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What's the bulk about protein?

I make no excuses for my absence the past two months. Truth is, I’ve been going through a lot of transitions lately. Namely, I started classes again, dove headfirst into a job, and started making plans for what’s going to happen after this semester. 1,592 more words


Plant Fuel~ Fit Challenge #3

The vegan movement has increased rapidly in the past few years and has even extended it’s influence in the pro athletes world. Plant based diets are on the rise and won’t be going anywhere; the amount of information we have now to back up this lifestyle is in abundance. 350 more words

Clean Eating Shopping List - 30 Day Detox Program

Hiya! ✌

This is my “Clean Eating Shopping List”

In addition to the 30 Day Detox Program I have created this overview, to make it easier for you to stick to certain groups of foods and ingredients, that will not only aid weight-loss and help you flush toxins out of your body, it will also make you feel as happy as a pig in poo! 53 more words

30 Day Detox Program

What's on the Menu - A Review of Arbonne Protein Shake Mix

I always promote the theory that a huge component of healthy eating is the utilization of whole ingredients. Whether it be fruits, vegetables, nuts or meat, I believe that the more wholesome you can be with your diet, the better. 545 more words


Supplement Review MuscleMeds + Beef Protein Pancakes Recipe

*This is not a paid promotion. This is a personal review of the product mentioned.

Ok guys, before you freak out on this one, let me explain. 647 more words

Protein Recipe (Chicken Foil Packet)

I have been wanting to try chicken foil packets since the day I saw them on Instagram, and let me tell you, they kind of rock. 611 more words


Recipe: Super Satisfying Sweet Green Smoothie

I have constantly struggled with feeling satiated. Every time I try to “eat clean” I become a cranky, ravenous craving monster and I often end up bingeing on the foods I’ve deprived myself of. 254 more words