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Both our major political parties need a little house cleaning, and after some serious house-cleaning, we could use some ‘Senate-cleaning,’ as well. That’s what I want to see happen.

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Taiwan Mocks China With 'Tank Man' Balloons (Video)

A Taiwanese artist has found a novel way to remind China of it’s mischiefs by creating a giant inflatable depiction of the iconic “tank man” scene. 186 more words

Protesters in Sudan Call for General Strike Against Military Rule

Sudan’s main protest groups called for a general strike on Tuesday, saying negotiations with the military have failed to reach a deal on how to lead the country. 173 more words


Tens Of Thousands Protest Anti-Abortion Laws

Tens of thousands of people across the US marched on Tuesday to protest against the recent wave of anti-abortion legislation in several states.

More than 500 demonstrations took place at statehouses, town squares, and courthouses across multiple states, as well as in Puerto Rico and Ottawa, Canada. 72 more words


European elections: Intrusive Brussels DRIVES VOTERS AWAY and leads to MASS PROTEST VOTE

The 27 members of the European Union and Britain are called to cast their ballot between May 23 and 26, according to their national legislation. But with just hours to go to the beginning of the elections, there are still millions of people on the fence, who either don’t know what to vote or are […]


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This amazing man showing his support to the climate change protests in London, despite his disability