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Counter-protests against Islamophobia

Counter-protesters hold signs outside of an ‘anti-sharia rally’ in Seattle.


Saudi Arabia to Execute 14 Shiites

Birds of a feather flock together! Drumpf has just emboldened his fellow traveler troglodytes with his jaunt to Saudi Arabia! The Saudis are about to execute 14 Shias (including… 50 more words

International News

Dear Kathy Griffin,

Please go home. You made the decision to go big or go home and you lost. You knew this photo shoot was going to be controversial when you were doing it and now you’re crying crocodile tears. 231 more words

Light My Fire

The long con: It's either ours or theirs for the taking.

Trump, possibly unbeknownst to him, is giving us every opportunity to take and create change in our government, but we might just be too short-sighted to take them. 1,542 more words

Political Call To Action

Fight for it

I was reading tonight that approximately 2000 people are to march through Colchester on Saturday protesting against cuts to the NHS ending their march outside Firstsite. 335 more words

More Classic Memes

These I also got awhile ago from a friend of my dad’s. Though a lot are from the post-election transition, they are still good in retrospect. 27 more words