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Should Christians Protest?

It’s hard to find a biblical model of public protesting. Unlike modern Western democracies, public protesting against Babylonian, Persian or Roman policies was pointless and likely resulted in swift punishment…such as a trip to the lion’s den. 191 more words


Abul-Futuh and friends: If it's not what we want it's not democracy

Abul-Futuh’s Strong Egypt and El-Baradie’s El-Dostor parties never meant to take part in Egypt’s political life after June 30; they seek to drown the nascent seeds of democracy being sown into our soil. 488 more words

Frustrations And Disappointments

A Childhood Remembrance - Part One

Everyone has a story.

That being said, every story is completely different, similar to that of a river; winding its way through the wilderness while carving into mother nature, leaving marks of itself over the landscape, pockets of memories pulled from the roaring current and deposited along its path. 895 more words


Glipse of Mexico

The other day I came across an article about the previous Mexican President Felipe Calderon is and has been a professor at Harvard University.  This is news to me and I was unaware but it just seems really weird that a man who has held the highest office his country can offer, the presidency is teaching in another country.   314 more words


Blinding Sun

Living in the sunbeam realm I shine into your soul, blinding you from the cold realities of the world. Lift your face and embrace my warmth, for it is the only true love you will find that holds you dear. 20 more words