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Navigation Without Numbers

I have a new book work out on Blurb (where else?) titled, Navigation Without Numbers. The title comes from a well known photograph by Wynn Bullock… 106 more words


Guerilla Art

I was walking through an inner city community, heading home after spending some delicious time at the Central Library. It is a great place to find inspiration and observe people. 205 more words


I don’t know why these people think that if we girls wear short dresses then it’s an invitation for them!

Get a life – we are not here to impress you! 185 more words

Am I Safe?

Ferrari wanted to provoke Formula 1 with its concept car design

Ferrari wanted to provoke Formula 1 with its concept car style &quotIf talking about the future, our competitors are the automobiles on the video games. &quotIf you look at cars on video games, they look great, effectively developed and cool. 29 more words


Robert McDonald had a farm
VA sends us away VA sends us away
And on this farm he had some Veterans
VA sends us away VA sends us away… 114 more words


Pressing Questions

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes‘ is an analogy that any of us can interpret in a variety of ways. When you ask yourself “how am I like the emperor in my own life?” you could explore some interesting insights that might turn into action. 625 more words

From The City

Red Carpet Glam

It’s awards season which for me means: red carpet time. But in this case it was a “green carpet” at the Global Green’s Annual Pre Oscar Party… 120 more words