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Mixing Synth in a Rock Song

Ah, the wonderful synth.  Used to excess in the 80’s, forgotten about in the 90’s, and coming back in a big way ever since.  I absolutely love how a well-thought-out synth can open a chorus up or add some mystery to a song. 413 more words


Podcast research - Local and International Podcasts

When looking for new and exciting ways deliver a podcast for the assignment, it’s important to look at what has gone before.

Looking at work in the same field, allows you to learn from what is good, what is bad, and what is indifferent.   365 more words

Creative Futures - Sound

Mixing Through a Limiter - The Original Sin?

Ahhh…the purists are going to hate this one.  Today, let’s talk about using a limiter on your master bus.  I can already hear the boo’s and hisses from the purist mixing elite… 592 more words


Making of: Reign - Sound Design exercise

Brad and I sat down and went through the entire animation working out what sounds needed to be created, and if they would be recorded on location or in studio. 427 more words


NAMM 2015: Pro Tools | First—It’s Pro Tools, It’s Free!

I’ve already got my name in for one as I use ProTools SE now. I’m intrigued to see how I can put this to use on my Win 8 machine. 12 more words


Quick Mixing Tip #8 - Turn that Mono Guitar into Stereo Deliciousness!

There’s almost nothing I love more than big, doubled, wide, beefy distorted freaking guitars.  Squishy and creamy and wrapping around your head as you listen.  But not every style of music works well with this.   258 more words