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Not accepting refugees = "Racism"

Look at the above image, it is from a  pro-migrant demonstration in Germany. Im not going to denounce the demonstration, but im just going to point out, how the hell is letting refugees into any country going to stop racism? 103 more words

Shut Your Mouth And Let the Grown Ups Do The Talking

The TPP, that famously controversial deal which by some accounts sends New Zealand to the doldrums was signed this week amid loud protests in Auckland. Not loud enough to stop, though that was never the point. 996 more words

Why being anonymous in protests is not cowardly

For leftist trash protesting is a walk in the park. They gather, shout, raise their banners and threaten those who oppose them with brute force and shaming techniques. 311 more words


Falling oil prices have weakened the Russian economy and workers are protesting. Fifty billion dollars was spent on 2014 Winter Olympics, and  stadiums are being built nationwide for the 2018 World Cup. 51 more words

Collective Action

Fees must fall? How about NO!!!

So this has been on my mind ever since the beginning of the #FeesMustFall protests so freedom of speech gives me the right to express myself. 547 more words

Do not send hate....

And get the right school! Please do not send hate mail or angry letters, this does the opposite of putting out the fire of fear and misunderstanding. 45 more words