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The Power of Enumerations in Swift

Enumerations in Swift are very powerful tool, here are some of their advantages over normal Objective C enums :

  1. It can have functions and stored properties.
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Creating a good foundation for Securing SSL traffic with Netscaler

Before I start this post, I would like to point out there are a few good articles already online regarding this matter which are usually titled “Scoring an A on SSL Labs” 886 more words


How to build a spiking predictive coding model

These notes are the first of many illustrated notes about my research, and science in general, that I will post.

This is An illustrated primer on constructing a circuit from optimization… 78 more words

education center – understanding clinical trials & scientific articles

one of the more exciting aspects of the information we hand-curate for you has to do with clinical trials. after all, these are the latest developments in treating a rare disease that can be made available to patients willing to participate in clinical trials. 390 more words


protocol partners – your input to build clinical trials

any clinical trial begins with the task of developing a clinical protocol, which is a set of guidelines describing how the trial will work, test the effectiveness of the drug, and ensure the safety of patients. 299 more words


On watching "The Forest"

I needed to decompress a bit when I got home from school today so my husband suggested we watch a movie. Since “The Forest,” a horror movie set in the Aokigahara Forest (or Suicide Forest) in Japan is now on pay-per-view, we decided to watch that and it was an awesome film. 847 more words

advancing research - by reversing the process

a recent exciting article caught our attention – Turning Clinical Trial Recruitment on its Head, the author of which, Hayley Dunn, explains how a patient group did the job traditionally the responsibility of a pharma company – getting people to enroll in clinical trials. 972 more words