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The music production project Studio, what's in it?

In order to set up a project you must have some basic tools such as Music notation software for sequencing, a hardware midi Interface, a computer with the right motherboard, and  one that can manage a lot of traffic, lots of rams of memory for the computer,  Computer monitor, mouse, headphones, an on board and or outboard keyboard or synthesizer,  studio monitors; a good microphone studio foam acoustics such as bass traps, and other absorbers and diffusers as well as a rack system for your hardware interfaces.


Tobacco Road

“Tobacco Road” was written and first recorded by John D. Loudermilk in 1960. The 1964 version by the Nashville Teens (in spite of the name they were a British group) reached #16 on the US charts and the tune has since become a standard across several musical genres. 8 more words


In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

“In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” is a track from the Allman Brother’s Band debut album. Written by Dickey Betts, it is one of their first instrumental jam tunes. 24 more words


Old Guy Plays "Music to Watch Girls By"

“Music to Watch Girls By” is another instrumental hit that was a TV commercial — this one for Pepsi. The single made it to #2 in 1966.   14 more words