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Black Lives Movement San Marcos fights for equality and justice on campus

Originally published in The University Star April 11, 2017.

Black Lives Movement San Marcos was founded by Texas State students in July 2016, and the organization has been dedicated to the fight against inequality ever since. 698 more words

oh, child

i know you believe
i know you feel you are right
and your protest will be heard
but you are young; you cannot know
you have not lived… 73 more words


Youth sector ready to fight for democracy, oust Duterte

Baguio City— The youth sector, alongside different other groups, expressed their readiness in fighting for the country’s democracy through a protest against tyranny in front of the Supreme Court on April 17. 447 more words

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What IF we secretly fed Cannabis Cookies to Evil People? Would they Change their Minds and become Good?

For Example:  Lobbyists that bribe Corrupt Politicians and help pass Laws that Hurt the Public but Benefit Corporations? Like Pollution Regulations…

There are fancy Hotels near the US Capitol Building that have a Lunch Buffet that is Popular with “Suits”.  67 more words

Photoshop Tutorial: Improve Portraits of your Friends... Improve Computer Performance: Delete Cookies, Restart Browser.

How to make everyone look better in Potatoshop. Resample image Height=106% Width=94%. Suddenly, Everyone got Taller and Thinner! It’s a Magic Trick. Do not tell your friends THAT it was done.   141 more words

Think for Yourself and Question Reality - Did you ever notice that the Fifties are over? Obedience is no longer HIP... Why not Wake UP? it's Fun, It's Free and Everybody's doing it!

Long Ago, When The Government Said: ‘Go To War’, You Just Went. Korea is a classic example. Does anyone know what the Mission was? Was it simply to give script writers help with the MASH TV Show? 142 more words

What to expect from Friday's massive National School Walkout

If you think students are done protesting gun violence, get ready for the National School Walkout.

On Friday morning, students from more than 2,500 schools across the country will stream out of class to demand lawmakers take action. 783 more words

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