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Spyderco 2014 Prototypes in Motion - Dice, Chubby, Frontier, Kiwi G-10, Lil' LionSpy, Native 5 LTWT, PITS

This video is a little experiment with my new computer and video-editing software. I used some older footage I shot during the 2014 Spyderco Amsterdam Meet, where Spyderco presented their then-new prototypes. 103 more words


Rapid Prototype: 3D Minigolf

Team: 2 Artists, 1 Programmer and I

Taking on a “cute” theme, the game was quickly dubbed “Kawaii Boru” or “Cute Ball”. The game was a 3D minigolf game set in the sky (so the player could fall off) and involved lots of separate “islands” that were connected by pipes. 104 more words


Rapid Prototype: 3D Platformer

Team: 2 Artists, 1 Programmer and I

This prototype quickly adapted and evolved through a few different themes as we worked on it, but in the end it turned out to be a psychological “insanity” and “unknowing” style of world. 114 more words


Rapid Prototype: Endless Runner

Team: 2 Artists, 1 Programmer and I

Quickly named “Internal Velocity”, this endless runner was a depiction of an office worker, who was trying to escape from his job. 114 more words


Rapid Prototype: Vehicle Combat

Team: 2 Artists, 2 Programmers and I

In two weeks we (programmer, two artists and I) managed to elevate a blank unreal scene to a state where the player can drive around in a mining truck (one of the larger, slower, “heavy” type vehicles), fire the rocket launcher (a pickup in the level) with four different firing modes (single fire, multi rocket build up, straight shooting and homing), as well as lay mines (two firing modes) and break down walls and other destructibles. 54 more words


Inventing: It Takes a Team

Picture Thomas Edison, toiling away in the late evening hours trying one after another type of filament in his new invention to turn electricity not into heat, but into light. 459 more words


A Future President? I think YES They Can. Part 2 of 3

So sat a few hours into the day yesterday while listening on the triple and came up with a small idea so we will call this Part 2 as nothing is nothing. 399 more words

Amateur Radio