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Protesting in Paris

I woke up before sunrise to hop onto the train and meet a friend in the Gare du Nord for one of the most important events during my time in TAPIF: the Women’s March on Paris. 315 more words


Trump Protesters Set Limo Ablaze & Destroy Starbucks Shop To Show Anti-Support Of Presidency!

Yesterday’s Inauguration marked the turning of a new leaf in America as Donald J. Trump became America’s 45th president. For obvious reasons leading up to the campaign and post the election in November, many people are still voicing their concerns over Trump’s win. 62 more words



I never have much to say in January.

There never is much to say in January.

This January is, o’course, the exception.


x. Carey… 26 more words


The Inaugural Blues

Please think about this!

No amount of complaining, demonstrations, protests, harassment or heckling is going to change the fact thatĀ Donald J. Trump is the 25th President of The United States. 38 more words

Random Thoughts

From the Prosperous to the Repressed, With Love

From England to the Colonists:
Fuck you colonists! You’re seriously going to start a war against England just because you don’t like our religious rule? 411 more words

American Revolutionary War

Inauguration 2017... Anti-Trump Meaning

~Inauguration 2017~

What catches my attention with some of the anti-Trump posts yesterday and today on social media is what these posts/comments translate to, in relation to the faith we have put into the system, the empire, and the government. 873 more words