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Confession of a middle child. A must read for all. 

​Diary entry number 52
“People talk about middle-child syndrome, and usually laugh it off as if it’s some type of petty joke. But it isn’t. 636 more words


Bling Happiness By Sabihah. Why sleep wear should be stunning. 

​What is my range about

A few years ago I discovered that it was really difficult to find the type of sleepwear that I found comfy yet stylish. 218 more words


A teens point of view on life. A must read for all parents as well. 

Is being a teenager the worst time in your life?

Posted on by Azzles

Well i believe that this statement can be argued upon. There are many advantages and disadvantages of being a teen. 321 more words


You are stronger than you think. 

Ay but sometimes peoplekind baffle me…

You have to have grace. You have to have class. Don’t buckle under the pressure, meet it with a grin and help will come to you. 208 more words

Proudly South African

Every women needs a moment. 

As a mother I know the stress of life, between the kids never ending schedules and after schools activities it feels like an endless retrace, let’s not forget the daily errands and yes the world is on our shoulders because every day seeing to everyone in the house hold ensuring that every person else has the equipment to thrive. 554 more words


Oh no! I have become an addict.

I have always been a sucker for a sale.  Before I was pregnant, I would every month (around payday ofcourse) go to the mall and buy something. 559 more words