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Negotiating having needs while being submissive

You need to keep in mind that in my relationship we met, dated and married long before any of this D/s like stuff was ever on the radar, we had two children, pets and full-time jobs in place with all of life’s responsibilities already worked out and shared long before either of us knew that this type of lifestyle was sot after or out there. 1,054 more words



One thing that I tend to have a hard time maintaining is this idea that I can and should be offering myself to my dominant/husband for, well … sex! 539 more words


Updated Contract, Rules, Rituals, and Protocols

i love it when Maximus leaves little love notes for me hidden throughout the house on mornings He leaves for work travel!

Maximus and i have finalized our Contract and Appendix 1-Rules, Rituals, and Protocols that we have been working on this past week. 5,990 more words

BDSM Relationship

And so it continues ....

I’m having a wonderful time laughing and living with my one and only! I guess that the last few hangups have finally been worked out and I’ve listened to a very smart friend who has been kind enough to let me talk and listened when needed as well as offered some thoughts for me to ponder in the mean time …. 732 more words


January 2017 Rituals and Protocols Update

Continuing the update of our contract, we have added rituals and protocols to Appendix 1.


While the category is new, we have had rituals embedded in our rules. 1,559 more words


Happy Wednesday Sir

So here we are at day two back to work from the holidays and I don’t think I’ve had one moment when you haven’t been in my head Sir! 377 more words


Hummm, ....

I’d like to write but I’m not entirely sure what or how to write what I’m thinking that will make sense without writing a book! :P LOL… 466 more words