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Story Telling Competition

Last Friday, two of my students participated in a story telling competition.
They were only notified of this competition ONE week in advance.
Hence, they were pretty nervous about it. 209 more words


Having a Hard Sunday.

There are hard days and then there are easy days. Being a good mother doesn’t come with a rule book or directions. There are no manuals or instructions included. 927 more words

Prancing Around Wiggling My Butt

A year ago I decided that it was time to go to the hardcore gym!! I was going to Curves and I just felt like this isn’t doing anything at all. 508 more words

Everyday Tamara

Class of 2015!

Tears full of joy, hugs, and laughter emblazoned the graduation ceremony at my school on May 19. This year we had 23 graduates which is a lot, and really good because the more graduates we have, the more people can become representatives of our school around the world,right? 87 more words

My Week at a Glance 24/5/15

My week at a glance this week features these lovely photographs…

  • My daughter feeling pleased with herself for being able to join in with her brother, now she can stand.
  • 66 more words

Just Another Great Canadian Sunday

It’s not every day I take a picture of my shampoo, so you know there’s got to be some kind of weird story behind it, right? 679 more words

A Lifetime Of Being Me


You may not know this about your arm chair prophet, but I served 12 proud years in the military. My husband served 20. My brother, my father, my grandfather all served, proudly. 131 more words