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One of a kind

My country is messed up. Our rivers run bright green with sewage (I would know – I live next to one), you can seriously damage your car if you hit a patch of asphalt between all the potholes in the road, we have a president that makes Nixon look like a boy scout but keeps getting away with it, and a few weeks ago we managed to break democracy when half the opposition was thrown out and the other half walked out during the State of the Nation address. 267 more words


Trompie DVD Great Idea for a Gift!

Available in Musica at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. Get your copy for only R99.99. OR buy directly through our website www.gravelroadafrica.com, for only R79.99.


giuliette, sandrine and cayleigh #youngfun

awhile back, we let our protege angelique loose.

her brain sees things in movies and she’s naturally drawn to kids, young people and anyone who radiates energy above a normal recorded level. 65 more words

Bright Liquid Light

Lets make this place my home

      Arrival in Antwerp

Fourteen hours on a fully booked flight has never been fun – especially if you forgot your u-shaped blow up neck pillow and manage to mess blue ink all over your white shirt, headphones, armrest and seat. 2,262 more words


Hit me in the face like a brick

I have just been hit in the face with a brick. Not literally, but I wanted to get your attention. It has been a month since I last posted anything, and that was just an infographic I stole about the cost of living. 1,825 more words

South Africa

Ladies and Gents, South Africa

I really don’t have much to say about this, but just watch this cool Santam ad and have a giggle.

P.S I love being South African.


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