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Bonding and bottle feeding

Amidst the sleepless nights and the diaper changes, another key part of your child’s day is feeding. Now whether you choose to bottle feed or breastfeed your baby, guys you can be involved too. 1,030 more words


Great dads are made not born

Great dads are made not born. I have found myself ruminating on this quite a lot. I believe this to be true and I find that I have to remind myself of this time and time again. 575 more words


To cloth diaper or not to cloth diaper

Paternity is a blog about being a modern dad, what it’s like to be a parent today and all the joys and sadness, trials and tribulation. 1,717 more words


Grayfeathers Blog A Week in Review

After being off for two weeks from being sick and in the hospital, this past week was tiresome to say the least.  I did a lot of traveling for work and I got to meet the new guy they’ve hired to give me some help.   104 more words


A labour of love

If you are anything like me then you probably scoured the internet looking for information on what you need to know to be prepared for the delivery of your child. 559 more words


Courage is not the absence of fear

Fight or flight? Something that was first described by Walter Bradford Cannon, something we have all experienced in our lives. We have all heard that famous saying about courage, being able to act in spite of fear. 476 more words


A Christmas Thought

As many of you know, I like to walk at the local mall.  I love doing that and enjoy speaking to the variety of other people who’re walking at the same time I do. 611 more words

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