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open faced meatball sammie!

… w/creminis, hot banana peppers, provolone, and romano… olives too!!

… drenched w/homemade sauce on a toasted kaiser!


meatballs w/ an oxtail kicker!

… that’s right!! started w/searing a beauty piece of oxtail before doin’ ma regular meatball thang (this is shit i make up as i go folks, i swear)… was looking to give that extra depth of flavour. 122 more words


Fishing For Compliments

My husband is an avid fisherman.  That is actually a bit of an understatement.  It’s his first love.  I’m his fourth love, somewhere after provolone cheese yet before back scratching…actually I’m more or less the twit he puts up with. 1,217 more words

Philly Cheese Steak Pasta

As I have mentioned before, growing up, my parents had the attitidue that if I was hungry between mealtimes I could find a snack for myself without adult intervention (for the most part). 411 more words


Chicken Salad on Whole Wheat Sourdough Medallions

It was one of those lunches that just grew like Topsy. I had a bit of solid white meat chicken breast leftover from the night before, and Chicken Man reminded me of how much he loves my chicken salad. 372 more words

Dill Pickle Grilled Cheese

Okay this sandwich is filled with more than just pickles, but its the pickle that sets this grilled cheese apart.  In college I had a RA (resident assistant, she was the person whom either had an answer or would find it out for you), whom at any floor meetings would take a piece of sandwich ham, coat in cream cheese and place a pickle inside and roll it up.  103 more words



Serves 6 – 8

I saw this incredible Italian sandwich being made by the always talented Giada De Laurentiis on her TV show a few years ago. 418 more words