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Venturing #9: Wonderful Land

“Wonderful Land” was an  instrumental hit written by Jerry Lordan (who also wrote Apache and Atlantis). It was recorded and released as a single by The Shadows in 1962. 38 more words


Venturing #8: Pipeline

“Pipeline” was a 1963 surf-rock ht for The Chantays. It reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

My arrangement, while hopefully recognizable, strays pretty far from the original.


Venturing #7: Tequila

Is there an instrumental better known or more recognizable than “Tequila”?

It was a 1957 #1 hit for “The Champs”. My arrangement does not stray far from the very catchy original.


Venturing #6: Penetration

Installment #6 in my “Venturing” project is “Penetration”, which was a hit in 1964 for the Pyramids. It reached #20 on the Hot 100. The Pyramids other claim to fame was performing with shaved heads! 26 more words


Venturing #5: Surfin' USA

Installment #5 of my “Venturing” project is “Surfin’ USA”, originally a 1963 hit for the Beach Boys. The song was itself based on Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little Sixteen”. 10 more words


Venturing #4: Atlantis

This is installment #4 in my “Venturing” project.

“Atlantis” was a 1963 hit for the British instrumental group “The Shadows” which featured Hank Marvin as the lead guitarist and Bruce Welch on rhythm guitar. 42 more words


Venturing #3: Walk Don't Run

This is installment #3 of my “Venturing” project. I’m not sure how far I’ll take this project, but it could go on for a while. 49 more words