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Merwe Mode mixes the best of European street style with the creativity, independence and unique flair of South African design.

The brand benefits from the creative expertise and eye for detail of two talented young women from different fields coming together to create a powerhouse brand for South Africa that aims to be at the forefront of South African fashion trends.

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Addicted to Wood 

They say acceptance is the first step to overcoming an addiction, I will therefore accept the fact that it has been one week since I last purchased a wooden product, and toothpicks don’t count! 576 more words

The train to the future

I absolutely can not believe that I haven’t written a post about the Gautrain before. I am so positive about this railway and bus network that I should really bill them for rendered marking services. 386 more words

May: Food & Drinks: Blog 2 – Wine

What a day, what a day, what a day…

I finished work a 5pm today and managed to get myself stuck in traffic. “Joy” she says in a very sarcastic tone. 568 more words


Motivation is everything

The state of the nation bothers a lot of people. It bothers me. The difference between me and a lot of people is that I really believe in this country. 389 more words

Once more, from the top!

I have been in the entertainment industry as a professional for a decade, come end of November this year. My first professional ‘gig’ was a fun tribute show called “Rhythm’s Gonna Get You”. 682 more words