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Oh no! I have become an addict.

I have always been a sucker for a sale.  Before I was pregnant, I would every month (around payday ofcourse) go to the mall and buy something. 559 more words

​The love of Art By Zuleika Bibi Suleman. 

Many home owners knows the hassle it is to dress your walls, we all have that empty space which we know an aqquired art piece needs to adorn. 422 more words


August is National Women’s Month...We look at the women who marched on the Union buildings 60 years ago today and ... we say thank you!

On 9th August 1956, The Federation of South African Women marched on the Union Building to hand over signed petitions in protest against the proposed amendments to the urban areas act. 195 more words


Irfaana Mahomed shares with us her story. 

​Irfaana Mahomed has built a brand that speaks for itself.As a Muslima she is proof that a Muslim women can have all the success and build a brand based on an idea. 465 more words


SaziiAfrika Bags

I heard of this brother & his bags on social media, Facebook to be precise. I did a quick research and found his contact details and brought myself this wonderful original South African backpack. 53 more words

Magoduka Backpack

The natural skin care range you have been waiting for. 

​Homespun APOTHECARY is a small business that specializes in hand crafted body products. That will make you feel like you are in a spa every day. 312 more words


Counselling can help you. 

Naseerah Tayob Moosa

Pyscological Counsellor

Psychology has been my ideal focus since I can remember. I love learning about the human mind and behaviour. I love understanding. 351 more words