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Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Protests

“Down with astronauts!” No, wait, maybe that’s space men? Aliens? No idea what they have against space men, aliens or  astronauts. Well, maybe aliens, especially if they have been probed. 146 more words

Legal Aid Cuts: The Impact and What To Do If You Need It. An Interview with Ian Anderson

Today’s interview is a little different, I will be asking questions to Ian Anderson, a solicitor from Ison Harrison Solicitors, head of regulatory law and complex crime, in relation to the current strike by lawyers and their refusals to take on new legal aid cases.  1,840 more words


U.S. resembling NAZI Germany with Planned Parenthood abominations....

And we had better repent and end these atrocities or the United States will probably repeat the dark history of NAZI Germany. Maybe this time, however, the Christians will take the roll of Germany’s Jews. 167 more words

Christian Genocide

Oil Ship Leaves Portland After Police Force Greenpeace Protesters Off Bridge

An controversial oil ship managed to sail past a group of Greenpeace protesters hanging from a bridge in Portland after police and Coast Guard officers forced the activists from the area. 269 more words