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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love the C25K running program.  I find it well thought out.  It really can take someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle and allow for that person to go from being out of breath after 1 minute of running to being able to run non-stop for 5 kilometers within a reasonable amount of time (they say 8 weeks, in my first experience, it was more like 12 weeks). 584 more words


If we were having coffee...

If we were having coffee you’d be all like “um, what am I doing here? Can I leave?” Cause, well, I’m spring cleaning. And that is not fun. 151 more words

Weekend Coffee Share

Nehemiah 12 - February 25-26

Welcome to our studies in Ezra and Nehemiah! These books will shine the light on God being in control of our world, moving us to do His work. 1,265 more words

As Their Own

I love
This one
Woman with every ounce of my created
And we
Will live out the rest
This time
Together at a terrifyingly fast… 14 more words

Friday Little Love Moments : 2/24

It’s late but I am still within the time for another Friday Little Love Moments! I missed last week and didn’t realize until two days later. 289 more words

Dear My 16 Year Old Self

Hey Chin,

This is me from your 22 year old self. I know you always say you want to go back to this particular age because you have so many things you want to warn yourself about and so many decisions you wished you never did. 390 more words


[Battle] Spain vs Portugal

Somos 3x mais pequenos que a Espanha e adivinhem só, temos mais membros e mais postais enviados através do site “POSTCROSSING” ah pois.