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Truth Statement: He Provides

The night cycles around again, nothing but the tick of the clock to serenade the haunting thoughts dancing across your ceiling. The dark always longer than the light it seems, the bills more than the account balance. 167 more words

31 Affirmations

Refusing Comfort

I refused to be comforted. (Psalm 77:2b)

Why refuse to be comforted?

We need to insist on being comforted in the right ways by the right people (Person) for the right reasons.

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My Life With God

Remember to... Stand Up

Boy!  Are you feeling the waves of life hitting you today?  I have to say, I sure am feeling it.  So when these kinds of things happen for me, I seek out the things that will bring my heart back into alignment.   691 more words

Life Foundations

Giving Cheerfully

October 17, 2016 – Day 114

Have you ever felt God tugging on your spirit to give away something you were clinging on to? Whether it was money, clothes, shoes, or something you cherished such as kitchenware, and God asked you to give it back? 979 more words

Words Of Encouragement


Read Luke 11

Focus on verse 9-10

Be careful what you ask for – you might get it!

It has been a few years ago now, but I remember it well because it left an impression on me that I dare not forget. 405 more words

Daily Devotional

Events in a Day

I woke up this morning with chores and responsibilities on my mind. After I ate some breakfast, I started doing some of them, but I wanted to get into the Word. 722 more words

October 18, 2016

Thought to share: I AM.

What is your problem? I AM your solution.

What is your need? I AM your provision.

What is your struggle? I AM your victory. 138 more words

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