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Celebrating a Very Creative South Africa

Image: 100% Design South Africa | © Mark Williams

It is no secret – South Africa is brimming with tremendously talented individuals.

From the time that our blog, … 244 more words


DR AKIEL ASVAT INITIATIVE of cataract surgery and how you can help. 

Dear Community Member

Invitation for Donation of Sustainable Cataract Surgery Drive to Restore the Vision of


While universities in South Africa are being crippled in protests of #feesmustfall and the… 373 more words

Proudly South African

#COLLECTION: Hauz Of Lenze Spring Summer 2017 – Enough Is My New Freedom

“Enough Is My New Freedom”

He shot the door and walked away leaving me bruised… Shattered and naked.

My self-worth, loyalty was stripped off minute after minute until there was nothing left in my personality. 259 more words

Hajira Loonat a women with many talents makes the most delectable cup cakes in JHB. 

​The latest home industry business to tantalize the taste-buds is Hajira Loonat’s ‘Cupcakes’. A fellow writer and blogger, some will remember her from the stories she writes on facebook, her blog as well as for the Muslim Woman’s Magazine. 279 more words


Passion comes from within; Natheera Gangat shares her story with us. 

​Growing up we all asked what would we like to become one day, usually an answer would be given in a split second and with that more or less our goals for the rest of our lives are determined as we grow up in life no one had ever said wonderwomen and that title was soon to be filled by someone I had seen online. 444 more words


Happy Heritage Day

These beautiful ladies rallied together and represented their cultural heritage beautifully for #HeritageDay!
Happy heritage day for tomorrow everybody!!

Let’s get ready to braai! 🔥🇿🇦

#BraaiDay #SouthAfricanHeritageDay #ProudlySouthAfrican


Confession of a middle child. A must read for all. 

​Diary entry number 52
“People talk about middle-child syndrome, and usually laugh it off as if it’s some type of petty joke. But it isn’t. 636 more words