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... And sorry, I don’t seem to fit any of the stereotypes.

Hi, my name is Tessy.

I’m a 17 years old teenager. I have never been through a rebellious stage. And never have I ever thought of running from home. 509 more words


Tourist in own country

What I always forget is that I always go as far I can to discover new things and learn about all different cultures and city histories but never know anything about my own country. 93 more words



Untukmu yang merasa terluka, Tak tau lagi harus berbuat apa. Ketika pikiran mengetahui Tapi hati mencoba dengan keras membangkang.

Untukmu yang merasa dikhianati, Tak bisa kata – kata menjabarkannya.  199 more words


Ballet Manila Goes to Hong Kong! Join the exclusive preview

Almost every little girl was put into some kind of activity by their mother’s. Ballet, gymnastics, ice skating. Mine was ballet, yet despite most little girls who were forced to join such an activity hated it as they grew up, I ended up loving it. 380 more words

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He Loves The Weak - TWC Daily Devotional 20150728

TWC – The Word Connects: Connecting you to God and to one another … Tuesday 28 July 2015

God loves the weak, He has compassion on the needy and He gives grace to the humble. 464 more words



I’ve always seemed quite open.
Shared surface secrets as I trusted no one.
I find old diaries and read back over 9 years of how I’m dead inside. 136 more words

NFL (New Female Leader)

Step aside fellas, Jen Welter has done what no one woman in history has done before. She is paving the way and has become the first female coach in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals. 390 more words

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