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Old school romance - still!

I like to go back and re-read the things I’ve written, I think it’s important to remember all the things I have thought and learned in order to make sure I’m still where I want to be, and maybe bring back some of the excitement and determination we all get when we start on something new. 466 more words


The Bear doesn't get angry.

My Sir is a very happy and indulgent man! :D He goes through and shows a lot of emotion, He is certainly not afraid of having them. 265 more words


'Sometimes you just can't ....'?

There is a statement that keeps floating through my head from time to time. Something that was said to me a while back at a time that I just wasn’t mentally ready to deal with it to the fullest extent that I would like. 593 more words


2017-2018 BLS/ALS Protocol Changes- Public Comment Period closing soon!

Here’s our chance to potentially influence our San Diego County EMS protocols. The Protocol Task Force, Cardiac Arrest Task Force and other committees have met and drafted the 2017-2018 SAN DIEGO COUNTY BLS/ALS TREATMENT PROTOCOLS. 33 more words

Protocols & Data Reduction

Following on from our divergent thinking workshop, our next practical task was to create an instruction leaflet for one of the object variations we came up with in the previous workshop. 183 more words


Bubble Pop (PhD Edition)

I’ve spent 45 minutes, reading reviews on TripAdvisor…and then subsequently adding my own reviews (oh dear!). In fact, the entire day has been quite fruitless…summarising the mood of the last few weeks. 536 more words

Low Cross-linking Acrylamide

Protocol by Bob Duda

Makes a low cross-linking acrylamide stock. This makes 33.5% acrylamide, 0.3% bisacrylamide for work with large proteins/complexes.

**Acrylamide is a neurotoxin. The powder/dust is especially dangerous, all work with crystalline acrylamide should be done wearing gloves, a mask, and in a fume hood** 52 more words