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Proud Mommy Moment.

Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I love being a mom. It may not have been something that I envisioned myself doing when I was younger, there was too much I wanted to accomplish before I even thought about marriage let alone kids, but when you meet the one you are meant to be with your dreams and plans change. 220 more words


Son of My Deaf Parents

When Stephanie contacted me, I had actually never heard of Mother Father Deaf Day, which is this Sunday. It’s probably not well known in France, and that’s a pity. 315 more words

Community Blog

Graduation: Ready, Set, GO!

It is amazing how fast time flies when one is having fun. After 15 weeks it was ready to say goodbye to great people and life long friends. 314 more words

We Have a Winner! Meet Ashleigh ...

Ashleigh has been in team VIP since November, not long after the UK launch of Younique, and is fast becoming the one to watch in terms of her enthusiasm and drive to get to the top! 99 more words


The heroes.

It’s Anzac Day today. A day that doesn’t mean much to most of my readers, but a day that means so much to the australians and new zealanders. 298 more words

Everyday Living

The true me....

Before I started this blog I thought of how much of my personal life I would share. Would I tell the world who I was, where I came from? 612 more words

Loving You is Hard Work

Loving you is hard work
Keeping up with your ego
A tempest you are one day
Calm and receptive the next
Self-inflicted flaws
For which¬†you may incriminate me… 213 more words