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Arab Spring, among other issues, echos in Sudan.

Being close to or bordered by three states whose regimes have been either significantly modified or outright overthrown, Sudan sits in the geographic center of the social phanomen known as the ‘Arab Spring’. 357 more words


Russia Continues to Provide Arms to Syria

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, denies allegations from the U.S government, that they are supplying arms to Syria. U.S secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, strongly believes that Russian helicopters are being sent into the country for military purposes that would “escalate the conflict dramatically”. 285 more words


Annan Asserts that the Syrian Ceasefire is "Very Much Alive"

Kofi Annan’s six point plan may be summarized in the following:

1) Fighting to be halted on April 12 after military withdrawal on April 10… 215 more words


The Current State of Morocco

This is our first installment of a new series on the current state of Morocco

Upon dropping off our cousin, we returned to the plaza shortly to inspect the commotion, and saw predominately young marchers, on foot and in car, protesting the state of the economy, the lack of jobs, waving Che Guevara flags, and blaring una dikom (أناديكم), a political protest song probably written to sympathize with the Palestinians, but adopted by the wider Arab Spring. 391 more words


Republic of Hungary No More

Tens of thousands of people protested on January 2 in Budapest against the new Hungarian Constitution, saying it undermines democracy. The organizers of the event, entitled “There will be a republic again,” reported that nearly 100,000 people gathered in the late afternoon on one of the main streets of the capital. 645 more words


Russia's New Face

A wealthy Russian business man, Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the New Jersey Nets, has decided to take on Vladimir Putin in this years March presidential elections.  378 more words


Syria Bends to Sanctions Following Allegations of Human Rights Violations

Following a report by the United Nations on grave human rights violations committed Syrian Security Forces (Read about human rights violations in Syria: http://currentinternational.org/2011/11/29/un-syria-has-committed-grave-human-rights-violations/), including torture, rape, and killing, the Arab League took the advice of the Human Rights Watch and enacted sanctions against Syria. 625 more words