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Questions of Provenance—The Marriage Trap by Jan Victors, Part 4

With The Marriage Trap as an example, we have seen that it is an immense task to do provenance research for all paintings that were probably in Europe from 1933 through 1945! 685 more words


Data sharing and its security implication

For a change, this blog has little to do with wine. It is about provenance of data, which carries just about the same weight as in the context of wine, as I’ll describe later. 951 more words

Questions of Provenance—The Marriage Trap by Jan Victors, Part 3

In the last two posts we’ve looked at the earliest known and most recent provenance of our painting The Marriage Trap.

We also know that in 1947 the painting was processed at the Munich Central Collecting Point, or MCCP. 1,067 more words


Reminder: CFP Provenance Audiovisual Special Issue

Provenance recognizes the evolving needs within the profession and is working to address those changes when possible. For example, we published a special issue on advocacy in September 2013 ( 547 more words

Call For Papers

Kenilworth Free Range - meat on our doorstep

I believe that food is important.

The decisions we make about where we get food from and which food we buy really matters. Personally I don’t understand why anyone would buy meat, fruit and vegetables from supermarkets. 389 more words