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The Brain Disease Model of Addiction: is it Supported by the Evidence and has it Delivered on its Prom | Disrupted Physician

Science and medicine need to be predicated on competence, thoughtfulness, good faith, civility, honesty, and integrity. This is universally applicable.  What they are doing betrays the trust of society and breaches the most basic ethical obligations of not only doctors but human beings. 213 more words

Policy Issues

If You Hate David Duke, It Actually Proves He's Right

Most people are familiar with the phrase “consider the source”, but have they? And why should they?

Dr. David Duke, a former Louisiana state representative, author, and unofficial diplomat speaking… 2,546 more words

Godawful Horrifying News

LDAP and Directory Services

A directory service is a software system that stores, organizes and provides access to information in a computer operating system’s directory. It helps us to detect names and their corresponding values very much like a dictionary. 340 more words


WAP (not to be confused with Wireless Access Point)

The evolution of cellular networks has resulted in many mobile services primarily for voice. Eventhough mobile users desired to access the internet, the Internet Protocols were not designed to operate efficiently over mobile networks. 345 more words


how a pendant is born, part 2

last time i showed you how i craft my stamp designs, and how those get imprinted in the wet clay to form pendants.

after that initial firing, those dull grey pieces come out something like this: 258 more words