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Loose Meat Philly Sandwiches

Philly sandwiches are delicious, plain and simple.  Trying to find an authentic Philly or even an unauthentic one for that matter can prove challenging.  Now my version here obviously falls into the “unauthentic” grouping, but it still carries that fantastic ooey-gooey, beefy, cheesy flavor throughout AND if you’re feeling old-school, than feel free to top with a dollop of Cheez-Whiz!  363 more words

Spaghetti alla Nerano - Spaghetti with Zucchini in the Style of Nerano

What I’m going to show today is one of the most iconic recipes of Sorrento Coast/Capri island.

If I say “pasta with zucchini” it might sound easy and simple (and for sure there are older “recipes” than this one, considering the simplicity of the ingredients), but in this case it’s not really like that :) a good “pasta alla Nerano” … 1,613 more words


Italian Salami Roll Ups

10-20 thin slices of Genoa Salami

10-12 thin slices of Provolone

5-10 Pepperoncini

Cut the cheese in half. Slice the pepperoncinis. Lay a half slice of cheese on a slice of salami. 25 more words



Ribeye is the canonical cheesesteak meat but I nearly always use flat iron steaks.  This one was cut thin while semi-frozen and tossed in a bowl with onions, green peppers, and salt and pepper.   86 more words


Spaghetti in Acqua di Limone - Spaghetti in Lemon Water

This is a lovely recipe perfect for these hot days :) the beautiful lemon note and the mint add a wonderful freshness to the dish! And a great perfume :) 841 more words



Step 1 Ingredients

  • 1 lb Meat thin steak skirt meat (Carne asada)
  • 1 medium Orange Just use the juice
  • 3 medium limes Just use the juice…
93 more words

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