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How to find website's IP aadress

IP Address.

IP address is a logical naming of network device such as computer, server, router etc.

Web servers are configured with IP addresses. Most of the times these are public IP addresses. 204 more words


Introducing TE Connectivity Dimming Receptacles for Outdoor and Commercial Lighting

. The features & benefits of the new TE Connectivity Multi-Channel Photocontrol Receptacle for Outdoor & Commercial Lighting applications. ANSI C136.41 compliant dimming receptacle and spring leaf contacts from TE provide a mechanical and electrical interconnection between an ANSI C136.41-2013 photo cell and luminaire. http://youtu.be/7cpMDqh8dYE


The LISP protocol: a problem?

Despite LISP being an IETF protocol, despite open code projects like LISPmob, despite the research done by public Universities in e.g. Barcelona and Paris – you read this kind of critics: 453 more words

Computer Networks

Protocol for iOS

Protocol Definition

Here is an example of a protocol which includes one method, notice the instance variable delegate is of type id, as it will be unknown at compile time the type of class that will adopt this protocol. 121 more words



Pharmacopoeias are books which contain information on how to identify medicinal compounds. Some of the more common pharmacopoeias published include the European, United States… 39 more words


Some interesting LISP links

No, I’m not the first one writing about LISP. There are many pages, here some that should be interesting reading material. Many of them contain network examples with diagrams and configurations (something I don’t plan to repeat in this blog, the material already out in the Web is hard to match) 77 more words

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