of science.  Here’s his quote (modified slightly to improve readability): 3,704 more words


Cells: The Factories That Produce Us

Proteins are crucial to life. Most of the processes that occur inside living organisms are performed by proteins. Blood carries oxygen from our lungs all throughout our body to the cells that need it, and the reason that blood carries oxygen is because a protein on the blood cells called hemoglobin binds with oxygen and carries it with it. 921 more words


Scientists discover protein capable of modifying other proteins

One of the first things you learn in any science textbook, is that its our DNA which directs how proteins are made, by instructing the amino acids or the building blocks of proteins to be assembled in a certain order. 377 more words


Fuel Your Body After Your Workout

Your muscles do not grow during exercise, regardless of the intensity of your workout.  Exercise is important, but it’s only the stimulus — or trigger — for growth. 200 more words

Diet And Nutrition

Nutrient availability can cause whole-genome recoding

The availability of a trace nutrient can cause genome-wide changes to how organisms encode proteins, report scientists from the University of Chicago in PLoS Biology… 835 more words

At The Bench

Protein Synthesis Game

>>> By Kayla Mazzolin.

This game is great to use as a review tool for students enrolled in SBI 4U. It applies to the Protein Synthesis chapter of the Molecular Genetics unit and addresses expectations D2.1, D2.4, D3.2 and D3.3. 361 more words