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On Proxies

Recently, Wizards clarified their position on proxies. In this post, I will not only discuss the new changes, but also my opinion on proxies.

Here are the new rules: 380 more words

Proxies For MySpace - How to Use Proxies For MySpace

Are you bothered by the Internet Web filters that stop you from visiting certain Web sites at home, school, or office? Do these Web filters hamper communication with social and community Web sites like MySpace? 378 more words

Hello World (All for those Civil Rights!)

As you access the Internet from different locations, Firewalls might block social media like Facebook. Ughh! Why!?


I get it. Privacy woes.




Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Over at Bishop Hill, the Bish has an interesting thread about a new proxy reconstruction by Rob Wilson et al. entitled “ 1,673 more words


Security update!

We are now actively blocking all proxy connections to our website. This means that anyone who is not using their real IP address will be blocked from using our website entirely. 80 more words

BASH script to check a list of proxy IP addresses

Some websites in North America do allow access to people from the rest of the world. You can access them via publicly available proxy IP addresses in that region. 108 more words


Alkenones as a proxy for lake temperature?

In this edition of Papers ‘n’ Cake, we discuss an article by Jaime Toney and colleagues (Toney et al., 2010) that explores the occurrence of long-chain alkenones in lacustrine settings and their application as a paleotemperature proxy. 1,962 more words