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Soothing my Sourdough

I can’t be the only person who talks to their Sourdough starter. I created mine with lazy indifference, not the rustic fascination and ceremony it deserved. 585 more words

New Endeavours

10. november - Burding, prøving og skalling

Jeg VET hva jeg BURDE gjøre. I de aller fleste tilfeller, vil jeg påstå.

Det betyr selvfølgelig ikke at jeg GJØR det jeg BURDE.

Dessuten er jeg opptatt av at vi ikke burde burte altfor mye. 596 more words

365 Ord I 365 Dager

On Drive

Riding for the IHSA isn’t like any other riding you will ever do.

You ride lesson horses, for one, not your own horses. And if your coach is smart, you ride as many different lesson horses as you can find, so you’re not at a disadvantage when it comes to showing. 677 more words


Viewed through proving: the seductive nature of Sepia storytelling

Now you tell me, which of the following is more interesting:

“Sepia is suited to tall, slim women with narrow pelvis and lax fibers and muscles; such a woman is not well built as a woman… the remedy seems to abolish the ability to feel natural love, to be affectionate… she may even be estranged and turned aside from those she loves.

1,183 more words

EXCLUSIVE: The Smoking Gun Proving Silver & Gold Manipulation

We have the data. And it tells a clear story.

Source: PeakProsperity.com, by Dave Fairfax

Gold price suppression!

The amount of ink spilled on this topic could fill a supertanker.  600 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Viewed through proving: Sulphur and the art of map-reading

Sulphur is a huge remedy.  With 1969 symptoms listed in the Chronic Diseases proving, it is unwieldy to “just look at”.

You can work with provings just as you would use maps to get to know a new city.  374 more words


Viewed through proving: the not-so-serene Chamomilla

By Vera Resnick

As practitioners reading this blog will confirm, we often learn the most valuable lessons from our patients.

A patient mentioned to me that recently she found herself irritable and snappy, and didn’t quite know why. 540 more words