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Family ties By Naadira  Chhipa

Family Ties :My mother-in-law just returned from her trip to india.She gifted my sister in law a beautiful pashmina scarf yet all i got was a cheap broach. 498 more words


OBSESSED with being a VADDESS!

 Introducing: Vada by Sivada!

The FABULOUS & PROUDLY South African online fashion & lifestyle brand.

VADA by Sivada aims to empower & inspire women of all shapes and sizes. 291 more words

Changing Paths.

We all have those moments. Sitting around with a group of old friends reminiscing about the past, when those few words begin creeping into the conversation, “I should have…”, “I could have…”, “what if…”. 563 more words


The story of untold kindness. 

As the heat approaches and we head into the worst drought season in years, we are told to conserve water.

Religious reminders of how wasting should be avoided are sent alongside the reasons you need to repent. 333 more words


My Interview with Mela

I was recently interviewed by Mela on SABC 3. Mishaal and I chatted a bit about my background and how my love affair with clothing began. 15 more words

Celebrating a Very Creative South Africa

Image: 100% Design South Africa | © Mark Williams

It is no secret – South Africa is brimming with tremendously talented individuals.

From the time that our blog, … 244 more words


DR AKIEL ASVAT INITIATIVE of cataract surgery and how you can help. 

Dear Community Member

Invitation for Donation of Sustainable Cataract Surgery Drive to Restore the Vision of


While universities in South Africa are being crippled in protests of #feesmustfall and the… 373 more words

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