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Leucine and Driving Muscle Protein Synthesis

By: Gavin Hemmerlein

Now we get to the fun part. We have covered all of the macronutrients in decent depth, but I want to start talking about the little things to focus on. 1,217 more words


Post workout Nutrition: To Carb, or not to Carb?

It is common practice within the recreational gym-goes routine to consume a whey protein shake filled with fast acting sugars, or accompanied by anything sweet and sugary within 30minutes after their workout to make sure they are “maximising gains” without any real understanding of what’s going on inside their bodies. 459 more words


Worksheet No. 5 - Protein Synthesis

To download the Worksheet Number 5 – Protein Synthesis, please click here.

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The Myth of 1 g/lb: Optimal Protein Intake

Like most myths, the belief that you should take in 1g/lb of body weight has become so deeply entrenched in the fitness world that its validity is rarely questioned.

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DNA Structure & Protein Synthesis

Genetics and Biology students will study the nature of the DNA molecule extensively.  DNA structure, replication, and protein synthesis will be examined.  Students will construct and explain models for each process.  88 more words

Food and exercise, as promised!

So just so you know this is for people who are doing resistance training! And here are the links to the two papers:

  1. Stark et al.
  2. 498 more words
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Anadrole (A-Drol) Muscle Boosting

It makes you very embarrassed among the crowds when have lean muscles and cannot grow the muscles in your body. After trying lots of things no result you get at all. 440 more words