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A short note on the alt-right and nonviolence

In Jesse Singal’s careful, pragmatic case against punching Nazis, Singal makes a convincing case for nonviolence, a method of protesting that has existed for thousands of years and has caused the successful disruption of government time and time again. 438 more words


What A Bunch Of Wussies

Those who hide their hideous hate-filled faces behind masks speaks in shameful volumes. What do these piss-poor examples of human beings have to hide? These sick folk are truly wishing for and welcoming a Civil War to be sure. 89 more words


Want to get better understanding of what happened in Charlottesville? Read these.

Like the rest of the world, my eyes are on Charlottesville right now.

I wavered on whether to write about it – I’m not a political or cultural commentator, and people wiser than I are already discussing, writing, analyzing, and illuminating the topic. 794 more words

A Note on Charlottesville

Last weekend, what started out as planned protests against the removal of a confederate memorial and opposing counter-protest devolved into expressions of violence and hate, as crowds wielding torches, sporting swastika armbands, and carrying confederate and even Nazi flags marched through Charlottesville, VA. 407 more words

Observational Anecdotes

Patriotism- Please Define

Today I turned on the news to see someone climbing a statue only to toss ropes to an awaiting crowd that would pull it down. Not only did they pull it down, they then broke it into pieces.  1,060 more words

Will Republicans Display Cowardice and Continue to Support Trump?

The Republican Party has reached a crucial point in its relationship with their illegitimate president. After Trump literally made an a** of himself by supporting white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and members of the KKK yesterday, never mentioning the death of Heather Heyer or the man who intentionally drove over her, he asked Washington Republicans to offer their support for his disgusting statement. 429 more words

My Heavy Heart

Today my heart is heavy.  Today I mourn the loss of an activist.  Today, I will use my voice to speak out against the racism and violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. 344 more words