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Making Monsters

Thats right, today in class we will be making monsters based on their DNA code.

First make sure you get BOTH hand outs from the table up front. 219 more words

Honors Biology

Traduccion (Translation)

(Bio students: Sorry I can not be there with you today. But no worries, I’ve got an easy “Monday After a Long break” Lesson plan for you. 498 more words

Honors Biology

RNA & Transcription

Today in Biology we’ll start our last Unit of the semester… Protein Synthesis. Protein Synthesis is sometimes referred as the “Central Dogma” of Biology, meaning its the key idea. 374 more words

Honors Biology

Week 8

In molecular biology on Monday, Dr. Peng discussed site specific recombination of DNA. We learned the mechanism of both tyrosine and serine recombinases, as well as examples of each. 194 more words


New Cancer Drug Target in Dual-Function Protein

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have identified a protein that launches cancer growth and appears to contribute to higher mortality in breast cancer patients. 396 more words


B Day Classes for 4/22

Today we took the quiz on DNA Structure and Replication.

Afterward, we review the structure of DNA compared to RNA. See here: RNA

We then worked on protein_synthesis_simulation_lab

B Day