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The Production phase, as I understand it, is the time between editing and mixing, although it will often blend into both the former and the latter. 539 more words


Testing the Water

“Testing the Water” is an original jazz-funk/smooth jazz tune.


Big Hairy Year

“Big Hairy Year” is an original jazz/rock/funk/fusion composition.

I decided on the this title because 2017 is a major milestone year for me in a number of ways: 50 more words



Once tracking is complete editing begins…

A lot of people, especially musicians, hear the word editing and get very upset. In my opinion, this is for the most part due to a lack of understanding of how the recording process works, or a blatant stubbornness for a lofty ideal. 591 more words


We'll Be Together Again

“We’ll Be Together Again” has music composed by Carl T. Fischer, with lyrics by Frankie Laine. Fischer was Laine’s pianist and musical director when he composed the tune, and Laine was asked to write the lyrics for it. 50 more words


Nica's Dream

“Nica’s Dream” was composed by jazz pianist Horace Silver in the 1950’s. “Nica” was the Kathleen Annie Pannonica de Koenigswarter (born Rothschild; 10 December 1913 – 30 November 1988) who was a British-born jazz patron and writer. 42 more words


Tracking #4: Vocals

Last of the primary tracking items on this record was Vocals.

From an engineers perspective, tracking Vocals is both simple and challenging. It’s one mic positioned in front of the singers face, easy right? 373 more words