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Private Interpretation and the Scope of Catholic Theology

One of the complaints that Catholics commonly throw at Protestants is that their doctrine of “Private Interpretation” leads to doctrinal anarchy: When you’re doing theology with a mindset of “The Bible, the Holy Spirit and Me” it’s inevitably going to lead to massively inflated egos, widespread doctrinal disagreements and an intensely burning pride. 2,269 more words


Lecture Recommendation: How Martin Luther Transformed Marriage and Family Life by Mardi Keyes

Each term we enjoy “diving deeply” into a specific topic during a weekend seminar.  This past fall, we hosted the seminar, “500 Years Later: The Reformation and its Lasting Impact.”  See descriptions of all three lectures… 382 more words

The Church of Satan: Now Even More of A Parody of Itself

The Church of Satan, who recently claimed sex robots will save humanity, are the most tiresome sort of reactionary cliche imaginable; and nowhere nearly as rebellious as they believe they are. 555 more words


On Wednesday, the even of St. Vitus day…the wicked women sent word to me an hour before meal time that they would come before dinner and remove their children.

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Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr

I often wondered the story behind the name of Martin Luther King Jr. How did he come to have the name of the Reformer? Why did his parents name him Martin Luther? 317 more words

My Epiphany

One of my favorite things about joining the House of Adonis has been exploring Orthodoxy. I’ve enjoyed getting to know aspects of the Christian faith that aren’t typically emphasized in the Protestant tradition. 402 more words