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Connectivity and Protocols in IoT: Thoughts on picking the right one

There’s lots of ways to move from Point A to Point B: trains, ships, and planes. We instinctively assess the logistics of travel by basing our decisions on factors like distance, cost, and urgency. 346 more words

Internet Of Things

Just one of the many perks ...

I’ve often said that a lot about submission is self-serving. Even if it seems to be the other way around from the outside I think that if you have a working D/s relationship the submissive is going to get many, many things out of the relationship that they just couldn’t or in my case wouldn’t do on their own and for themselves! 508 more words


IOT - Key Protocols

Today there exists no widely agreed upon understanding of an architecture, protocols, standards of the IOT (Internet of Things), making an interoperability of different IoT system very difficult. 561 more words


I read once ...

I was looking around at different sites some time ago to see how others navigate this crazy world of ours, not just D/s but in general. 461 more words


SUNDAY SMILE: the importance of hate crime in the management of lawyers

Members of the progressive Leftlib persuasion should be warned at the outset: this piece is satire, to be taken daily but not seriously. Equally, those worried about strong language should switch over to Channel Four where they can hear lie after lie free from the encumbrance of vulgarity.  1,937 more words

A thank you and an apology in advance! :D

Sir has implemented a new rule this week, although I have just the slightest hint of guilt that enters my mind it really is fleeting and a far cry from where we, well I started! 294 more words


A new twist .... for balance.

I’m really liking this new system of checks and balances you have implemented Sir. It’s leaving me feel validated and ‘owned’ and wanted. I feel like I have your attention and that my efforts are worth while … I don’t feel like I have to bratt to get attention because frankly I just can’t do it. 672 more words