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Theory: Maintain a Changelog

Long projects have a way of getting away from you. It’s hard to keep track of everything you’ve done, and it’s especially difficult to remember¬† 426 more words

Game Design Theory

The Way Ahead Shown for Semi Trucks... Literally

At some point or another on any road trip you're planning you'll probably end up behind a semi truck on the highway. They're big and they're tall, so it can be tough to see around them or know what's coming up the road. 50 more words

Industry News

Johnny Rockets Going Ahead With Kiosk-Powered Fast-Casual Restaurants

Do you enjoy the pseudo-diner experience of the chain Johnny Rockets, but want your food faster? Last year, we learned that the chain was working on a fast-casual concept that would expand the brand away from standalone restaurants with waitstaff. 156 more words

Theory: Coding Lessons Learned the Hard Way

  • If you can’t say with certainty how many times a loop is going to run, it’s going to cause crashes.
  • There’s a limit to how many statements can be nested before code becomes unreadable.
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Game Design Theory

Phasetimer revised for beauty & clarity

Just when I thought it was safe to say ‘done!’ I suddenly thought: the bands should be reversed so the smaller divisions go to the outside, like on a ‘normal’ clock… Like this: 36 more words

4phase Clock

Phasetimers with two levels - free graphic within!

This is my latest (04 10 15 ) Phasetimer prototype (white frame because shop had no black), with an inner band for timing shorter cycles of four phases – fifteen minutes to go through a cycle, or 3.75 minutes per phase. 200 more words

4phase Clock

The Phasetimer is sweeping

This is the latest prototype of the phase clock or as it’s now mostly called, the phasetimer. the 4phase round table will have a recess for the timer – the rest of the time it could be on the wall…

4phase Clock