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Old Guy Plays "Music to Watch Girls By"

“Music to Watch Girls By” is another instrumental hit that was a TV commercial — this one for Pepsi. The single made it to #2 in 1966.   14 more words


Old Guy Plays "No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach is In)"

“No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach is In)” started out as a commercial for Alka Seltzer. Its catchy hook led to it being recorded and released as a single. 68 more words



Alright, I’ve been busy with these My Final Form songs, trying to perfect my metal mixing.
I’m slowly getting there.

First I worked on guitars because its what I know well, simple high pass and low pass filters were used. 809 more words


Quick Overview of Music Production Software (my experience)

Music production requires a recipe of talent and hard work from my experience because it requires a certain level of creativity and persistence to really get quality musical products. 359 more words

Good To Know!


Hey again, welcome back. So this is a quick one to cover what we did for vocal takes, following on from the guitar blog.

We weren’t able to get in foxhole studios, and I wanted to use a particular microphone, so we decided to go to… 314 more words