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RNA, Cinderella of the cell

DNA is the recipe for life but it is just letters, it doesn’t do anything on its own other than sit in the nucleus of our cells; it is protein, what DNA is translated into, that directly determines our characteristics.   618 more words


The Human Genome

In 1953, it was discovered that DNA was arranged in a double helix.  Only 50 years later, the entire human genome was sequenced, all 3 billion base pairs.   1,228 more words


long noncoding RNAs

long noncoding RNAs

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator


What are lncRNAs?

Advances in RNA sequencing technologies have revealed the complexity of our genome. Non-coding RNAs make up the majority (98%) of the transcriptome, and several different classes of regulatory RNA with important functions are being discovered. 2,068 more words

RNA Biology

Magnesium : Role in Human Nutrition

Magnesium is associated with almost 300 enzymes in the body and  it has a vital role to play in human nutrition. Dietary magnesium deficiency is a rare occurence. 47 more words


Coding for Proteins: Translation

Throughout this post, there are going to be specialist vocabulary used for this topic, and it will be much more useful if you know the definitions: 668 more words

A2 Biology

Leucine and Driving Muscle Protein Synthesis

By: Gavin Hemmerlein

Now we get to the fun part. We have covered all of the macronutrients in decent depth, but I want to start talking about the little things to focus on. 1,217 more words