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Project 1: Creating a prototype animation

For my prototype, I’m going to create the foundation for the final scene of the film: As the full military might of the United States Navy is bearing down on Yamato, the final shot removes the water, bombs and aircraft, and cuts to just the ship, located squarely against a red background. 457 more words


Wicket: The aftermath & feedback

The finished prototype received promising feedback. The brand identity was considered a strength, especially the name. I feel that the main issue with our prototype was it’s lack of structure: The logo was contained in a word document, whilst the illustrations were in an Illustrator file. 86 more words


Thesis: It Plays Great, I Promise

Sometimes you have a great-looking prototype that sells itself.

Sometimes . . . you’ve got this.

Game Design Theory

User Research for Everyone

Earlier this week a group of people from my company attended a virtual conference on user research for everyone; the focus of the seven sessions was about the value of conducting consistent research on how people in your target market are using your product (or your competitors’ products) so that you can enhance what you offer.   260 more words


Valve shows off new VR controller prototypes - The Verge

The VergeValve shows off new VR controller prototypesThe VergeValve s Steam Dev Days conference is going on right now in Seattle, and the company is sharing details of upcoming hardware in typically low-key fashion. 18 more words

Robot Reloj Escribe la Hora-Nuevo prototipo

Estas semanas desarrolle una primer replica artesanal de un robot que escribe la hora; después la mejore usando los modelos en acrílico que un gran amigo me hizo utilizando el corte laser y los moldes disponibles en internet. 1,525 more words


Smart City Hack 2016 - 14 OUT 2016 Apply now - Online Competition

Do you have an app in the stores or a working prototype of a hardware
solution that solves the challenges of our cities? If so, jump onboard… 122 more words