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Commuters turn on XR

We’re not going to put up with this Extinction Rebellion nonsense anymore

Extinction Rebellion and Cultural Ignorance

This morning in an attempt to spur people into climate action, protestors coordinated by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) blockaded parts of the London Underground. The consequences that ensued from this protest were catastrophic; with angry commuters facing delays and the prospect of losing a day’s wages, they took matters into their own hands by dragging activists from train rooves and attacking them. 891 more words


Slate: Is Hong Kong the Battleground for a New Cyber Cold War?

Slate: Is Hong Kong the Battleground for a New Cyber Cold War?. ” In Hong Kong, where Beijing’s political sovereignty does not come with direct control over the internet or local police, Beijing is reluctant to active the most draconian option: deployment of the People’s Liberation Army to keep order in Hong Kong’s streets. 39 more words

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Antifa Pass

The Council of Canadian Europeans notes the recent tactics of Antifa on the UBC campus. This will also be in the next Cantandum, but my comments turned into a blog post. 520 more words


Scott Thompson: What's needed on both sides of the political extreme? Love

You may remember the fuss that was raised when People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier was scheduled to speak at Mohawk College in Hamilton last month. 898 more words


Earth Healing

This morning, people from XR (Extinction Rebellion, environmental pressure group) are being beaten up by commuters. What concerns me about XR and other such groups is that the focus of their energy is coming from and expressing fear, not love and that means the energy they are putting out is negative and destructive and not positive and creative. 340 more words