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2nd Prototype with Final Graphics

After finalising my graphics, I scaled them for both iPad and iPad mini, so they are the correct dimensions for this prototype, unlike the 1st prototype.



User Testing a Paper Prototype

The final stage of development in UX Design Techniques: Paper Prototyping is User Testing a Paper Prototype. This section covers Users respond in different ways to paper prototypes, Special considerations for testing paper prototypes and Tips for user testing prototype interfaces.


Creating a Paper Prototypes

The next stage of development in UX Design Techniques: Paper Prototyping is Creating a Paper Prototypes. This section covers Building the prototype, Building the prototype and Tips to paper prototyping.


Test on Digital

Feedbacks on mirage2:

“Enter” key is invisible

The rule about Yellow tile is activate only when stand exact on them.

Ladder effect: First won’t understand why, but will try again until realize it is not allowed… 42 more words


Atari 7800: Sirius and Plutos

It has been a while since I picked up anything for my Atari 7800 ProSystem, in fact prior to the pick-up I am going to discuss here, I can’t remember the exact… 1,720 more words

Video Games

1st Prototype

This is a basic first prototype created using InVision. It helped me to discover what my app was missing in terms of interaction, graphics, instruction etc. 87 more words


A New Experiment: The Wellbeing in Business Lab

Michelle Long, Executive Director of BALLE and participant in Lab 1.0, has helped launch a Wellbeing in Business Lab in Oakland, California.

A microcosm of what we’re doing here, applied at a local level, the Wellbeing in Business Lab brings together “50 of Oakland’s most inspiring business founders, leaders, investors…who are moving beyond maximizing “me” and toward business that maximizes well-being for all… who recognize that the evolution we need will come from putting individual transformation at the center of the shift.” 44 more words