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Stem Cell Heterogeneity: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)

Given the variety of studies and data that have suggested the existence of heterogeneous populations or subpopulations of stem cells, this detailed volume examines different aspects of… 56 more words


IPv6 - various

Diameter – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diameter_%28protocol%29

Upgrade from RADIUS

The name is a pun on the RADIUS protocol, which is the predecessor (a diameter is twice the radius). Diameter is not directly…

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SCTP – the other, other protocol

What is SCTP?

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCTP

“In computer networking, the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is a Transport Layer protocol, serving in a similar role as the popular protocols…

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Superantigen Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) by Howard Zinn

Superantigen Protocols assembles experimental protocols that have proved useful for the study of superantigens.
These techniques will allow researchers from various areas of cell biology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, and… 40 more words


Protocols And their functions 


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) A connection-oriented transport protocol. Connection-oriented transport protocols provide reliable transport, in that if a segment is dropped, the sender can detect that drop and retransmit that dropped segment. 2,382 more words


F5 101 - Application Delivery Fundamentals

The 101-Application Delivery Fundamentals exam is the first exam required to achieve F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator status. All candidates must take this exam to move forward in the program. 801 more words