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Friday Fellow: Tepid ammonia

by Piter Kehoma Boll

One of the few groups of living being not yet featured in Friday Fellow is Rhizaria, a group of single-celled organisms that includes the famous foraminifers. 236 more words

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Protists belong to the kingdom of Protista. This kingdom contains unicellular organisms that are eukaryotes. These organisms may form colonies, but they may not form tissues.

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Comparing Lorenz Corporation MP4851 Kingdoms of Life Protista Grade 912

S-Corporations (much like regular C-Corporations) are allowed to retain their net profits as operating capital. However, all profits are considered as if they were distributed to shareholders, and as a result shareholders might be taxed on income they never received (whereas a shareholder of C-corporation is taxed on dividends only when those dividends are actually paid out). 259 more words