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भूरा ग्रामीण बैंक पर तालाबंदी और हंगामा-प्रदर्शन

शामली कैराना (दीपक वर्मा):  कैश नही मिलने से आक्रोशित सैंकडों ग्रामीणों ने सर्व यूपी ग्रामीण बैंक शाखा भूरा पर प्रदर्शन किया और नारेबाजी करते हुए शाखा पर तालाबंदी कर दी गई। आरोप था कि बैंक में धन्नासेठ लोगों की रकम एक लाख के बदले 80 हजार जमा की जा रही है। जरूरतमंद लोग दिनभर लाइनों […]

I Have A Voice

Hey there, strangers! I’ve finally found some time to type in between school and work. (Actually I called in to work today and I am currently ignoring homework, so that’s how I’m doing presently.) 1,283 more words

Diary Of A Broke College Girl

Please Read and Share

I have done the research and posted the truth below and on facebook, to add to big names who are with us, knowing that we have earned our Social Security! 

141 more words

Thank you, Mr. President

Are you there, Donald? It’s me, Ryan.

I know things haven’t been great between us lately. I’ve said things, you’ve said things… really, I think it’s time we put all that behind us. 342 more words


Opinion: Protesting against Trump isn't showing an example to kids

By Raul Companioni, 6th grade

Most Hilary supporters are becoming very upset after the election. Donald Trump won the election and now they are going crazy. 197 more words

On a protest march up to Trump Tower

Last week I was in New York, had the Saturday free, and it was a lovely sunny day and so I decided to join the ‘Not my President’ march from Union Square up to Trump Tower. 871 more words

New York

Why Unfriending or Blocking May Not Be the Answer

This social media stuff has gotten out of control. Blood pressures are rising, stress is mounting, and lifelong friendships are dwindling – from behind a computer or mobile device. 825 more words