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CHAPTER X General Persecutions in Germany

The general persecutions in Germany were principally occasioned by the doctrines and ministry of Martin Luther. Indeed, the pope was so terrified at the success of that courageous reformer, that he determined to engage the emperor, Charles V, at any rate, in the scheme to attempt their extirpation. 2,706 more words


The Jesuit Infiltration of the Evangelical Church

Interesting food for thought from Fanatic For Jesus:

“I do further declare that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of His Holiness agents in any place wherever I shall be; and to do my utmost to extirpate the heretical Protestant doctrine, and to destroy all their pretended power.”  184 more words

RC Papacy As Antichrist

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“If the Lord’s day is abolished, the church would be in imminent danger of convulsion and ruin.”  John Calvin 

“There is no hope of destroying the Christian religion while the Christian Sabbath is acknowledged and kept by men as a sacred day.” Voltaire 

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Northern Ireland

John Henry Newman on Development of Papal Supremacy

When the Church, then, was thrown upon her own resources, first local disturbances gave exercise to Bishops, and next ecumenical disturbances gave exercise to Popes; and whether communion with the Pope was necessary for Catholicity would not and could not be debated till a suspension of that communion had actually occurred. 161 more words


Atheists vs. Evangelicals - Negative Stereotypes and Mutual Dislike

I have been thinking recently about relations between Christians and atheists, and the gulf of animosity between the two. I’ll go ahead and share some of my thoughts on the dynamics involved. 1,055 more words