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It is the law of physics

And old poem I wrote two years ago when rose-colored glasses where in.

You are the dark matter that keeps my milky way from collapsing… 118 more words


How to split an atom

Add this to the pile of mind-bending atom qualities: an atomic nucleus has less mass as a whole than its protons and neutrons would have separately. 265 more words


What holds protons and neutrons together in the atomic nucleus?

Big questions, few answers

The nucleus consists of protons and neutrons. The more difficult question is explaining how these are bonded together. How are the protons held together in the nucleus? 2,289 more words

Nuclear Mechanics

Song of the Week 03

Hello internet! It’s that time of week again; time for Song of the Week! This week, I will be blogging about the song “Protons and Neutrons” by Hank Green. 241 more words

Song Of The Week


A silly title, I know, But I recently found out about these things, and it has officially blown my mind. Basically, for a very long time, we though Protons and neutrons were their own atom, but It turns out they are made up of smaller particles called Quarks! 76 more words


The Big Bang Theory

About 14 billion years ago, the Universe was much smaller and hotter. In the 1960s, Robert Dicke predicted a remnant “glow” from the Big Bang. In 1965, radio astronomers Penzias and Wilson discovered that glow, named the cosmic microwave background radiation. 178 more words



What are atoms?

Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects. A desk, the                            air, even you are made up of atoms! 913 more words