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how a pendant is born, part 1

First we’ll need some stamps. I carve those out of small blocks of wet clay, using quite teensy tools.

Once the stamps are finished, they get fired in the kiln and come out looking like these babies. 124 more words

Rac and Cdc42 activation assays

The basic protocol is taken from: Benard V and Bokoch GM (2002) Assay of Cdc42, Rac, and Rho GTPase activation by affinity methods. Methods Enzymol. 345, 349-359. 672 more words


Stupid and Stupider: The SGR “Doc Fix”- Starring The House and The Doctors | krisheldmd

The hyped SGR fix is a hoax, a diversion to distract my fellow physicians from the meat of the bill that forever puts a stake in the heart of the patient-physician relationship.

137 more words
Policy Issues

Preparing HUVEC


Cells should be prepared from freshly obtained umbilical cords. These can be stored in ice-cold PBS in a 250 ml sterile container at 4°C for 6-48 h. 206 more words


RhoA and RhoB activation assays

The basic protocol is taken from: Ren X.D., Schwartz M.A. (2000) Determination of GTP loading on Rho. Methods Enzymol. 325, 264-272. PMID.


Bacterial Lysis Buffer… 633 more words


Aqueous Mounting Media, Update

Several labs have and continue to use the newly made aqueous mounting media.  So far it has been used for IF only but does do just as well as the commercially bought products. 90 more words