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Catholic Europe on the eve of the Suppression Part 2

November 25, 2015                                                                                                                               The Feast of Saint Catherine of Alexandria

So what was the situation of Catholic Europe at the close of 100 year false peace that followed the close of the Thirty Years War?   848 more words


Freddy Scappaticci is the key to destroying so-called “Irish Republicanism.”

Sadly, “Political Unionism” is unwilling to put the key in the lock and turn it.”  The conclusion is obvious. 47 more words


Waldensian Merchant-Missionaries

Beacon of Truth:

“Not content to merely practice the truth, keeping the precious light to themselves, the Waldenses sent out missionaries over the greater part of Europe. 187 more words

RC Papacy As Antichrist

Lutheran "Novus Ordo" 'Pontifex'


“I have hated the assembly of the malignant and with the wicked I will not sit” (Ps. 25.5). Antipope Bergoglio  @ the assembly of Lutheran heretics in Rome: “….A friend who was a Pastor said to me: ‘We believe that the Lord is present there. 197 more words

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