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Losing a Child:By Naadira Chhipa

They were happily married for over ten years and due to medical reasons they could not have a baby yet they continued to make dua and seek advice from renowned doctors in hope of conceiving.She was nervously sitting across her gynacologist waiting for her blood results,silently making dua that her treatment worked.After ten years she heard the news her heart yearned for,she was pregnant.She cried tears of joy and appreciation.The feeling of being pregnant and carrying her little love inside of her overwhelmed her and her husband was equally happy.After three month’s of being pregnant and healthy she woke up one night with intense pain in her stomach,they rushed her to the hospital but alas it was too late.The baby she longed for,the baby she spoke to and felt grow within her had been called back to its creator.Even though she did not get to meet her baby she mourned the loss of her unborn child,she cried over her shattered dreams and hopes of holding her baby, feeding her baby and looking into the eyes of her child.Her only comfort came from her husband’s words as he held on to her and continuously whispered,’to Allah we belong and to him we shall return’. 811 more words



Yes, I am from Africa. To be more specific, I am from South Africa   “If you are from Africa, why are you white?”- Mean Girls Movie. 582 more words


Weddings and all the drama. 

Weddings and all their Drama
So the Samoosa run, as one would say is over, and you have found the one you would want to spend the rest of your life with. 260 more words


Show and Tell ideas. 

My First Hands-on Arts & Craft BookIt’s holiday time and you need to keep your children busy but you don’t know how to? It’s school time and your child needs to take a craft to school and talk about it – where do you source ideas from? 254 more words

Proudly South African

22 different things to do with kids in Durban this holiday. 

Discover Durban this holidays. I decided to search the big web for places and things to do in Durban.

1.Port Natal maritime museum, offers a panoramic view on Durban’s harbor. 1,173 more words



The plan for our one year wedding anniversary was to go to Ndaka which is situated inside Nambiti and probably one of the most amazing places you could go to! 865 more words