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The New U.S. Way Of War: Special Ops, Mercenaries, Rebels, Proxies, Drones

The scheme visible in Somalia is the same one that is applied in Libya, in Syria and in the Ukraine. The U.S. hires some group willing to wage war for a decent pay, lots of weapons and a chance to – may be – reach a lot of power for itself. 1,221 more words

World At War

Vacuums Get Filled

Syria has descended and into the vacuum has come the Russians with an indifference to life well in tune with the region it is now interfering in. 161 more words


Entirety Technologies


Entirety Technologies is multitudinous service establishment in 2016. It is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Some of our multitudinous services are but not limited to : 167 more words

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Zombie Science, the worst example of climate data torturing - ever: withdrawn Gergis 2012 becomes Gergis 2016

I missed this article from July, and it deserves wide distribution. Steve McIntyre writes (excerpts):

In 2012, the then much ballyhoo-ed Australian temperature reconstruction of Gergis et al 2012 mysteriously disappeared from Journal of Climate after being criticized at Climate Audit. 4,157 more words

Bad Science

Power to the People Leveraging First-Party Data to Deploy People-Based Marketing Digital Brief - Move away from cookies& proxies !

Marketing is Changing to Real Results, Not Proxies People-based marketing is fulfilling the promise of digital by bringing efficiency and effectiveness to marketing with better targeting and attribution of advertising spend to actual sales. 77 more words

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In uncertain terms - Proxies: Essays Near Knowing by Brian Blanchfield

This is a book braver than I am.

I am not even certain where to begin to unravel my reaction to reading this collection of essays.

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How to set Proxy for Windows Metro Apps in Windows 10

We have all faced this situation in college network that when we try to download and use some metro apps from windows store but it failed to connect to internet. 204 more words