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We invite everyone to join the protest action at Skyworld, Session Road on November 25, 5:30pm.  Wear Black and bring noise making gadgets.  

#MarcosNoHero      #NeverForget

Tongtongan Ti Umili

27: Policing Protest

Professor Jane Duncan of the University of Johannesburg, discusses the various ways in which protest has been ‘policed’ at university campuses around South Africa. From interdicts and suspensions to the deployment of private security and police units, Duncan explains why students have started to feel unsafe and, in some cases, under attack. 93 more words

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13: Student Politics Now

The President of the Student Representative Council (SRC) at the University of Cape Town, Rorisang Moseli, addresses the state of student politics in South Africa today and shares his views on protest, transformation and the student experience in South Africa’s public universities.


8: Transformation in Higher Education

In this week’s episode, The Academic Citizen explores the topic of transformation within the context of South Africa. The show’s guest, Nazeema Mohamed, outlines the necessity and challenges of bringing change to the higher education sector within a growing and evolving democracy.

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6: Protest Action on University Campuses

Dr Prishani Naidoo joins The Academic Citizen to discuss the politics of protest action within the context of university campuses in South Africa.

The conversation centres around the university as a microcosm of society and the legitimacy of violent and non-violent forms of protest. 25 more words