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Version 6.1 is here!

Version 6.1 for the iOS has been put together at last . I have done a whole series of UI revisions, some of which include a camera shutter button and radial menu layout to encourage more user engagement and discovery.   102 more words


Hello World!!

The game of Go is one of the world’s great games. The depth of strategy and tactics it has is nearly unmatched by anything else: even modern tabletop and electronic games. 920 more words

Visual Designer- Strong Motion Graphics-Contract San Mateo, Ca

Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic design, Interactive design, Motion graphics, Human Computer Interaction (HCI),  discipline or related field and 2 year experience in user experience design – OR – 4 years experience in User Experience designing user interfaces for web/desktop/mobile sites and applications for front-end customer facing companies… 212 more words

Solve problems, don't build features

I came across a great piece from the folks at Intercom that I wanted to share. Here’s the link: Great-product-managers-dont-spend-time-on-solutions

The article examines the core activities or stages involved in product development and asks where the most effective place is for a product manager to focus. 308 more words


Retro tech: Flying car prototypes

Jump to media player How flying cars have gone from being a science fiction fantasy to almost becoming a reality, as seen through the BBC archive. 16 more words

Prototype V6.0

We are on Version 6 of our prototype testing already! The feedback so far is giving us fantastic direction and navigational insights. Already drafting V7.1 as I type this (V7 has just been done in Flinto which we are moving away from in favour of Invision App). 68 more words


Grange Mobile App

College and working life have been very demanding of late so I’ve been pretty bad at updating this blog. Expect a series of updates in the coming days! 93 more words

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