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Freedom Day 2016

The 27 April commemorates the day South Africa held its first democratic election (1994).

We celebrated the day with an extraordinary ‘mother’ from the Clover Mama Afrika project. 128 more words

Are you Australian?

Nah, mate, I’m a SAFFA!

The one thing I have noticed since moving to London is the number of misinformed people there are here. I can’t even get a sentence out without someone assuming I’m from the land ‘down under’. 364 more words

Bits And Bobs

Happy feet

Sock – a garment worn on the foot or a hard blow – “a sock to the head.”

Skinny Sbu Socks is hitting men’s fashion out of the park with its funky designs which are available in a range of colours. 32 more words

South Africa: Breyani

When South Africa week was approaching I was trying to think about the possible food I would cook. I have so many beautiful family recipes that I wanted to use. 618 more words

Fashion icon #1

Walking through the boys’ clothing aisles, it is evident that little dudes lack local, trendy accessories to make that fashion statement.

As a mother of a swanky almost-three-year-old dude, I celebrate Africa’s unique style by adorning him in African-print bow ties, check suspenders and happy socks. 63 more words

Would you leave?

I love this country and I’ve never had the urge to leave or raise a family anywhere else. I want my family to spend ┬ásummer days on the same beaches where I danced for mussels in the sand, and to feel the sun as it dries salty patterns on their skin. 543 more words


Can you speak African?

The vibrant colours and personalities of Africa are fascinating. I was born in Botswana, spent a lot of time with family in Zimbabwe, finished my schooling in Namibia; and now reside in South Africa. 107 more words