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A long day doing nothing.

Its been a long day doing nothing, well I have done something but I feel like I’ve wasted my day. Any how, it feel a little strange writing a blog, I feel like I’m writing a diary that people may accidentally stumble upon one day. 498 more words


It is 4 AM where I am. In less than two hours I have to get out of my bed, and pack my things together. I am moving out of my home. 610 more words


Read this and be super proud! You are a true GEM..! Optimism is something which is the specialty in you. You are super awesome. Man, how can you just be so perfect in everything? 606 more words

Wonder Woman Birthday Bash

I am always amazed by the generosity and love of the people my family and I know.  Today we celebrated Ayla’s birthday with family and friends.  74 more words

Everyday Blessings

Proud of Juliette

Forgive my lack of editing/word smithing/run-on-sentences as I wanted to get this written before running to a 6-year-old’s birthday party. 

My response to Empathy Lab’s Question #231 : Most Proud… 730 more words

Empathy Lab

Why Madi Is Proud to be Crotchety

Many years ago one of our very first blogging friends was a great big Newfie named Remington.  Remi’s and his mom were very, very, very (to infinity) dear friends.   290 more words

"I have six Abs!"

We were sitting around the kitchen table eating lunch and Jerome as he often does was teasing me among other things about my weight. He without his shirt, was then pointing to his chest and stomach  “I have six abs he proudly states you only have one … he then repeats it a few times” a short pause then “I have six abs” as he points to his left nipple, then his right, his lower ribs on the left and right and finally his lower abdomen on both sides.   125 more words

Things I've Learned From My Children