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The "coloured" debate

The first time I came across the notion of referring to black people as “coloured” was when a friend of mine referred to me as “coloured” to qualify why I didn’t burn in the sun as easily as she did… Year 9 me, was very outspoken so it didn’t take much time for me to speak up and demand that she never referred to me or any other black person as “coloured” again… 173 more words



For analyzing the metrics of our code we use codacy. We have setup a demo account with read permissions that you can use to visit our metrics environement:  561 more words


Now, I mentioned Jordan briefly when I was talking about his amazing mother. Jordan is a prime example of raising a son right. I have never met a young man that takes parenting so seriously, and does it so effortlessly….. 113 more words


Celebrating success

What made you feel happy or proud as a language learner?
When you’re learning a language, it’s good to have goals. They keep you on track, give you structure to your learning, and, when you reach them, they help you to see how much progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come on the language learning journey. 407 more words


18 labels! So what?

Most often we live with certain tags on us due to our choices and other times no fault of ours. I have had a good number of such labels: 306 more words

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I'm A Proud Papaw Of A Freaking Awesome Granddaughter

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The longest game of football continuously played 

It was 6am, the players where tired from getting up so early. Some of them had camped there the night before while others wanted to sleep in the beds for one more night and got up super early to drive to lancing college. 697 more words