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Is it the click that matters or the CHOICE to click?

This week we have been discussing internet activism and the concepts ‘clicktivism’ and ‘slacktivism’. For me, those in support of internet activism refer to the concept as clicktivism and for those who don’t, it is ‘slacktivism’. 410 more words


Rule #111: Protesting Wal-Mart or any big box stores

 While watching the news the other day, I saw a story that reminded me of people who protest big oil companies. I heard there was going to be a protest at some new… 418 more words


“Alpha Proceeding an Omega”

      It is quite grievous – oppression becoming directed inward. When oppression repels social justice away from the commune, this commune offhandedly manages to subconsciously direct oppression toward itself. 532 more words




this short piece of satire of sorts was written by Teri Wellington, a writer and student of law.

In this piece, he celebrates Nigeria from the legal perspective. 814 more words


A New Political Experience.

Nearly everyone has an affiliation to one Political Party or another. I am so disillusioned with the way those, who we have voted into the House of Commons, behave at PMQ’s and the total disregard of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in British society. 222 more words


Protesting: The Other Side

Every 84 days or so, I walk into my local Planned Parenthood to get my depo-shot.  I use Planned Parenthood because it doesn’t cost me $500 every 84 days to get my shot, because I am among those that fell through the cracks and do not have access to health insurance.   1,013 more words

Everything Else

A Twitter Roundup Of Lebanon's #YouStink Anti-Government Protests

The Lebanese are out protesting as trash hasn’t been picked up (thanks to waste mismanagement by the Lebanese government), but it’s actually more than wanting clean streets and clean air. 450 more words