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(Figure 1: Design system)

The aim is to create new engaging way to share experience in a interactive and fun way. That allow users to come together for a ‘play’ as well as learn and reflect on the experience shared through their own perspective of a given role. 100 more words



Using short and meaningful experience as basis of the storytelling. refer to blog: CONCEPT

Tutorial 1:

-Game need to be engaging enough to last and through testing using simple prototype to  see family feedback. 112 more words


Getting out more

This week we had a trip to the local park at Killisberg, just on the other side of Stuttgart, which amongst other undoubted attractions has a 15″ railway, run by the local tram company, of all people. 252 more words


Metal Prototypes A More quickly Way

by DCF_pics

When making metal prototypes, each precision and speed are crucial. You want to make positive that you make these prototypes as precise as achievable so that you do not risk damaging your machinery when you attempt them out. 457 more words

Designer Definitions: Who is Testing Your Game

Broadly speaking, designers and publishers utilize testing during game development; yet the way this stage is applied differs from case to case. A faction of designers use playtesting to work out core mechanics, others refuse to let their games see daylight until mechanics meet a high level of completion. 823 more words

Hobby Gaming


We were tasked to come up with a design solution after revising the design issue brought up in my blog post The First Year Inexperience… 599 more words

CONCEPT 20/5/16

(Figure 1: Concept)

After re-focus in design proposal (Refer to blog: RE-FOCUS BRIEF)

My concept is going to be an gaming system that motivate users to immerse themselves in daily family time through narrative based conversations. 301 more words