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Wired — REDDIT IS IN revolt, and the front page of the Internet is essentially locked down.

Moderators have all but shut down more than 265 subreddits to protest the termination of Victoria Taylor, the site’s director of talent. 53 more words


5 Reasons Why Black Americans Should LOVE Independence Day.

Apparently some black Americans are diligently refraining from celebrating the nation’s independence from Britain in 1776 to protest in respect to their “black pride”.  Well…as it turns out, you are doing no favor to your ethnic pride by turning your back on the United States as payback for slavery and segregation. 1,515 more words

Young Black And Conservative.

Thousands Protest in Favour of 'No' Vote in Thessaloniki, Greece

Published on Demotix on 02.07.15

A call for protests through Facebook resulted in a peaceful march of thousands. Leftist movements and parties gathered in front of the White Tower in Thessaloniki to protest against austerity and urge the people to vote ‘No’ on Sunday’s referendum. 10 more words


On the brink ...protest for Greece

Syriza’s decision to refuse the austerity deal offered by the Troika and to call a referendum on the proposals is a major step forward. It is a product of pressure from the left and the workers’ movement to stand firm in saying “no” to austerity. 80 more words


Black Lives Matter files motions to dismiss Mall of America protest charges

Lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss charges against 36 people involved in the Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall of America in December. 425 more words


Group-Think, The Precarious Power of Protest, and Owning Your Own Skepticism - Pt. 2

Narrating An Alternative Past, Present, and Future That Is Meaningful

One of the central features of atheistic and skeptical protest, is the way in which it often appeals to the moral sensibilities of their audience. 556 more words