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"Turkey" Avocado Panini

This sandwich was pretty good. I left off the red peppers, and I used Tofurky deli slices in place of the meat. Easy!

rating: 8.5… 135 more words


Tired of Turkey

Broke out the sous vide rig for a flat iron steak, ran it to 140 degrees for 4 hours, sliced it, and tossed it into a skillet with a sliced onion just turning brown.  42 more words


An ode to cheese

Cheese, cheese and more cheese on my plate in squares of delight,

Any type and any color to me this is a pleasant and warming sight. 241 more words

Three-Cheese Semolina Bread With Fruit Salsa Swirl

Three-Cheese Semolina Bread With Fruit Salsa Swirl

You can split the dough into half & use one for the fruit salsa swirl & one as a regular loaf.  379 more words


Crock Pot Mac-N-Cheese

Man, this was some good mac-n-cheese! It was super cheesy, and we all liked it (especially me). Low calorie and low fat this is not! ;) But this is some comfort food for sure. 123 more words


Pot roast sandwich

Ugh second time writing because my crappy laptop highlighted and deleted everything. Zach made this. Roast beef, smoked provolone, sauteed mushrooms, pickle, mayo, stone ground mustard. 28 more words