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Time to Treatment and Mortality during Mandated Emergency Care for Sepsis

New England Journal of Medicine May 21 2017

In 2013, New York began requiring hospitals to follow protocols for the early identification and treatment of sepsis. 61 more words


Domination comes in all sorts of styles, some stand the test of time!

I’ve been thinking about what makes you a leader/dominant and what is just fluff to be used when appropriate or wanted and to be discarded when life so dictates if necessary. 757 more words


Well, He tried ....

But the warrior was in full force! It causes an interesting┬ádichotomy to be certain …

I am focused and although I’m generally ‘happy go lucky’ in demeanor I am very intense. 626 more words


Things and stuff .... but not less D/s

My life isn’t any different from anyone else’s, we have tough times and issues to deal with sometimes more than what we bargained for but hey! 456 more words


Sometimes not much needs to be good enough

Some days are pretty interesting around here, not for lack of trying or a foul mood but some days are just nasty! Normally that comes after a few weeks worth of build up and unfortunately it tends to last just as long to be rid of, …. 504 more words


HTTP Basics


HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is one of the most popular application protocols used in the internet. It essentially defines how files can be transferred between two computers. 619 more words


Download Brett's Conditioning Protocols for Fighters

If you need to get in shape, then we have the plan to make it happen. Brett laid out his conditioning protocols, explained how i works and is giving it away to you. 6 more words