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The Entire World Hates Donald Trump

The entire world hates Donald Trump; which has been repeatedly demonstrated through protests from an array of countries who detest the trans-colored, perverted jack-o-lantern. 57 more words

Political Humor

Photos: As Mike Pence prayed, Palestinians packed up their businesses in protest

US vice president Mike Pence is in Jerusalem this week, making the usual rounds of a visiting leader. He prayed at the Western Wall and visited Yad Vashemm, Israel’s memorial to the Holocaust. 319 more words

History has its eyes on us

Nobody set trends like George Washington.

He instilled some of the most basic guidelines we associate with the American presidency, like the title of “Mr. President”, the two-term limit and the cabinet appointments. 555 more words

Inner Voice

The Politics of Bread!!

Reminiscing about my Sunday school days two songs which until now did not mean much keep popping in my head. The lyrics of the first song is “ 881 more words

January 20th, 2018: The Women’s March

One year ago I part took in the Women’s March in DC. It was an intense experience. I had such conflicted feelings then about if I was allowed to have opinions on women’s issues anymore. 143 more words


Power Is Borrowed

“If history teaches us nothing else, it is that power is borrowed. At best, power is something granted not something taken. That means, in Western democracies at any rate, that those who have power need the gifts of discernment and judgement, because if we recognize the temporary nature of power, then equally, we need to recognize what in the activity of dissent is valuable. 36 more words

Yes, Protests are a Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practices are creative and transformative, they are dynamic and rejuvenating. While there are many spiritual practices that individuals and communities can engage in, one such act that I think is often misunderstood and least practiced is protest. 1,139 more words