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Day 12

Today I will be talking about my most proud moment. This was really hard to think of XD.

It might not seem very impressive to you, but I was quite proud of myself when I learned to float. 89 more words

31-day Blogging Challenge

A Man In China Quit His Job And Spent 22,000 Building A Transformers Like Statue For His Son

Im sure this is kind of cliche at this point but back then I always wanted my dad to build us a tree house. We had tons of land growing up. 483 more words

Rubber Duck All American Pledge of Allegiance Waddlers Brand

? four-year-old birthday toast you family and friends, ladies and gentlemen: Today is the birthday of my beloved mother, first of all, on behalf of my mother and family of to attend the birthday party of my friends a warm welcome and deep appreciation. 327 more words

Two weeks into a new life...and Pooh!

Two weeks into work and finally I have the time to sit down and blog for a while before bed. It’s been a hectic week. I’ve been trying to cram as much work into the initial stages so that the later stages of the two-week orientation wouldn’t be so tough on me. 871 more words


Girl With Birthmarks All Over Her Body Shuts-up All Her Bullies And Wins The Internet

Cierra Swaringen, a ninteen year old has giant congenital melanocytic nevus which is a rare skin condition. It occurs to one person in 5,00,000. While Swaringen’s birthmarks are not risky, she cannot have surgery to have them removed. 328 more words

Around The World


Yes, I am now Blogging. You read that right, Blogging. Some of you must be thinking, ‘What can’t she do?’ Others are probably asking, ‘Who does she think she is? 129 more words


Minneapolis Minnesota Flag Local Proud TShirt 2012

Business Banner making is lucrative in the UK today. Companies as well as freelance flag makers are in the Digital Business Banner and tangible Business Banner making. 290 more words