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“The Church’s One Foundation: United as One Body or by Schism Rent Asunder?”

Greetings! This was an essay submitted to Still Point Magazine at Gordon College as proof of participation in their annual essay competition. It is a publication display for members of the Jerusalem and Athens Forum honors program at Gordon College, of which I have participated in the 13th cohort. 754 more words


Religion and the Church

Of considerable interest is the struggle within the Church of Rome during the nineteenth century regarding the notion of the Infallibility of the Pope in matters of faith. 948 more words

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10 Questions

In the Western Church, the default position on our eternal existence after this life is that we either wind up in heaven (after a brief stop in Purgatory for Catholics – and Protestants who are stunned and surprised to find out that there is such a place), or we wind up in a state of Eternal Conscious Torment (hereafter referred to as ECT). 1,799 more words


Transubstantiation and the Christian Faith


Some time ago, one of the  guests on a friend’s podcast was asked for his thoughts on the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation (that the bread and wine used in Mass communion actually become the body and blood of Jesus Christ). 2,032 more words


1. Keep your Catholic Faith: An Introduction

When I started fervently and regularly writing on this blog, I knew I’d enjoy it. I love writing. I love getting my thoughts out. If I didn’t, sometimes I think I’d burst. 771 more words